Skinput technology


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Skinput technology

  2. 2. CONTENT Introduction Principle How it works Implementation Application Advantage Disadvantage Skinput in future Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  Skinput is a technology which uses the surface of the skin as an input device.  To capture this acoustic information , they developed a wearable armband that is non-invasive and easily removable.  It was developed by Chris Harrison, Densely Tan, and Dan Morris of the Microsoft Research's Computational User Experiences Group(MRCUEG) .
  4. 4.  Skinput allows the user to simply tap their skin in order to control audio devices, play games, make phone call.  It uses the sensors to determine where the user taps on their skin.  Its first public appearance was at Microsoft's Tech Fest 2010 
  5. 5. PRINCIPLE OF SKINPUT  It listens to vibrations in your body.  Skinput also responds to the various hand gestures.  The arm is an instrument. Arm band  detects the acoustic signals and convert them to electronic signals which easily enable the users to perform simple tasks as browsing through a mobile phone menu, making calls, controlling portable music players, etc..
  6. 6.  Skinput, the system is a combination of two technologies:  the ability to detect the ultra low frequency sound the ‘Pico’ projectors . Pico projector applies the use of projector in a hand held device.  An acoustic detector detects the ultra low frequency.
  8. 8. PICO- PROJECTORPICO- PROJECTOR  A very small projector, basically used in gadgets  The system comprises three main parts:  The Laser light source  The Combiner optics  The Scanning mirror
  9. 9. BIO- ACOUSTICSBIO- ACOUSTICS  Study of sound waves inside living body.  When a finger taps the skin, several distinct forms of acoustic energy are produced. Longitudinal Waves Transverse Waves These waves form the integral part of the whole concept of skinput.
  10. 10. BIO- ACOUSTICS: SENSINGBIO- ACOUSTICS: SENSING These signals need to be sensed and worked upon. This is done by wearing the wave sensor arm band.
  11. 11. HOW IT WORKSHOW IT WORKS • In Skinput, a keyboard, menu, or other graphics are beamed onto a user's palm and forearm from a pico projector embedded in an armband. • An acoustic detector in the armband then determines which part of the display is activated by the user's touch. • Their software matches sound frequencies to specific skin locations, allowing the system to determine which “skin button” the user pressed.
  12. 12. PROCESSING: Model
  13. 13. IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION ON PARALYZED PERSON OR PHYSICALLY DISABLE PERSON. •If a person is paralyzed or physically disable we can implement this technology. The feature of skinput technology provides a projected graphical interface on the skin, so the person who is paralyzed or physically disable they can use it easily like making a call, playing game, control music player application etc.
  14. 14. IMPLEMENTATION IN EDUCATION SYSTEM Through the help of Skinput technology we can implement in education system like we can use calculator or browsing through a mobile phone etc...
  15. 15. USING FINGERS AS CONTROL PAD OF GAME • Through Skinput we can play games with just the movement of our hands. This will introduce a totally new era of gaming.
  16. 16. Making a Phone Call Using Skinput • We can turn our arm into a cellphone It will be possible to make calls by just typing numbers that flash on your • forearm[6]. All other functions can also be performed using Skinput. We can also increase or decrease the volume or • change the track of our music players like the i-pod without actually touching the gadget.
  17. 17. Controlling Music Player Applications Using Skinput
  18. 18. APPLICATIONSAPPLICATIONS MobileMobile GamingGaming I-podsI-pods
  19. 19. ADVANTAGES No need to interact with the gadget directly. Don’t have to worry about keypad. People with larger fingers get trouble in navigating tiny buttons and keypads on mobile phones. With skinput this problem disappears.
  20. 20. DISADVANTAGES • Though the band seems easy enough to slip on, many people would not wear a very big band around their arm for the day. • Not enough research has been conducted on this product to test the possible skin diseases or types of cancer, one can get from using this product. • This technology might start up at very high cost which will not be affordable for the common man.
  21. 21. SKINPUT IN FUTURESKINPUT IN FUTURE • The most profound achievement of Skinput is proving that the human body can be used as a sensor. • A person might walk toward their home, tap their palm to unlock the door and then tap some virtual buttons on their arms to turn on the TV and start flipping through channels. • Extensive Research is going on Currently on Skinput to make the armband more smaller. Incorporate More Devices with This System. Extend accuracy level.
  22. 22. CONCLUSIONCONCLUSION • Skinput allows the human body as an inputSkinput allows the human body as an input surface.surface. • It describes a novel, wearable bio-It describes a novel, wearable bio- acoustic sensing array that we built intoacoustic sensing array that we built into an armband in order to detect andan armband in order to detect and localize finger taps on the forearm andlocalize finger taps on the forearm and hand.hand. • This system performs well even when theThis system performs well even when the body is in motion.body is in motion.