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  1. 1. Technical English General & Technical VocabularySl.No Column A Column B 1 Complex Intricate 2 Device Instrument 3 Diversion Turning aside 4 Capacity Ability 5 Erosion Wearing away 6 Permeability Passing through 7 Significantly Markedly 8 Augmentation Increase 9 Implement Tool 10 Consumption Use 11 Extraction Taking out 12 Collateral Property pledged by a borrower 13 Flotation Remaining on the surface 14 Default In the absence of an alternative 15 Stagnant Not moving or changing 16 Amalgamation Bringing together 17 Distress Suffering 18 Cyanidation Process of treating something with a cyanide compound 19 Migrant A person who moves from one place to another 20 Rural Relating to the countryside 21 Urban Relating to towns and cities 22 Cramped Confined within narrow limits 23 Statistics Numerical facts systematically collected 24 Recruit Take people into service on contract 25 Import Bring into a country people, goods etc, from foreign countries 26 Spell A condition caused by or as if by magical powers A person having an instinctive and extraordinary capacity for creative 27 Genius activity
  2. 2. 28 Stimulus Something that rouses people to activity29 Nucleus Central part of the atom30 Uranium Metallic element31 Fission Division of the atom32 Disposal Getting rid of33 Core The innermost part34 Coolant Cooling fluid35 Breeder Producer36 Radiation Giving out rays37 Hazard Danger38 Contamination Pollution39 Fiction Not factual40 Fantasy Wild imagination41 Extraterrestrial Not belonging to the earth Machine which can perform some of the actions of a human being or42 Robot animal43 Sensor Device composed of silicon44 Natural language Of words in human communication45 Artificial Electronic device producing awareness of the surroundings46 Intelligence The faculty of verbal expressions and the use The capacity of a computer for learning and decision taking similar to47 Chip human intelligence Material whose conductivity at room temperature lies between that of48 Semiconductor metals and insulators Electronic device which can perform a range of basic logical functions49 Microprocessor upon given signals50 Plying Wandering51 Enforce Compel52 Fatal Resulting in death make sure something is followed53 Violation Non-observance (of rules etc)54 Pedestrian A person who walks55 Stringent Severe56 Regulation Rules57 Stray Moving between places
  3. 3. 58 Congestion Abnormal accumulation of people, traffic59 Hazard Danger An object, custom or quality which is passed down over many years60 Heritage within a family or nation61 Intact Whole; unaffected; in one piece A complete view of a wide stretch of land; a continuously changing view62 Panorama or scene63 Exotic Strange; unusual, and attractive64 Repository A place where things are stored65 Lush Growing thickly, very well66 Spectacular Of grand appearance67 Tranquil Calm, peaceful68 Sanctuary An area for wild birds or animals where they may not be hunted69 Diversity Variety; having differences70 Technology Scientific knowledge needed for industry71 Appropriate Suitable72 Exploitation Using, usually unfairly, for one’s own benefit73 Indigenous Living or growing in a place where originally from74 Innovative Having the quality of introducing new things, making changes75 Porridge Soft food made by boiling a cereal in water or milk76 Coagulum Thick, sticky, solid mass77 Husk Dry outer covering of grain, seeds, etc78 Nutrition Nourishment79 Extraction Obtaining juices by pressing, crushing, boiling80 Inedible Unfit to eat81 Indispensable Necessary82 Anticipate Consider beforehand83 Transaction A piece of business done between people84 Casually Unmethodical, unconventional85 Enclosure Something included with a letter in the same package86 Informal In an unplanned, careless manner87 Instantly Immediately88 Feedback Response89 Conservation Reservoir, a place where water is collected and stored
  4. 4. The scientific study of the way qualities are passed on from one 90 Genetics generation to the next 91 Amphibian Organism able to live both on land and in water 92 Submergence Being placed under water Biology dealing with mutual relations between organisms and their 93 Ecology environment 94 Afforestation Expansion of forests 95 Repercussion A reciprocal action or effectPrepared By: G.BabuSource : English for Engineers and Technologists , Combined Edition (Volumes 1 and 2)