Interactive Technologies for Jewellers


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Interactive Technologies for Jewellers

  1. 1. Interactive Technologies FOR Gitanjali
  2. 2. Agenda Power of Interactive Technologies Interactive Technologies Today Advantages of Interactive Technologies  Why do YOU need it? Overview of XXICO Unlimited Possibilities  XXICO solutions for you!
  3. 3. Power of Touch PHONES The success of the iPhone has given rise toa new generation of touch control while the TOUCHmulti-touch in Windows 8 is advent of COMPUTERS AND SURFACEfurther accelerating the evolution of human computer interfaces. OTHER SURFACES
  4. 4. Power of Interactive TechnologiesLets start with how touch can creates an impact…
  5. 5. Power of Interactive TechnologiesAnd here are some quick facts: 33% of shoppers watch in-store video. 10% of shoppers make a habit of watching retail video. 47% recall learning about specials or sales from video displays. 52% feel more stores should run video programming. 78% finds the screens helpful. 30% of retail viewers made an unplanned purchase as a result of a video. 63% adults have said that Interactive screens catches their attention - the highest level reported across all media including TV, Internet, magazines, newspapers, radio, and mobile phone advertising.
  6. 6. Touch TodayInteractive advertising gives consumers more control by giving them a range of choices in their experience with product information. It produces a sense that the communication is more personal than traditional media ads because it creates or simulates a one-on-one interaction. This fosters a longer brand interaction.
  7. 7. Touch TodayResearch has proven that touch has an important impact on thepurchasing decisions and brand loyalty of consumers. 65% of consumers reported that "a digital brand experience has changed their opinion of the brand," and 97% of the consumers stated that it influenced purchase decisions.In-store screen is recorded as being 7 timesmore effective than conventional static point ofsale displays and posters. In a new consumer survey by the Nielsen research firm, 4 out of 5 product brands experienced 33% increase in sales through the use of interactive media.
  8. 8. How you can leverage Interactive Technologies Today’s consumers have grown up with razzle-dazzle technology, so they expect it everywhere. Also, we tend to form, retain and revisit memory when all five senses are engaged. It is safe to say, we can create a unique customer experience with touch. With interactive medium allowing customers to find more detailed information about a product in which they may be interested, touch screens are turning out to be the ideal advertising and marketing medium.
  9. 9. How you can leverage Interactive TechnologiesUse touch to showcase aboutcollections entertain advertise your events, specials and sales Let your customers know the latest happening inhi-tech With innovative display and jukeboxes in the lounge and interactive games and management, bring your advertisment videos your store. store and ensure maximum participation. right in the center of in and around.
  10. 10. XXICOAt XXICO, we Understand , Innovate , Implement.We develops built-for-touch applications that give consumers and businessesrich interactive multimedia experiences. As a full service multi-mediacompany, we offers clients a one-stop source for interactive advertising. FORMULATION DESIGN DEPLOYMENTConcepts for the Campaign Interactive Space Supervising Installation Choosing Hardware Interactive Product Integration and Deployment Management Campaign Design & Software Database Storyboarding Maintenance for a given Content Creation 3D Content Creation time period 3D Modelling & Animation Interactivity Scripting
  11. 11. Unlimited PossibilitiesLet us look at an example of how we can use the SmartMirrors.
  12. 12. Unlimited PossibilitiesWhat if we could display all the CELEBRITY STYLES forthe customers to browse through like a Smart Catalogue
  13. 13. Unlimited PossibilitiesTouch tables where varieties of hairstyles are displayedon the table and people can browse through it
  14. 14. Unlimited Possibilities
  15. 15. Unlimited PossibilitiesAnnounce the specialdiscounts and latestofferings using the uniqueTouch Sphere
  16. 16. Unlimited PossibilitiesConvert plain walls toeye-catching digitaltouch screens thatcome to life when acustomer passes by.Let the customers lookthrough all the adsthrough the ages... andcreate a sense ofnostalgia.
  17. 17. Unlimited PossibilitiesWow your customers when the pass by with motionsensing screens displaying your latest and very bestofferings. An example…
  18. 18. Unlimited Possibilities Mundane store display outside… can now be hard to miss!
  19. 19. Unlimited PossibilitiesEntertain those who accompany customers in a unique,fun way.
  20. 20. TOUCH21st CENTURY ODYSSEY Pvt. Ltd. TOMORROW Phone (UAE) : +971 2449 1770 Phone (INDIA) : +91 98865 19427 Email :
  21. 21. Thank You!Some of our clients: