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4G future market points to be considered fo market research

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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4 g a preview

  1. 1. 4GMarket Research for ABC Telecom Presented By ( TATA GROUP ) Ranjit Achary Ankit Gindoria
  2. 2. The questions What is the market? Who is the customer? Who is the competitors?
  3. 3.  Demand for 4G Market share Infrastructure STP Determining pricing strategy The right time to launchObjectives
  4. 4.  Demand for 4GTo understand the real demand for such a technology Market shareThe relevant and comparing with existing technology InfrastructureTo understand if there is enough infrastructure to implement the technology STP The pricing strategyMarket penetration or market skimming•Relevance and Importance ofObjectives
  5. 5.  Questionnaires to existing customers Employees feedback Competitive analysis Technical analysis Focus group Survey by mail, telephoneMethodologies
  6. 6.  Organizations like IEEE, 3GPP, WiMAX and ITU etc Internet data Ask professionals, trade organizations, Consult hardware companies Publications, researchers, academiasSecondary Source
  7. 7.  Market Customer CompetitionAnalysis parameters
  8. 8. Thank you