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An innovative content management company!

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  1. 1. Frogorama Beyond marketing
  2. 2. About Frogorama
  3. 3. Services• Content writing, Instructional design and web marketing• Innovative Sales Brochures & Corporate Identity• Corporate newsletter management• Marketing theme design• Interactive Quiz shows and Music shows• Product launches• Promotional videos and Jingles
  4. 4. Content Management• Maintenance and updations of content of your website or blog/facebook profile as per requirements• Article writing that can be creative, sales related, corporate communications or anything under the sun!• Instructional design and storyboarding
  5. 5. Sales Brochures and corporate Identity •Innovative sales brochures- Content and design •Business cards •Letterheads •Corporate theme •Wall paintings •Office Decor
  6. 6. Monthly newsletters ormagazines forcorporates
  7. 7. Marketing theme design Innovative BTL and ATL themes for specific marketing which focuses on outputs!
  8. 8. Interactive Quiz shows and Music shows • Interactive Quiz shows in organisations, colleges and schools • Ganamela/Orchestra/Interactive music show/ Musical evenings
  9. 9. Product LaunchesCorporate product launch functionsand brand building events
  10. 10. Corporate Videos and Jingles• Corporate profile and Ad videos• Jingles for radio ads and internal purpose
  11. 11. CALL 0091 – 9747714788 / 9400496105