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Vottupetti and Vellithira final


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Quiz on malayalam cinema,film, politics as a part of Reverberates by AR Ranjith

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Vottupetti and Vellithira final

  1. 1. THANK GOD
  3. 3. MIX MASALA
  4. 4. Who owns this hotel?
  5. 5. AR’S v2vR1 1
  7. 7. AR’S v2vR1 2. Juss Connect!2. Which former minister acted as a judge in this film?
  9. 9. AR’S v2v R13.The film, which exposes opportunism and hypocrisyset against the back drop of the Independencestruggle, is inspired by the cartoon series,titled Cheriya Lokavum Valiya ManushyarumAWARDS IdentifyKerala State Film Awards the film!Best FilmBest DirectorBest ScreenplayBest Photography (Black and white)Second Best ActorBest Art DirectorNational Film Award for the Best Feature Film on the 25th Anniversary ofIndias IndependenceNational Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam
  11. 11. AR’S v2vR1 4. What connects RSP’s official publication,A 1975 film starring Prem Nazir and Adoorbhasi and Vidhubala?
  12. 12. PRAVAAHAM
  13. 13. AR’S v2v R1 5. He was criticized for taking the initiative to de- freeze two bank accounts of Ottavio Quattrochi, an accused in the Bofors Scam case, who is seen as a close friend of Congress president SoniaGandhi. In particular, it appears he did not consultthe investigating agency CBI which had gotten the accounts frozen! WHO? He became relevant in Kerala politics from January 16, 2012!!!!!
  15. 15. AR’S v2v R1 6. One stunt scene and two songs werealready shot with Jayan for C.V. Hariharans "Garjanam“ . But after his death it was recast with X becoming X’s second film in Malayalam released in 1981. X?
  16. 16. RAJNIKANTH
  17. 17. AR’S v2v R1 7.This is a form of project financing, wherein aprivate entity receives a CONCESSION from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate a facility stated in the concession contract.
  18. 18. BOT
  19. 19. AR’S v2v R1 8. Beginning with the 1948 movementagainst the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the circumstances that arose since then, thismovie covered the significant events until the tumultuous days at OsmaniaUniversity in 2009. This Telugu movie was a big hit there. Who was the heroine of this movie?
  20. 20. MEERA NANDAN
  21. 21. AR’S v2vR1 9.It started its journey through their first show ‘Ente makanaanu Sari’ in 1951. But their second venture was more popular! Which Organisation?
  22. 22. KPAC
  23. 23. AR’S v2v R1 10. X originates from Pakramthalam hills at Kuttyadi-Mananthavadi road and Banasurasagar dam is built on one of its tributaries!X features in the title of a malayalam film of political importance too! Identify X
  25. 25. AR’S v2v R1 11.What extends from Kottapuram to Kollam with 205 Kms? Be specific!
  27. 27. AR’S v2v R1 12. It was on this very place that Kerala Varma Valiya Koithampuran wrote Mayurasandesa, love letters to his dear wife to be sent through peacocks.The place was also the first branch of Ramakrishna Mission in kerala. Director,Shri.P.Padmarajan was from this place. Who represents the place in Kerala assembly?!
  29. 29. AR’S v2v R1 AUDIENCE He published a calendar containing his photograph along with the pictures of the Pope and Mother Theresa to woo christian voters…and subsequently disqualified bySupreme court from contesting in elections for 3 years. WHO?
  30. 30. Pc Thomas
  32. 32. • Nedumudi Venu
  33. 33. AR’S v2vR2 2.Which former Kerala governor acted in the film ‘Bharya Oru Manthri’?
  34. 34. Jothi Venketachalam
  35. 35. AR’S v2vR2 3. SONG Who did the keyboard piece?
  36. 36. AR RAHMAN
  37. 37. AR’S v2v R2 4. X’s most notable rendition is in the 1993 Malayalam super hit Devasuram where in Oduvil Unnikrishnan plays the instrument Y! X has rendered Y as a solo as well as anaccompanying instrument in 3000+ cassettes and over 60 Malayalam films, a unique achievement among the contemporary artists. ID X and Y
  39. 39. AR’S v2vR2 5.Indraraj Productions produced acclaimed films like Irakal and Padayani. Who owned this company?
  40. 40. SUKUMARAN
  41. 41. AR’S v2v R2 6. Although he started his directorialventures in 1970, his last film as a director came in 1986,in the name ‘oru yuga sandhya’. He directed around 12 films in total, the first film being the popular! He also produced 5 films! WHO?
  42. 42. • MADHU
  43. 43. AR’S v2vR2 7. 1995- ‘We the people’ award – UN 1998-UNCHS –100 Best Innovations 2000-CAPAM – International Innovations Gold Medal 2002-UN Habitat 2002 -Practices Global 100 list 2002-Dubai International Award –Finalist 2002-UNDP-One among the 15 best practices in India2006-India Innovation Award for the Social Innovations About What?
  44. 44. • KUDUMBASHREE
  45. 45. AR’S v2vR28.Which politician’s biography is named ‘Gandeevam’ ?
  47. 47. 9. AR’S v2vR2 IDENTIFY!
  49. 49. AR’S v2vR2 10. What was created first in Russia bythe Bolsheviks in 1917 to provide strong and continuous leadership duringthe Russian Revolution occurring during the same year?
  50. 50. POLIT BUREAU
  51. 51. AR’S v2vR2 11.On the night of September 23, 1972 , he got down from bus in Trissur town at 9.50p.m Trissur town usually went tosleep only by midnight. He was walkingalong the right side of the crowded postoffice road. The gruesome murder must have been witnessed by some in the nearby shops and taxi stand. WHOSE?
  53. 53. AR’S v2v R212.1971-73 President, Kerala Students’ Union1975-77 President, Kerala Pradesh Youth Congress1977-79 General Secretary, Indian Youth Congress1977 Elected to 6th Lok Sabha1980-96 Member, Kerala Legislative Assembly1980-85 General Secretary, Pradesh Congress Committee (P.C.C.), Kerala1985-March 1987 Speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly (K.KarunakaranMinistry)1990-91 Vice-President, P.C.C., KeralaApril 1995- May 1996 Minister of Health, Kerala (A.K.Antony Ministry)1996 Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (2nd term)1996-97 Member, Committee on Railways1998 Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (3rd term)1998-99 Member, Committee of Privileges, Committee on HumanResource Development and Convenor of its Sub-Committee-II on MedicalEducation, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways1999 Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (4th term)1999-2000 Member, Committee on Human Resource Development2000-2001 Member, Committee on Ethics
  54. 54. • VM SUDHEERAN
  56. 56. AR’S v2vR3 60-30 1.This film stars Mohan, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Master Raghu, Lakshmi, Kaviyoor Ponnamma and Nanditha Bose. It probes into the realities that existed within the Brahmin community of the day. Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair plays an elderly Brahmin priest married to a girl young enough to be his daughter.
  57. 57. 2 50-25Bharath Gopi, Venu Nagavally, Unni Mary, Santhikrishna in 1983.Ouseppachan did the background score for the film being his entry to the film field!
  58. 58. AR’S v2vR3 40-20 3. Velan (Achan Kunju) is a street circus performer. He kidnaps and forcibly blinds village children and turn them into fellow circus performers. Once, he falls in love with one of his victims, Rani (Nithya), as does his lorry driver friend Ouseph (Balan K. Nair). Eventually, Ouseph and Velan kills each other allowing Rani to escape with the man she really loves (Prathap Pothen)
  59. 59. AR’S v2vR3 30-15 4
  60. 60. AR’S v2v 5R3 20-10
  61. 61. AR’S v2v 6R3 10-5
  63. 63. AR’S v2vROUND 4Out of Syllabus!
  64. 64. AR’S v2vR4 1. SONG
  65. 65. AR’S v2vR4 2. CLIP
  66. 66. AR’S v2vR4 3.X is someone, not a party to a case, who volunteers to offer information to assist a court in deciding a matter before it.
  67. 67. AR’S v2v R44. Thripunithura Hill palace was the major location of this movie! On the releasing date, 15 people were injured and 1 died due to an overwhelming crowd at Jos Theatre, Thrissur… WHICH MOVIE?
  68. 68. AR’S v2vR4 5. CONNECT
  69. 69. AR’S v2vR4 6.Which Malayalam movie has a description of the history of heart transplantation before it starts?
  70. 70. AUDIENCEA few devout traveling merchants halting in X, could not find a Shiva Linga for their worship. They then installed a balla (a measuring cup or seru used to measure grain) upside down as a Shiva Linga and worshiped it. Eventually, that place was turned into a temple dedicated to Balleshwara or Shiva .Id X
  72. 72. AR’S v2vR5 1 1.The party was founded on March 19, 1940 and has its roots in the Bengali liberation movement Anushilan Samithi
  73. 73. AR’S v2vR5 1 2.
  74. 74. AR’S v2vR5 1 3. In 2000 a severe split affected the Kerala branch, when the regional party chief Baby John broke away and formed another party
  75. 75. AR’S v2vR5 2 1. Professor, Konthayil Ninnu Kurissilekku, Parappurathu Vithacha Vithu
  76. 76. AR’S v2vR5 2 2. He is the author of the controversial EDUCATION BILL of the First communist ministry of Kerala.
  77. 77. AR’S v2vR5 2 3. After the formation of the Kerala State in 1956, he won the Assembly election in 1957, from Manaloor, and went on to become Kerala’s first Education Minister
  78. 78. AR’S v2vR5 3 1. The government college in thrissur is named after him!
  79. 79. AR’S v2vR5 3 2. As per critics, his major failure was the amendment his ministry signed on Mullaperiyar agreement, which deprived Keralas rights.
  80. 80. AR’S v2vR5 3 3. He was the chief minister of kerala. The first term was from 1 November 1969 to 1 August 1970 and the second 4 October 1970 to 25 March 1977.
  81. 81. AR’S v2vR5 4 1. Made his debut in the 1985 Malayalam film ‘ERAKAL’ directed by KG George
  82. 82. AR’S v2vR5 4 2. In May 2001, he was elected to the Kerala Assembly
  83. 83. AR’S v2vR5 4 3. In the 2011 Assembly elections, he scored a hat-trick win from Pathanapuram with a margin of 20,402 votes
  84. 84. AR’S v2vR5 5 1. She did her 1st malayalam film in 2012 as the character ‘MANKAMMA’
  85. 85. AR’S v2vR5 5 2. Her fathers first cousin is Dinanath Mangeshkar, father of singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle
  86. 86. AR’S v2vR5 5 3. She is an Indian actress who appeared in Bollywood films during the 1970s and 1980s.
  87. 87. AR’S v2vR5 6 1. ‘Kazhcha’ is a venture to extend free eye care and treatment organized by him in association with Little Flower Hospital and Research Centre
  88. 88. AR’S v2vR5 6 2. He started with a screen name ‘SAJIN’ but later dropped it!
  89. 89. AR’S v2vR5 6 3. Owns the distribution company Playhouse Entertainments