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Customer Engagement Raveolution - Thomas Rebel


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Customer Engagement Raveolution - Thomas Rebel

Published in: Technology
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Customer Engagement Raveolution - Thomas Rebel

  1. 1. How to overcome a Customer Engagement disaster and thrive Thomas Rebel Customer Director
  2. 2. Effortless Home Assistance
  3. 3. More Loyal Less Loyal Below Customer Expectations Meets Customer Expectations The Perception The Reality Exceeds Customer Expectations
  4. 4. Let’s listen to our customers
  5. 5. Rant & Rave Surveys  Every Customer touch point across the business  Effort Score plus verbatim  Multi-channel  Agent access  Management MI
  6. 6. Everybody likes positive feedback Customer-focused incentives Driving process changes Customer issue resolution Cherry picking Subjective scores
  7. 7. Questions