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Widgetbox Blog Network from BlogWorld


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It’s been *very* busy at the Widgetbox office where we launched the new Widgetbox Blog Network in time to hop on a plane and attend / present at the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas. BlogWorld is a convention of nearly 2,000 bloggers – some who blog as side projects, others as part of large media companies and others that do it for a living. The audience is ideal for Widgetbox because bloggers and blogs are the core of our community and the new Blog Network:

- Widgetbox has widgets on over 250,000 unique blogs
- Blidgets have been served over 1.5 BILLION (!) times
- Widgetbox now reaches over 65 million unique each month (verified by Quantcast)

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Widgetbox Blog Network from BlogWorld

  1. 2. Widgetbox The largest widget community on the web Developers Bloggers Enthusiasts Audiences Publishers Bloggers
  2. 3. The Widgetbox Network touches 64 Million people every month
  3. 4. And has served 1.5 Billion Blidgets on 250,000 blogs
  4. 5. * Research by Universal McCann
  5. 11. You want to be heard
  6. 12. And connected to audience and a community
  7. 13. * Research by Universal McCann
  8. 14. Widgetbox Blog Network
  9. 15. 29 Blog Channels
  11. 18. Each Channel is Connected via a Dynamic Widget
  12. 19. Exposing your blog to Widgetbox’s TRAFFIC Your content is dynamically promoted in the Channel Widget and on
  13. 20. And opening you up to newfound FAME - Showcase your expertise - Connect with top bloggers - Climb up the leaderboard - Amass a following
  14. 21. You bring the voice. We’ll bring the audience.
  15. 22. Join now 1. Visit 2. Choose your channel 3. Grab the widget See us in the Six Apart booth!