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Motivationchain 090417072627-phpapp01

  1. 1. Chain Motivation
  2. 2. Inspiration from Management Article
  3. 3. Is persuasion a gift?Are some people born with theability to speak well and selltheir ideas successfully?
  4. 4. In your role, do youever need tomotivate, inspire, orpersuade others?
  5. 5. Whether youre a seniorexecutive giving a presentationto the Board, a manager giving amorale-boosting speech to yourteam, or a production managergiving a presentation on safetystandards, at some point, youllprobably have to move people toaction.
  6. 6. While there are certainly thosewho seem to inspire and delivermemorable speecheseffortlessly, the rest of us canlearn how to give effectivepresentations too. Key factorsinclude putting together a strongmessage and delivering it in theright sequence.
  7. 7. Monroes Motivating Sequence: The Five Steps
  8. 8. Alan H. Monroe, a Purdue University professor, used the psychology ofpersuasion to develop an outline for making speeches that will deliverresults. Its now known as Monroes Motivating Sequence.
  9. 9. This is a well-used and time-proven method to organize presentations for maximum impact. You can use it for a variety of situations to create and arrange the components of any message.
  10. 10. Step One: Get Attention
  11. 11. Get the attention Attention Workplace safety is being ignored!Shocking statistic Despite detailed safety standards and regulations, surveys show that 7 out of 10 workers regularly ignore safe practices because of ease, comfort, and efficiency. Some of these people get hurt as a result. I wonder how comfortable they are in their hospital beds... or coffins?
  12. 12. Step Two: Establish the Need
  13. 13. Established the Needs Need Apathy/lack of interest is the problemExamples and illustrations Safety harnesses sit on the floor when the worker is 25 feet above ground. Ventilation masks are used more to hold spare change than to keep people safe from dangerous fumes.Consequences Ignoring safety rules caused 162 worker deaths in our province/state last year. Im here to make sure that you arent part of next years statistic.
  14. 14. Step Three: Satisfy the Need
  15. 15. Satisfy the NeedsSatisfaction Everyone needs to be responsible and accountable for everyone elses safety.Background Habits form over time. They are passed on from worker to worker until the culture accepts looser safety standards.Facts Introduce more statistics on workplace accidents relevant to your organization.Position statement When workers are responsible and accountable for one another, safety compliance increases.Examples Present one or more case studies.Counter-arguments Safer workplaces are more productive, even in the short term - so workers arent more efficient when they dont take the time to follow safety rules.
  16. 16. Step Four: Visualize the Future
  17. 17. Visualize the FutureVisualization Picture a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.Contrast method Continue the status quo (keep doingNegative method the same thing), and someone will be seriously injured. Picture yourself at a colleagues funeral. You were right beside him when he decided not to wear his safety harness. How do you face his wife when you know you were right there and didnt say anything?Positive method Consider the opposite. Imagine seeing your co-worker receive an award for 25 years of service. Feel the pride when you teach safety standards to new workers. Share the joy of your teams rewards for an outstanding safety record.
  18. 18. Step Five: Action / Actualization
  19. 19. Action / Actualization Review your safety proceduresAction / Actualization immediately. Ive arranged a factory tour after lunch. Everyone is invited to join us. Your insights will really help us identify areas that need immediate attention. If youre unable to attend this afternoon, Ive left some pamphlets and business cards. Feel free to call me with questions, concerns, and ideas.
  20. 20. Key PointsFor some of us, persuasive arguments and motivational speaking come naturally. The rest of us may try to avoid speeches and presentations, fearing that our message wont be well received. Using Monroes Motivating Sequence, you can improve your persuasive skills and your confidence. Get the attention of your audience, create a convincing need, define your solution, describe a detailed picture of success (or failure), and ask the audience to do something right away: Its a straightforward formula for success thats been used time and again. Try it for your next presentation, and youll no doubt be impressed with the results!
  21. 21. Thank you,