Policies for single women under the 12th five


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This power point looks at policies and schemes for single-women in the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017) of India, and gaps therein.

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Policies for single women under the 12th five

  1. 1. Policies for single women under the 12th Five Year Plan India Ranjani.K.Murthy Independent Researcher and Consultant Gender & Development
  2. 2. Objectives • To introduce the participants to what the 12th Five year Plan proposes for development/empowerment of women • To carry out a participatory critique of the above
  3. 3. 11th plan schemes for single women • Priyadarshini- SHG based livelihoods – Bihar and Uttar Pradesh • Swadhar- shelter and short stay homes for women in difficult circumstances • Short stay homes under Central Social Welfare Board
  4. 4. Process: 12th Five year Plan • Sub group formed on inclusive development • Focused on how to make the plan inclusive of single women and other marginalised groups amongst women
  5. 5. 12th plan goals: women’s agency and child rights • Improve freedom/choice • Improve health and education • Improve employability and assets • Improve access to public services • Meet concerns of single women • Create safety net-globalization • End violence
  6. 6. 12th plan macro economic policies for single women Single-women specific • Increase in income tax exemption • Child-care exemptions under income tax • Allow transfer of pensions to children upon death General • Exempt SHGs & women’s cooperatives from IT
  7. 7. 12th Five year plan policies for single women • Make proof of separation simple • Lower the age eligibility for pension • Increase the amount of pension • Quota for single women-IAY and MNREGS • Strengthen legal aid support
  8. 8. 12th plan legislation which have a bearing on single women • Right to Marital Property Act • Equal guardianship of children • Parents do not have a right to will away property to sons
  9. 9. 12th Plan Mission that has a bearing on single women • National Mission for Empowerment of Women which will focus on inclusive development
  10. 10. Schemes recommended under 12th five year plan for single women • Organise single women at block and district • Swadhar Greh– Swadar+short stay home-India • Rehabilitation & economic package for widows • Entrepreneurship and leadership program
  11. 11. Missing • Access to continued education • Access of children to higher education • Comprehensive health check up & treatment • Comprehensive child care facilities • Urban housing for single women
  12. 12. Missing • Land for rural single women • Credit for single women • Reservation for single women in govt. schemes within 33% reservation for women • Higher risk cover for life, health, and asset insurance • Full coverage of single women 19-55 in SHGs • Reservation for single women in employment
  13. 13. Missing • Removing stigma against single women • Political participation of single women • ID card for single women • Separate officer/section for single women under DWCD