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Visthar-Session 2: Causes of Food Insecurity


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The power-point on Session 2 of the workshop on Gender and Food Security in India organised by Visthar, Bangalore highlights causes of food insecurity and gender specific causes of food insecurity in India. It also outlines the methodology adopted. A case study on Gangamma was used to highlight causes/gender specific causes of food insecurity at production, access and utlisation levels. Though the session focused on India the framework for analysis of food insecurity could be used anywhere

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Visthar-Session 2: Causes of Food Insecurity

  1. 1. Causes of food insecurity Ranjani.K.Murthy and Mercy Kappen
  2. 2. Objectives To strengthen participants’ understanding of reasons for food insecurity, • Objective 1 To strengthen participant’s understanding of gender specific reasons for food insecurity • Objective 2
  3. 3. Food security Production Access Utilisation
  4. 4. Group exercise • Discuss the reasons for food insecurity emerging from Gangamma’s case study at three levels production, access and utilisation and possible solutions (including gender specific ones).
  5. 5. Reason’s for Gangamma’s food insecurity Conversion of land for bio fuel Use of Chemical fertilizer Climate change & less production Food production Food access Mother and Contract failure Lack of access to cash to buy food daughter have lesser access to food. Poor nutrition could affect daughter’s education Food utilization
  6. 6. Production and food insecurity 2% growth Oilseeds Pulses little Conversion of agriculture land Un-sustainable practices Bio fuel production Contract farming Climate change Women have little land
  7. 7. Access and food insecurity Food grain exports more than imports Cash is replacing kind wages 75% India <$2 (EAG worse) Majority MF/SF, LL increasing
  8. 8. Access and food insecurity Market access weak during monsoon and conflicts Credit for food grain/pulse purchase poor Food entitlements through schemes not reaching
  9. 9. Food utilization Less diversity Utilis-ation Fuel shortage Time Unhealthy In ra HH food distribution food