Kaltura media space datasheet


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Kaltura Media Space datasheet

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Kaltura media space datasheet

  1. 1. Datasheet Kaltura MediaSpace Kaltura MediaSpace TM Your Video Portal What is it? Kaltura’s MediaSpace™ application allows you to easily launch a video-centric web portal. Users can create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch videos, video presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content, with full user management and moderation options. MediaSpace leverages the power of online video to promote community, collaboration and social activities. In the past, single administrators or small teams within the organization would publish to a large audience. MediaSpace revolutionizes this process by enabling true collaboration with many contributors, moderators, and viewers in a multitude of channels, projects, and communities. Features and Benefits Flexible Content Organization – create content galleries for structured, centrally curated topics. Further segregate your content with channels so that it’s easy to browse, search and define access control Fine-grain Access and Permission Control - each channel in MediaSpace can have different types of users: viewers, contributors, moderators or managers. Each user can have different permissions for various channels Optimal Playback Experience – with our adaptive bitrate technology Supports Mobile Playback – including iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices, with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback Copyright © 2012 Kaltura, Inc. All rights reserved. www.kaltura.com | call sales: +1-800-871-5224
  2. 2. Datasheet Robust Video Search and Discovery – enable users to quickly find any topic in the video repository. Leverage meta-data based search or “in-video” search (within the video’s subtitles), and skip right to the location that contains the search phrase. This saves time and improves ROI on your video content by video easily discoverable Captions – upload multi-lingual captions (or automatically generate captions via Kaltura Exchange partners) to reach international, multi-lingual and hearing-impaired audiences, and enable in-video search within the captions When it comes to storage there are three basic principles, Details Share Add to Playlists Search in Video Storage In-video Search Screen Capture Tool for Screencasting – easily record your computer screen (along with audio and webcam) to create and publish presentations, training/lecture sessions, software tutorials, and online meetings. Video Presentation Widget – synchronize video and presentation slides (or documents), and present them side-by-side in one widget Screen Capture Tool Accessibility - Supports playback with ADA/508 compliant video players Multiple Authorization Options – manage users through our system, or integrate with external authorization systems (LDAP, Shibboleth, CAS) as well as custom databases for single sign-on (SSO). You can also choose a hybrid approach where authentication is managed by your organization and authorization is handled by Kaltura English All Languages English Spanish Comprehensive Social Tools - boost online conversations and user engagement by allowing users to comment, rate, like, and share videos Easy End-User Video Creation and Upload – users can upload and share their own videos from their desktop, webcam or mobile devices. Administrators can review submissions and moderate content before it’s published Kaltura MediaSpace Video Presentation Widget Copyright © 2012 Kaltura, Inc. All rights reserved. www.kaltura.com | call sales: +1-800-871-5224 Comments
  3. 3. Datasheet Kaltura MediaSpace Increase Views - maximize video consumption by presenting related content, top videos, recent videos, and video playlists. Leverage auto-play and auto-continue features Built-in Support for Advertising & Monetization – with in-video ads, companion ads and banner ads, or PPV support Configurable Branding and Color Scheme Optimal SEO – take advantage of the latest video SEO best practices: unique video URLs, search engine accessible metadata, automatically created video feeds and RDFa tags for Yahoo! and Google How does it work? Kaltura MediaSpace is fully managed via the Kaltura Management Console (KMC), which offers a wide range of options for scheduling, access control, player building, analytics, and more. Structured, centrally managed topics relevant for the entire site or organization are controlled via the KMC. This feature-rich interface allows non-technical administrators to upload content, add metadata, organize content via categories and create collections based on dynamic rules (e.g. most viewed, videos tagged “xx”, etc.). Administrators simply assign content to categories, which together with tags and rules automatically generate the navigation and structure of the site. Administrators can also grant multiple users (or even all users) the permission to create and manage channels. As channel managers, users do not need access to the KMC, instead they can use Kaltura MediaSpace directly to assign permissions for other users to view, contribute to and moderate content. Hosting and Deployment Options Kaltura offers a broad range of deployment options for its platform and applications. For example, the rich-media content, its metadata, the specific publishing settings, and usage information can either be hosted by Kaltura or by customers as part of a self-hosted deployment of Kaltura’s video platform. The fully hosted solution requires no CDN relationship or video streaming. Similarly, the Kaltura MediaSpace web-portal application can also be either fully hosted on the cloud or installed on your own web-servers. Copyright © 2012 Kaltura, Inc. All rights reserved. www.kaltura.com | call sales: +1-800-871-5224
  4. 4. Datasheet Kaltura MediaSpace To learn more visit corp.kaltura.com/Products/Video-Applications/Kaltura-Mediaspace-Video-Portal Contact our sales team at corp.kaltura.com/company/contact-us or call +1-800-871-5224 Company Overview New York-based Kaltura is the first and only provider of an open source video platform. With over 150,000 publishers using our award-winning platform, Kaltura is the fastest growing company in our industry, by far! Kaltura is pioneering the ‘open video’ revolution through initiatives like www.openvideoalliance.org, www.HTML5video.org and the introduction of collaborative video-making into Wikipedia. For more information visit www.kaltura.com. Copyright © 2012 Kaltura, Inc. All rights reserved. www.kaltura.com | call sales: +1-800-871-5224