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Two dimensional art


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Published in: Education
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Two dimensional art

  1. 1. Two Dimensional Arts are:DrawingPaintingPrintmakingCamera Arts- (photography, film, television & video)Computer Imaging
  2. 2. Two Dimensional art Are done on a flat surface, such as piece of drawing paper or a canvas possessing only height and with, but no depth.
  3. 3. Drawing To pull, push or drag a marking tool across a surface to leave a line or mark. Function of Drawing As a personal notation As a study for another As an end of itself
  4. 4. Mediums of Drawing Dry Media includes pencil, charcoal, crayon, and pastel. Liquid Media the most common drawing liquids are black and colored inks.
  5. 5. Painting Drawing with paint. Drawing and painting are closely related. The long history of painting, the strong appeal of color, and the endless image-making possibilities explain painting’s popularity.
  6. 6. Mediums of Painting Watercolor Paintings made by applying pigments suspended in a solution of water and gum to a white paper. Tempera a technique of painting with colors made from powdered pigments mixed with water and egg yolk, size, or casein. Oil paint a paint that consists of pigment mixed with a drying oil.
  7. 7. Printmaking a work of art made by inking a surface with a raised design and pressing it onto paper or another surface. Print Making Methods Relief- cuts away all parts of the printing surface not meant to carry the ink, leaving the design to be printed in the level of the original surface. Intaglio- the opposite of relief were the area below the surface hold the ink. Screen Printing- stencil printing