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iWiFi Bondi Presentation [#momosyd]

  1. 1. iWi-Fi Bondi Visual Design Documentation m.iwifi.com.au http://www.iwifi.com.au All images & words herein must not be reproduced without written permission copyright chungy 2009
  2. 2. • User Research • User Personas • Content Strategy • Wireframes (Web + Mobile) • Visual Designs (final) Contents
  3. 3. “” User Research
  4. 4. • 81 responses to our WiFi Hotspot User Research survey • 69% of respondents were 25 - 34years old, 60% male • 81% of respondents accessed the internet 3 hrs+ per day • 83% of our respondents have used the wireless internet, of those users 70% use wireless internet regularly during the day • 89% of the respondents use a laptop to access wireless, 40% used mobiles/PDAs, 14% were iPhones • 65% of those who access wireless internet, accessed it from home • 50% of those who access wireless internet, used a paid service provider • If WiFi was available, the most likely places our respondents would use wireless are cafés (83%), Bus/Train (75%), One the street (53%), Park (48%), Beach (27%). User Research
  5. 5. • The most unlikely places our respondents would use wireless are Gym (69%), Nightclub (69%), Supermarket (67%), Hairdresser (50%). • Per month 41% were willing to pay $30 - $60AUD, 30% $10 - $30AUD, 19% Less than $10AUD • Between 6am - 11pm was the most popular time of day people accessed the internet • Advertising formats that would most likely annoy our respondents, were clicking on 5 consecutive banner ads (81%), short audio clip (68%), interactive banner game (64%), short survey (64%), short video clip (60%), animated permanent banner ad (56%) and static non-animated banner (26%). • If our respondents had to view a 15 - 20 second advertisement, 32% said they would expect 30 mins worth of wireless access, 28% would expect 1 hour, 15% would expect 20mins. • Most popular local business offers, respondents rated they would be interested in were movie tickets (61%), warehouse sale for clothing/footwear/accessories (48%), Buy one get one free beer (45%), free music download (42%), cake & coffee/lunch special (38%), click to see food menu (36%) User research: attitudes to Wi-Fi
  6. 6. Useful Research findings • Respondents expressed a disinterest to provide personal information eg. mobile numbers to a free WiFi service provider • Respondents were not particularly open-minded about using WiFi in locations where they would be pre-occupied with other tasks eg. gym, supermarket, hairdressers • Static advertising was the most acceptable form of advertising for its non-intrusive nature compared to video & audio. • Most respondents used laptops to access wireless but a significant proportion did own a mobile device Research Conclusion • The results from our user research on WiFi generated a lot of interest; people were open to share their opinions, experience, expectations and doubts about the technology. There was a general interest to see more WiFi hotspots available in public locations, with many respondents prepared to pay for the service to be connected. However, we are generally surprised over the low consideration for WiFi in non-traditional hotspot locations such as the gym, supermarket, hairdresser, nightclubs, parks and beaches. • Overall, the research confirmed some key considerations and decisions we would need to investigate further to make this project a reality these are: security, privacy, cost, financing and raising awareness for this technology and its accessibility (location). User research findings
  7. 7. ? User Personas
  8. 8. User Persona 1: The Traveller
  9. 9. User Persona 2: Bondi Resident
  10. 10. User Persona 3: The Local Resident
  11. 11. User Persona 4: Business Owner
  12. 12. User Persona 5: Retiree (Negative)
  13. 13. Content Strategy
  14. 14. Content strategy initial ideas
  15. 15. Research Goals • Determine the best heading order for the global navigation • Confirm content grouping are in a logical order under the navigation headings Methodology • Each respondent was provided with our current global navigation and content headings • Respondents were ask to order the headings by placing the numbers 1 - 6 to represent to arrange the order of the navigation headings • Respondents were asked to place the relevant content (based on the name of the heading & description) below the global navigation headings Key Findings: 1. Global Navigation Headings > Most common ordering was to have "What's On" first, and '''About WiFi" last. > Of the remaining navigation headings, "Eat & Drink" was a clear third, "Activities" fourth, "Life in Bondi" fifth. > No clear winner for second navigation heading, possible headings selected by respondents for this were Life in Bondi, Local Info or Eat & Drink Conclusion Without informing respondents the purpose of the site, it was interesting to see the order of the What's' On and About iWiFi heading. As ''What's On" represents a location-based website whereas "About iWiFi" suggests a corporate website. Card sorting was performed after examining the visual designs which suggest that perhaps it was clear to all but two respondents that the information was focused on the Bondi Beach area and that iWiFi was the company offering this free wireless internet service. Recommendation #1  Improving the visual design to make it clear iWiFi is a wireless internet service provider in Bondi Beach 2. Content Headings & Description > Confusion over the purpose of the message board > Based on the description and the title "'message board" was synonymous with a number of different forms of message board functions such as classifieds, forums, review boards - none of which were like the purpose of the twitter message board we had intended Conclusion A few respondents arranged content under navigation headings differently to the order we had. The content within the Bondi Lifestyle + Local information sections were the most interchanged under these navigation headings, in particular beach safety, maps, recreation, surfing and events. "Nightclubs" was also placed under ''Activities" in a few instances. Apart from a few bits of content, respondents arranged and grouped content in the same logical the content strategy has been planned. Recommendation #2  Merging Bondi Lifestyle + Local Information content together  Define the purpose of the message board  Reconsider the placement for useful links section Content card sort results
  16. 16. Content strategy final
  17. 17. sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata Wireframes
  18. 18. Web
  19. 19. Featured Content Page (design by caroline chung)
  20. 20. What’s On - Index page (design by caroline chung)
  21. 21. What’s On - Events page (design by caroline chung)
  22. 22. What’s On - Message board page (design by caroline chung)
  23. 23. What’s On page (design by caroline chung)
  24. 24. Bondi Info - Index page (design by caroline chung)
  25. 25. Eat & Drink - index page (design by caroline chung)
  26. 26. Eat & Drink - Directory page (design by caroline chung)
  27. 27. Eat & Drink - Restaurant details (design by caroline chung)
  28. 28. Activities - Index page (design by caroline chung)
  29. 29. About iWiFi page (design by caroline chung)
  30. 30. Wireframes - Mobile
  31. 31. homepage index teasers detailed Mobile page flow (design by caroline chung)
  32. 32. Visual Design Evolution
  33. 33. Website login page concepts
  34. 34. Website concept design (Designs by caroline chung)
  35. 35. Mobile site concept design (design by caroline chung)
  36. 36. (Designs by Joy Huang) Visual Design Evolution
  37. 37. Visual Design - Final Visual Design - Final