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Breakouts-as-a-Webcast Series 2009

We hope you were able to join us for one of the ten spring regional user events. As...
2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series

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2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series

                                                        Do you have a clear ...
2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series

                                                         enhances productivit...
2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series

                                                             Collaboration t...
2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series

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Spring UserNet Program Guide Webcasts 2009


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Spring UserNet Program Guide Webcasts 2009

  1. 1. Breakouts-as-a-Webcast Series 2009 We hope you were able to join us for one of the ten spring regional user events. As promised, we have put together a superset of live webcast sessions that represent all of the IBM breakouts that took place at the UserNet events. The schedule of the sessions is as follows: Central Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Time 7/13 7/14 7/15 7/16 7/17 Interact with your P8 repository directly from 11:30am Adding rich media to ECM? No problem! Update on IBM CM8 IBM FileNet P8 101 SharePoint Get the Most out of your Enterprise Report Records Management Overview and What is new in FileNet Content Manager 4.5 2:30pm Update Using Imaging as a Springboard for ECM Management System: Expanding Content and Workplace XT 1.1.3 Manager OnDemand! 7/20 7/21 7/22 7/23 7/24 11:30am Best Practices for P8 4.5 Installations Collaboration and Content: How to leverage Auto Categorization of Email for Army 2:30pm your ECM assets using Quickr Records Management 7/27 7/28 7/29 7/30 7/31 Better Business Outcomes with ECM Accelerate BPM with Visio Import, eForms, 11:30am ECM Solutions for SAP Discovery: Maximize the value of your ECM and BPF investments IBM FileNet System Monitor - Proactive Extend the Value of BPM for Performance 2:30pm Compliant Information Management monitoring of your entire ECM System ECM Education Update and Decision Management 8/3 8/4 8/5 8/6 8/7 Meeting the Legal Discovery Challenge with 11:30am What's New in BPM to Enable Agile ECM? IBM eDiscovery Solutions - Proactive, Agile, Defensible Managing Engineering Content in an ECM & Enterprise Mashups - bringing data Content Federation and Integration - 2:30pm Enterprise Content Management World and SOA to ECM applications Unlocking the Value of Distributed Content 8/10 8/11 8/12 8/13 8/14 11:30am Cost Saving Strategies for ECM Systems Enterprise Security and the P8 Platform IBM FileNet P8 4.5 Upgrades IBM FileNet Records Manager Best Accelerating Your Compliance Initiatives IBM Compliance Solution: How do I get Multlevel Security for Document Authoring 2:30pm with Advanced Content Classification Practices for Successful File Plan there from here? and Management Configuration 8/17 8/18 8/19 8/20 8/21 ECM and Content Management Managing Content from the Microsoft 11:30am Interoperability Services (CMIS) Desktop Content Collection and Archiving Get the Most Out of Your Investment with 2:30pm ECM Support Update` an ECM Shared Services Approach Driving Down Costs Using Capture ADR To register: Goto You will find the menu of breakouts sorted by date and time. You may want to click on the ‘Title’ to sort them by title for easier review. When registering you will need to create a login to Intercall. Click on ‘Register’ for the 1st breakout you would like to attend and then ‘Register/Create Account’. Once you have done this, to register for any subsequent sessions is a click away. To make the registration process easy, we recommend (1) Make the ‘username’ your email address (2) The password has some rules that should be mentioned now. Passwords must be between 4 and 32 characters in length and contain no spaces. They must include three of the following: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or special characters: @ $ % & _ - +. Any questions, please contact Tom Rieger at or dial 612-397-2031
  2. 2. 2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series Breakout Session Information (sorted by Category and Title) Category Breakout Speaker(s) Date/Time Summary So you have a business process management system. Now what? Learn Accelerate how to accelerate deployment of a total business solution in your BPM with Visio 7/30 organization with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager using the IBM Cindy FileNet Connector for Microsoft Visio, FileNet eForms, and FileNet BPM Import, 11:30AM Business Process Framework. See firsthand how these tools extend the Cheng eForms, and Central powerful capabilities of the BPM Suite for content-centric processing by BPF enabling you to rapidly implement essential business processes and robust user interfaces that are key to your solution. An BPMS enables process automation so your company stays lean, Extend the effective, and efficient in this competitive economy. Are you taking it to the Value of BPM next level to analyze performance, monitor operations, optimize the 7/30 for Cindy business, and leverage rules for decision management? Learn about BPM 2:30PM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI), iLog Business Rules Management Performance Cheng Central (BRM), and how these solutions integrate with IBM FileNet Business and Decision Process Manager so you may extend the value of BPM for better Management performance and more agile decision management. Hear how business process management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can help your company through this difficult economy William 'Doc' and stay competitive globally. Learn how new capabilities in IBM FileNet What's New in 8/4 BPM v.4.5 enables Agile Enterprise Content Management by providing an Mills and BPM BPM to Enable 11:30AM intuitive, collaborative tool for customers and partners to create extensible Dave and configurable BPM solutions. See how BPM 4.5 leverages Web 2.0 Agile ECM? Central Gomez mashups and widgets to delivers a compelling design experience, increases appeals to business users, facilitate collaboration between IT and business users, and shortens the time to build BPM applications. Faced with an explosion of unstructured content, organizations are increasingly striving to harness it through content collection and archival, records management, and eDiscovery solutions. Yet when they do so, they face adoption barriers as they discover that these new applications impose significant end-user burden to classify and organize content at a cost of 17 Accelerating cents per document – a cost that quickly rises to hundreds of thousands of Your dollars every year even for mid-sized organizations. Compliance Compliance 8/10 Through its advanced classification methods, the IBM Classification Module and Initiatives with Josh Payne 2:30PM shifts the intelligence and cost burden away from employees by automating Discovery Advanced Central content-centric, daily categorization decisions via analysis of the full text of Content documents and emails. Organizations can cut costs (from 17 cents to 1 cent per document classification) while simultaneously accelerating the rate Classification at which new content-enabled applications harness the explosion of unstructured content and provides returns on ECM investment. Learn more about the IBM Classification Module, the latest improvements in version 8.6, and its critical role in IBM’s Compliant Information Management framework. Armed with the understanding that asking soldiers to understand records Auto management and file their emails or documents appropriately, were not Compliance Categorization 7/21 practical business practices, especially when the soldiers are in the middle of combat. This brought them to the conclusion very quickly that a system and of Email for Jon Dellaria 2:30PM needed to be put into place to achieve compliance without user interaction. Discovery Army Records Central The Army Email/Records Management Pilot was conducted for the purpose Management of testing & validating an email and records management solution that will auto-identify Army emails for records declaration. Your content assets are a competitive advantage. And it's critical to your Better Business organization's success that you leverage that information in every business activity. You've taken the first step by deploying IBM ECM content, process, Outcomes with and compliance technologies. Now it's time to take the next step to extract ECM maximum value and business advantage from those investments. In this Compliance 7/29 Discovery: Aaron session you'll learn how IBM ECM's Discovery capabilities of automated and 11:30AM classification, content analytics and search can help your business drive Maximize the Brown Discovery Central new revenue and reduce costs by augmenting existing ECM investments value of your and even linking them with business intelligence. You will learn how to ECM drive deeper business understanding and visibility through content access, investments classification, analysis and integration - embracing Agile ECM capabilities to bridge the gap between your structured and unstructured information. Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. 2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series Do you have a clear compliance agenda and a roadmap that guides you towards that agenda? Are you struggling with tactical compliance and Compliance Compliant 7/27 eDiscovery solutions? And are you effectively leveraging and reusing Michele and Information 2:30PM electronically stored information? For an optimized compliance and Kersey eDiscovery agenda, IBM’s Compliant Information Management solution Discovery Management Central delivers capabilities and a prescriptive approach to reduce complexity, lower risk and cost, and improve business agility. Today, many organizations’ needs have moved beyond the limited business value of e-mail archiving to include file systems, Quickr, Compliance Content 8/20 SharePoint, instant messages and other information. And, organizations can’t just archive all of this content. They need more advanced and Collection and Greg Young 11:30AM functionality, including advanced classification, to meet new legal Discovery Archiving Central eDiscovery and records management requirements. Unlike tactical point solutions, IBM solutions for Content Collection and Archiving support more than e-mail, more than archiving, and are more than an isolated solution. IBM Compliance Compliance 8/12 IBM has recently released several new compliance products. What does and Solution: How Terry Ellis 2:30PM this new solution look like, in what order should implementations occur, and Discovery do I get there Central how do I get there from here? from here? IBM FileNet What does it take to implement a file plan in P8 Records Manager? We will Records review the key elements of implementing a file plan in P8 Records Manager Compliance Manager Best 8/11 by taking a look at some real-world examples and identifying some best practices for creating a viable system configuration. Transforming a and Practices for Terry Ellis 2:30PM documented record series or retention schedule into the essential Discovery Successful File Central configuration elements of a file plan requires careful analysis of the record Plan types to be managed, retention triggers, aggregation levels, method of Configuration ingestion, and security schema. Meeting the Electronic data preservation and discovery requirements have been keeping legal and IT agendas busy. The staggering costs of non- Legal compliance – high risk sanctions, damaged corporate reputations, and Discovery more – are demanding proactive mitigation, while the ongoing costs of Compliance Challenge with 8/5 responding to litigation are becoming unsustainable. As a result, corporate Aaron and IBM eDiscovery 11:30AM counsel, in conjunction with IT, are transforming their organizations to treat Brown litigation response proactively, reducing needless firedrills and addressing Discovery Solutions - Central Proactive, consistency and responsiveness concerns. Learn about the IBM eDiscovery strategy and how IBM ECM solutions can help you drive this Agile, transformation, building a foundation for proactive eDiscovery while gaining Defensible agility in responding to litigation. Recent events have highlighted the need for organizations to get their information under control and management. IBM continues to lead the market with its Records Management applications delivering business Records value including a compelling ROI. This session will educate you on the Compliance 7/13 Management Frank importance of Records Management in supporting your compliance and 2:30PM requirements and bring you up to date on some of our new features such Overview and McGovern Discovery Central as fully automated records disposition and Records Federation Services. Update We’ll also spend some time discussing with you some of our exciting new initiatives we’ve undertaken with Iron Mountain, one of our strategic partners. Adding rich 7/14 Is 2009 the year when Digital Asset Management comes to the masses? This session looks at 2 solutions for DAM on IBM ECM and demonstrates Content media to ECM? Philip Page 11:30AM how adding support for video, audio and graphical images can be achieved No problem! Central without disrupting your existing systems and users. Best Practices 7/21 Eric Come here from the experts within engineering who bring tips, tricks and Sys Admin for P8 4.5 11:30AM things to consider when upgrading to IBM FileNet P8 4.5 Fonkalsrud Installations Central In the current economy, organizations are investing in software solutions that can deliver measurable reductions in cost and risk from their Driving Down 8/20 operations. Capture Advanced Document Recognition (ADR) delivers Reggie significant operational cost savings by using existing ECM infrastructure to Content Costs Using 2:30PM Twigg automate existing capture processes. Adding automation specifically Capture ADR Central reduces document preparation and data entry costs, thereby improving data quality and productivity with fewer resources. This session shows real examples of how Capture ADR improves the overall business process, Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. 2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series enhances productivity and removes the highest single cost of ECM operations. This session provides both case studies as well as detailed product information and is appropriate for both business and technical audiences. 7/28 This session will provide an overview of the IBM ECM solution integration ECM Solutions Andy Content 11:30AM for SAP customers. We will cover the solution integration for both IBM CM for SAP Stalnecker and FileNet customers. We will also review the current roadmap. Central Enterprise 8/12 This presentation will review how the P8 platform fits into an organization's Jay Enterprise Security architecture. I will discuss enterprise security in general Content Security and 11:30AM and different options available with the P8 Platform to support an Devaney the P8 Platform Central organization's security requirements. Get the Most out of your Managing enterprise report data is critical to customers being able to Enterprise manage cost, increase customer satisfaction and provide a broad range of Report services in managing both 'front' and 'back' office applications. Customer 7/15 requirements have expanded beyond the core function of 'COLD' Management Louise Content 2:30PM applications. The announcement of CMOD 8.4.1 allows you to greatly System: Hawley expand the use of your current system and/or add additional functionality to Central Expanding your IBM FileNet P8 installation. Included in the presentation will be a high Content level technical architecture discussion, customer success stories, how one Manager can obtain ROI and what’s new. OnDemand! IM, CM, CFS, CE, PE, IMAE, AE - what do they all mean? What do I do 7/16 with my current applications if I go to P8? Is Image Services going away? IBM FileNet P8 Content Greg Crowl 11:30AM How about Content Services? How do I get all my documents into P8? How 101 do I make everything work together? What about security? This session will Central answer your P8 questions in a simple, easy to understand way. The engineering team will present the capabilities of the new Office 2007 integration called "Application Integration BCS". This product release Managing provides a seamless integration to the content managed by the FileNet P8 8/19 repository allowing Microsoft Office end users the ability to work with their Content from Kristin Content 11:30AM ECM managed documents without leaving their Office applications. the Microsoft Vogele Additionally, the team will present IBM FileNet Connectors for SharePoint Central Desktop Web Parts. With the FileNet web parts, SharePoint users have access to work with their ECM managed documents from within the native SharePoint user interface. Although Enterprise Content Management has come to the desktop and is Managing now utilized by almost all constituents in the enterprise, Engineering Engineering documentation and drawings have special characteristics and complex Content in an inter-relationships. Engineering has had to invest in "departmental" Tom 8/3 2:30PM solutions, often heavily customized to meet their specific requirements. As Content Enterprise a result, engineering, although critical to the business, creates "silos" of Marshall Central Content information that are often poorly linked to the rest of the enterprise. Learn Management how you can leverage your current ECM platform to provide a single source World of engineering, design, decision and commercial information for any given operational asset or engineering project. 7/15 This session will look at what's new with IBM Content Manager: recent Update on IBM Content Amit Saha 11:30AM enhancements in Content Manager V8.4 for Linux, UNIX, Windows and CM8 z/OS. Central You already have an IBM FileNet Imaging product - may have for a few Using Imaging years. But now you're wondering how you can build on document imaging, 7/14 by adding Records Management, Email Management, Business Process as a Content Philip Page 2:30PM Management, or all of them. Can I keep the systems I have in place now, or Springboard for do I need to throw everything out and migrate to something new? This Central ECM session covers the new releases of IBM's Imaging solutions, and examines the options for building upon them. What is new in FileNet Content 7/16 Basic Content Services, Microsoft Office Integration, support for DITA and the new Workplace XT - a lot of new capabilities as well as many Content Manager 4.5 Ben Antin 2:30PM improvements on installation and configuration are part of the latest FileNet and Workplace Central Content Manager 4.5 release. XT 1.1.3 Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. 2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series Collaboration tools are becoming an integral part in our personal and corporate. We know that much of collaboration is communication about content within a community of interest. During this session, we will share Collaboration how social software can impact your organization. Additionally, you will and Content: learn how you can leverage your ECM systems to take advantage of these 7/20 emerging methods of communications and allow these important assets to How to Louis Content 2:30PM play a strategic role in your corporate collaboration environment. Lotus leverage your Richardson Quickr serves as the "bridge between content and collaboration", You'll see Central ECM assets how Quickr makes it possible to access people's profiles (Lotus using Quickr Connections) to see who the author is...and if they are a credible source. You'll also see how Quickr's integration with instant messaging (Lotus Sametime), provides you have immediate access to answers about the content by allowing you to chat directly with the author. Companies need a way to effectively manage unstructured content held in multiple disparate repositories without being forced into content migrations. Content IBM puts customers back in charge by enabling them to manage content in Federation and place using IBM’s content federation and integration offerings. New Integration - Todd packaging changes make this easier and less expensive than ever before. 8/5 2:30 Content Unlocking the Goodykoont PM Central Join Robert to learn about the content federation services capabilities now Value of z Distributed available within IBM FileNet Content Manager, and about IBM Content Integrator (previously known as IICE). Whether your strategy is to Content standardize on P8 or to expand in an IBM CM8-centric strategy, this session will explain the latest federation and integration solutions provided. The goal of delivering information where and when needed has taken a ECM & large step forward with SOA, but the reality of mixing structured and Enterprise unstructured information in context of an end business user's need remains Mashups - more of a goal than reality for most organizations. This session will discuss Tom 8/4 2:30 Content bringing data best practices about how to get started on providing this information in Deutsch PM Central context of the business need without requiring new developer resources or and SOA to ECM long lived projects. Both the technical and organization challenges to implementation of this blended view of information will be discussed. A applications LIVE DEMO WILL BE PROVIDED. ECM and Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an industry wide Content services based standard that is being worked on by IBM, Microsoft, EMC 8/18 and other companies. We will talk about the standard during this session - Management Sys Admin Al Brown 11:30AM the need for it, benefits to customers and what IBM/ECM is doing to Interoperability support this standard. We will also be demonstrating an early version Central Services prototype implementation that conveys interoperability between various (CMIS) back-end repository This session will describe and demonstrate IBM's SharePoint Connectors. Interact with You will see how SharePoint documents can be automatically moved to the your P8 7/17 P8 repository based on criteria defined by your administrator. We will also Jeff Content repository 11:30AM demonstrate the use of IBM provided web parts to enable your SharePoint Peterman UI to interact with P8 content. See how you can edit, search, and add directly from Central SharePoint content to P8 from a SharePoint UI, as well as how BPM work queues can be made available to the SharePoint user. This session will provide planning recommendations for upgrading from 8/13 IBM FileNet P8 3.5/4.0 software installations to the most current IBM IBM FileNet P8 Doyle FileNet P8 4.5 release. ECM Lab Services will discuss its four-phased Sys Admin 11:30AM approach towards planning and executing your upgrade. Discussions will 4.5 Upgrades Wilson Central include documenting system parameters, upgrade plan development, software installation & configuration, and functionality testing. Cost Saving 8/11 Many customers have used ECM Platform Services to make modifications to their systems resulting in significant cost savings. Come learn how you Content Strategies for Jerry Dattilo 11:30AM can utilize similar strategies for your business. This session will provide real ECM Systems Central world customer examples and best practices.. This session will provide an update on what's new with ECM Education 7/29 including our newest courses (FileNet P8 4.5 and new product training), ECM Education Czar delivery methods, learning tools, and savings plans that can help you Service 2:30PM maximize the value of your ECM systems. Additionally, we will answer your Update Barraza Central questions and provide specific training recommendations for you and your team. Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. 2009 IBM ECM Spring Regional UserNet Series 8/18 Service ECM Support Eric Vonheim 2:30PM Come and hear of all the ways customers can best utilize the support Update` Central organization IBM FileNet Explore the latest possibilities for Proactive System Monitoring using IBM System Monitor FileNet System Monitor. This session will feature new functionality 7/28 including the JMX and FileNet listener browsers, and will explore the - Proactive Sys Admin Steven Bass 2:30PM myriad of possibilities available for performance tuning your ECM platform monitoring of with all of the parameters exposed to this unique tool. IBM FileNet System Central your entire Monitor now offers support for the P8 4.5, Content Manager 8.4.1, and ECM System Oracle 11 databases. Come see what's new for 2009! IBM and its partners are preparing a proof of concept to address the secure portion marking of documents along with securing the access of Multlevel the information while protecting the information at rest at a very Security for 8/13 granular level (XML element level). The POC incorporates three Sys Admin Document Rick Nickell 2:30PM components: Quark Xpress Classification Marking Tool for XML Authoring and Central documents; IBM FileNet for secure content management (including Management exploiting the CAPCO-compliant security markings feature integrated with the Quark tool), and ERUCES (IBM Business Partner) for encrypting XML elements in XML documents. Page 6 of 7