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Papa John's - Acting on our Rants & Raves one slice at a time - CEW 2014


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2014 presents businesses with both challenge and opportunity in equal measure. With competition rife and the rise of social media, consumers have never been more in control. Simply paying lip service to customer feedback is no longer enough, customers expect action and they expect it in real-time.

The good news is those brands that embrace innovations in technology and turn Voice of the Customer theory into practice can forge a clear competitive advantage. Andrew and Dennis will discuss Papa John’s recent implementation of Rant & Rave and outline how they’re using the Voice of their Customers to take real-time inspired action, on their journey to becoming the nation’s favourite pizza brand.

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Papa John's - Acting on our Rants & Raves one slice at a time - CEW 2014

  1. 1. Acting on our Rants & Raves One slice at a time Andrew Gallagher Senior Director, Marketing Papa John’s Dennis Fois CEO Rant & Rave
  2. 2. State of the Nation? Survey fatigue - paralysis by analysis
  3. 3. Empowered Customer
  4. 4. Brands and consumers want the same thing State of the Nation?
  5. 5. Every interaction creates an experience State of the Nation?
  6. 6. Reduce effort, increase Ravers... and Revenue State of the Nation?
  7. 7. Don’t ask for feedback if you’re not going to act on it State of the Nation?
  8. 8. Mobile is the perfect channel State of the Nation?
  9. 9. What do we believe? Slide 3 Potential – word/phrase cloud... State of the Nation?
  10. 10. Ranter Raver Our Raving slider ACTION EFFORT 20% 80% MODERATE HARD EASY
  11. 11. Our Raving slider ACTION EFFORT 50% 50% MODERATE HARD EASY Ranter Raver
  12. 12. Our Raving slider ACTION EFFORT 80% 20% EASY MODERATE HARD Ranter Raver
  13. 13. We’re looking for like minded brands
  14. 14. Acting on our Rants & Raves One slice at a time Andrew Gallagher Senior Director, Marketing Papa John’s
  15. 15. Today 4 Simple Questions Who are Papa John’s ? Why do we need Rant & Rave ? How does it work ? What has it told us ?
  16. 16. ‘Papa’ John Schnatter Founded Papa John’s in 1984 in Louisville, Kentucky, selling his beloved Camero to get the money to buy his very first Pizza Oven He doesn’t like us showing this picture very much...
  17. 17. John Today 25 years later he was reunited with his Camero, found only a few miles from his home Now John has more than 4,500 stores across the world and is in 36 countries He’s come a long way from having to sell his car
  18. 18. 4,500 Stores Around the World 3,500 in North America 1,000 Internationally including • 300 in UK and Ireland • China • South Korea • Russia
  19. 19. Our Competition Domino’s have around 800 stores in the UK and are the Market Leader Their focus has always been on speed of delivery
  20. 20. Papa John’s We are ALL about the Pizza The Brand has operated on a ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizza’ promise for 30 years and that isn’t changing anytime soon
  21. 21. Customer Experience We like to think it’s always like this but the truth is that if we don’t ask then we don’t know If we promise to deliver a Better Pizza then how do we measure that ?
  22. 22. Measuring the Experience This is how we have measured it • Out the Door Time • To the Door Time • Answering the Door Time • Out of the Oven Time • Mystery Shop (not mystery ) Etc, etc, etc
  23. 23. We are a DELIVERY business Unlike most retail, the majority of the interaction with the Customer doesn’t happen where we can see it
  24. 24. How does Rant & Rave work ?
  25. 25. I love the new choice of pillows in your rooms. But the toilets in the restaurant are disgusting!
  26. 26. What have we discovered ?
  27. 27. Our Average Score Since going live on 27th April our customers have given us a Score of 4.1 out of 5 ! The response rate being achieved is above 15% We have received over 20,000 items of feedback CONFIDENTIAL 33
  28. 28. Our Average Score • The excellent news is that 78% of our customers are Ravers ( giving a score of 4 or 5 ) • Since National Roll out began, 15% of our customers are Ranters ( giving a score of 1 or 2 ) CONFIDENTIAL 34 Score Count % 1 & 2 1584 15% 3 802 7% 4&5 8368 78% Total 10,754 100%
  29. 29. What is it people love ? The top 5 categories for positive response are • People Manner • Product Taste • Value • Promotion • Product Quality CONFIDENTIAL 35
  30. 30. People Manner Score 4.5 Major Factor : Politeness CONFIDENTIAL 36
  31. 31. Product Taste Score 4.5 Major Factor : Good, Tasty Pizza ! CONFIDENTIAL 37
  32. 32. Value Score 4.5 Major Factor : Deals CONFIDENTIAL 38
  33. 33. Promotions Score 4.3 Major Factor : Specific Deals CONFIDENTIAL 39
  34. 34. CONFIDENTIAL 40 Product Quality Score 4.3 Major Factor : Freshness
  35. 35. And My Favourite So Far... CONFIDENTIAL 41
  36. 36. 43 Findings So Far
  37. 37. Place Score 3.5 Major Factor : Website Tech CONFIDENTIAL 44 • Inability to add 2 base sauces to a Half and Half Pizza • New Houses and Postcode Update Issues
  38. 38. Place Score 3.5 Major Factor : Website CONFIDENTIAL 45
  39. 39. Place Score 3.5 Major Factor : Website CONFIDENTIAL 46
  40. 40. Most Negative Pizza CONFIDENTIAL 47
  41. 41. 48 Findings So Far
  42. 42. CONFIDENTIAL 49 Customer are less bothered about the actual time it takes for a delivery to get to them, it’s the temperature of the pizza when it does which is the issue
  43. 43. 50 Findings So Far
  44. 44. 51 Findings So Far Our reliability issues, more often that not, are around accuracy of order ( and always dips !! ) Reliability
  45. 45. 52 Findings So Far Product Wise, our most unpopular product by some distance is Wedges – with a lot of people dissatisfied with their cooking Product
  46. 46. 53 Findings So Far Customers on our Papa Rewards Loyalty Scheme are irritated by the fact that the Free Pizza points expire 6 months after they are awarded Loyalty
  47. 47. “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”
  48. 48. First Steps • ETA on confirmation emails • Sourcing new wedges • Extending the options for Points Expiry with Rewards
  49. 49. Longer Term • Trialling new boxes / hot bags to keep the product hotter for longer • Beta testing our new website with Ranters • Additional Checking procedure and Resource
  50. 50. CONFIDENTIAL 57 FBM Tools - BIGBusiness Improvement Grid
  51. 51. Mapping
  52. 52. New Dashboards
  53. 53. Findings So Far 82% positive is fantastic and needs to be shared ! Amplifying Positive Feedback
  54. 54. Social Media can be a customer service channel but not if you take customer service seriously – and it DOES NOT tell you what the customer thinks
  55. 55. Asking Customers more questions means complaints come down We have had 10% less complaints since launching Rant & Rave
  56. 56. You never know until you ask. For those of us that aren’t Steve Jobs and can guess what customers want before they even know it, the next best thing is just to ask them
  57. 57. Andrew Gallagher Senior Marketing Director Papa John’s