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Want to learn how to make thoughtful decisions?


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This slide deck will guide business leaders on how to make as well as facilitate sound, quick decisions. Lack of making decisions impacts the progress of teams and hence productivity. We take this for granted but will be surprised to learn how many resources are wasted due to a lack of speedy, sound decisions.

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Want to learn how to make thoughtful decisions?

  1. 1. Effective Decision MakingAnita RaoApril 2013
  2. 2. Y?Once you make a decision, the universeconspires to make it happen. ~RalphWaldoEmerson
  3. 3. Agenda 3 Cs of Decision Making Two approaches to decision making Point-counterpoint Tool – Logical Decision Making Decision making framework Q&A
  4. 4. The 3 Cs of Decision Making• Convey openness• Listen attentively• Explain rationalebehind the decision• Deciding too early• Deciding too late• Require vigorousdebate• Prohibit language thattriggers defensiveness• Break up naturalcoalitions• Shift individuals outof natural grooves• Challenge stalematedparticipantsConsideration ClosureConstructive ConflictSource David Garvin & Michael Roberto
  5. 5. Two approaches to Decision MakingAdvocacy InquiryConcept of decisionmakingA contest Collaborative problemsolvingPurpose of discussion Persuasion & lobbying Testing and evaluationParticipant’s role Spokespeople Critical thinkersPatterns of behavior Strive to persuade othersDefend your positionPresent balanced argumentsRemain open to alternativesMinority views Discouraged or dismissed Cultivated & valuedOutcome Winners & losers Collective ownershipSource David Garvin & Michael Roberto
  6. 6. Structuring the debate – Point-counterpointTeam divided into 2 groups• Generate one or morealternative plans of action• Develop a proposal• Flush outrecommendations, keyassumptions & criticalsupporting data• Present the proposal inwritten & oral formsGroup A Group B6Subgroups come together. Debate proposals, seek agreement oncommon set of assumptions. They strive to agree on a common setof recommendations.Source David Garvin & Michael Roberto
  7. 7. Tool – Making Decisions Logical &DefensibleSelectionCriteriaSelectionCriteriaOption 1 Option 2BrainstormedCriteriaCriteriaclarified &rankedHighestRatedOption SecondHighestRatedOptionRisks &limitationsHow the riskscan beminimizedRisks &limitationsHow the riskscan beminimizedAssess risks and limitations for each of the highest rated optionsSource Murray Hiebert & Bruce Klatt
  8. 8. Improving decision makingA FrameworkList & prioritizethe decisionsthat must bemadeAssess thefactors that gointo each,frequency,whatinformation isavailable tosupport itDesign theroles,processes,systems &behaviorsInstitutionalizetools &assistance1 2 3 4Source Thomas Davenport
  9. 9. Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past anyexcuse to change any and every part of your life in aninstant Anthony Robbins
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