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Film Quiz finals at Calicut University

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  1. 1. SCENE-1 About Malayalam cinema, its works and the trivia!Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1 1
  2. 2. X has is been described as a “bard of science” who explores the role of science in achieving the humanCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith potential. X also penned the lyrics for the film Nirmala 1 X also led an active public life as a member of Rajya Sabha. Who‟s X?
  3. 3. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1G.Sankarakurup
  4. 4. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2 X is a cinema lover and a poet. He has acted in several movies and even directed one. He will be most remembered for his contribution to Malayalam film history for being the producer of the film ’Vaisali’ although he is more famous in an entirely different field. Who‟s X?
  5. 5. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2ATLAS RAMACHANDRAN
  6. 6. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 Which 1988 romantic Malayalam film shares the name with this girl, a political ad used in US Presidential elections once?
  7. 7. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3DAISY
  8. 8. He won the 2002 Kerala State Film Award for THE BEST CHILDCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith ARTIST for his role in the 4 film ‟Punarjani‟ directed by Major Ravi which was his first movie as a director! WHO?
  9. 9. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 4PRANAV MOHANLAL
  10. 10. X was founded in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. ItsCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910. 5 X is also a name for a Malayalam movie released in 2012. Id the movie! Clue: Resul pookutty made his acting debut
  11. 11. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5
  12. 12. He is controversial in his own style from his first work „Penkutti oru raashtramaanu‟, a bookCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Then his English film „Temptation between my legs‟ was rejected by the Sensor board! 6 And his newest movie „What the F‟ features Ranjini Haridas and Manoj K Jayan in lead roles… He was in news recently for a great reason!
  13. 13. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6 Roopesh Paul
  14. 14. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Which Malayalam dialogue stands at number 7 in Outlook magazines Terrific 13 lists published in the 13th anniversary edition of the magazine, in the 7 section 13 Cheesiest Chalkiest dialogues in Indian Cinema..?
  15. 15. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 7 We are not beggars…
  16. 16. Popular Kerala Chenda artist Mattannoor Sankarankutty created the music for the movie.Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith The film tells the story of Sankara Narayanan, a 55- year-old gangman from the Railways. From his teenage days onward he was afraid of the strange 8 voices that talked to him incessantly. To escape the fear, he seeks refuge in alcohol, alienating himself from his family and ending up in an asylum. His son Ramu could never sympathise with a father who had shirked his responsibility as a husband and a father.
  17. 17. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 8
  18. 18. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 9 CONNECT
  19. 19. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 9
  20. 20. Her theatre career that began with Girish Karnads Nagamandala. She is an expert keyboard player. She began her training in classical piano when she was 8 andCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith toured & performed all over India and teaches piano also. She composes her own music to poetry and then theres the poetry, though thats mostly self-indulgent, she says. 10 She‟s a playback singer too starting from „Vettayadu Vilayaadu‟ She also launched a company named The Show Must Go On (TSMGO Productions) to promote live art and artistes Current focus is on acting..Has acted in a malayalam movie too!
  21. 21. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 10
  22. 22. Film „NJAATTADI‟ was directed by X who is a Bharath Award winner and was the debut of another BharathCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Award winner „Y‟ 11 Id X and Y
  23. 23. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith X-Bharath GOPI 11 Y-Bharath Murali
  24. 24. This film was dubbed to Tamil as „Sirai Chaalai‟. Overwhelmed by theCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith outcome of the film, technicians including art director Sabu Cyril and 12 cinematographer Santhosh Sivan accepted no remuneration. This is the first Malayalam film to record in Dolby soundtrack
  25. 25. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 12
  26. 26. 2
  27. 27. Although born in Srilanka, his first film was as a cameraman in Malayalam film „Nellu‟ which won the bestCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith cinematographer award from Govt.of kerala. He also has got won 5 national awards! 1 Later he went on to become a famous director and according to him, his inspiration to become a director started when he saw David Lean directing the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai during a school field trip in Sri Lanka..
  28. 28. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1Balu Mahendra
  29. 29. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Was born as Mahalakshmi Menon.. 2 Mother was a malayalam film actress… Won state award for best actress in 1978
  30. 30. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2SOBHA
  31. 31. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 Connect!
  32. 32. National film award for best actress from TAMILCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3
  33. 33. On 5 December 1992, WhatCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith incident happened near 4 Cherthala made the shooting of film „Cheppadividya‟ stopped for a while..?
  34. 34. Accident of the car in whichCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Monisha and her mother was 4 travelling and the death of Monisha
  35. 35. This 2009 romantic song gave a break to a till then junior artist bornCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith as Siby Varghese in malayalam 5 industry as a lead actor! Id the song…
  36. 36. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5 Anuraaga Vilochananaayi..
  37. 37. The state of Ohio in the USCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith celebrates June-26 as X day, to 6 appreciate X‟s talents! Who‟s X?
  38. 38. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6
  39. 39. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 7 CONNECT
  40. 40. Brand ambassadors-Joy AlukkasCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 7
  41. 41. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith This is the only movie Lohithadas produced of his own and ultimately led 8 him to an economic crisis!
  42. 42. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 8 Kasthooriman
  43. 43. 3
  44. 44. This is a film about a mariner who operates a cargo vessel near the sea port of Kodungalloor One day, the local police station discovers an unidentified body thatCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith has washed ashore. A Budhist nun, Revamma, comes forward to claim that she can identify the rotten body, and she recognises it. Police enquire her relationship with him. Meanwhile, another Latin Christian woman, Pemenna, too claims to recognize the dead man. Finally a 1 mute woman, Kali, joins them and seeks permission to see the corpse. She, however, rejects the claim made by the other women and argues that the body is not that of him. The ultimately leaves behind a story of a man who convinced three very different women that he was a committed and faithful husband while successfully keeping his relation with the other two women a secret.
  45. 45. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1
  46. 46. This is a Malayalam film written by P. Padmarajan and directed by I. V. Sasi, starring Mohanlal and Mammootty in the leadCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith roles. The film revolves around the life and revenge of a few villagers against each other. It had a huge star cast 2 and was a big hit in box office when released. With time, this film is also considered as a classic in Malayalam cinema history. It is considered one of Mohanlals best performances and gave him critics acclaim.
  47. 47. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2
  48. 48. The protagonist, working as a clown in a circus in the town, comes to visit his village. He is looking for a bride. The heroine, a tall lady, gets charmed by the wealthiness (compared to the other citizens of the village) of the protagonist even though he is a dwarf.Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith She assents to marriage. Married, they go to the town to join the circus camp. Things come to a different world when they reach the 3 circus. Here the clown is a very insignificant figure. His wife sees the difference very quick. She soon gets attracted to a heroic figure in the circus camp - a bike jumper. They shows the signs of moving into affair. Some drama follows and the protagonist, the clowns regains his wife and goes back to his village with her.
  49. 49. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3
  50. 50. The story is about the problems faced by the people of a hamlet where electricity in unavailable, when electric supply finally reaches there. The film reachesCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith a conclusion that life is better without electricity. 4 The indefinability of the human mind is the theme of the film. Though the film is discussing a serious issue, the treatment of it is very simplistic. Humour and intensity characterise the film that is set in the mid-fifties.
  51. 51. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 4 ORIDATHU
  52. 52. This is the story of Nandan and Thara getting married as their personal love affairs failed. Nandan was in love with Devi, but circumstances forces Devi to choose another person.Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Thara was in love with Sunny, but he gets killed in an 5 accident. The film also show the good side of friendship between Sunny and Vinod, who survives the accident, but living his a mechanical life. The film was a treat for campus lovers. The film is directed and written by Venu Nagavally who describe the film as his own tragical love story.
  53. 53. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5
  54. 54. The plot is structured around the search for a missing infamous tabla player of a touring drama group. Investigation of members of the drama groupCinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith reveals complicated sexual rivalries and internal conflicts within the group, yielding several possible 6 suspects to the conspiracy. Sub Inspector Jacob Eeraly (Mammootty), investigates the missing tabla player, Aiyappan (Bharath Gopi), a raging alcoholic and a criminal.
  55. 55. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6
  56. 56. 4
  57. 57. Teams can select their opponent through a draw.. The team can decide which question to be asked to their opponent, out of the 2 qns shown!Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith If the opponent answers the question, they get 15 points. If they don‟t answer, they lose 5 points. If the opponent doesn‟t answer, the first team has to tell answer, otherwise they will lose 10 points.If they get it right, they get 20 points! If both teams don‟t answer the first question, it goes for a buzzer with the other 4 teams! They get 10 if right.. The 2nd question carries 5 points
  58. 58. A) In which malayalam movie, Yesudas played the character of TANSEN?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1 B) Which famous film personality was born as Gnanadesikan in Theni district of Tamilnadu?
  59. 59. A) Songs originally recorded for which announced film was used in ‘Bhakthajanangalude sradhakk’?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2 B) Name the malayalam film in which she acted as the heroine?
  60. 60. A) Which film‟s plot is also loosely inspired by Sidney Sheldons crime novel If Tomorrow Comes..and a 1978 film I Spit on Your Grave?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 B) IDENTIFY
  61. 61. A) Ilayaraja‟s daughter Bhavatharini sang a song in which Mammooty starrer Malayalam movie?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 4 B) Who was listed as "Indias hottest vegetarian" in polls conducted by PETA in 2011 and 2012?
  62. 62. A) Adoors usual cinematographer Mankada RaviVarma filmed half of the project. But he was later replaced by Sunny Joseph, since the former fell ill and was later found to be suffering from Alzheimers disease. Which film?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5 B) „Aladdinum Albhuthavilakkum‟ is the first malayalam movie of which actor?
  63. 63. A) Bhimsingh was a famous south indian director who also directed malayalam films like Ragam,Nirakudam,Maatoli etc.Who‟s his famous wife?Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6 B) Which actor produced movies like Sharjah to Sharjah, chirikudukka and Ezhupunna Tharakan?
  64. 64. 5
  65. 65. CLUE-1Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Vaaku, Ganga, Saakshi, Ammayu 1 de Ezhuthukal
  66. 66. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1 Irulin…. CLUE-2
  67. 67. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1 CLUE-2 Naranathu Bhranthan…
  68. 68. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 1 Madhusoodanan Nair
  69. 69. CLUE-1Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith He was interested in martial and was an expert in Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art 2 of Kerala. He published an English book titled Indian Art of Fencing and Sword Play
  70. 70. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith He established a film 2 studio in Kerala named The Travancore National Pictures.
  71. 71. CLUE-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith In 2013, Kamal wrote and directed a 2 biopic on him, titled Celluloid
  72. 72. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 2 Jc daniel
  73. 73. CLUE-1Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Music director of Bollywood films like Chandni Darr 3 Lamhe Silsila Faasle Vijay Sahibaan
  74. 74. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 Also music director of Malayalam films like Pokkuveyil Oridathu
  75. 75. CLUE-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 He is regarded as the best flute player of Eastern Classical music
  76. 76. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 3 chaurasia Hariprasad
  77. 77. Clue-1Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith This movement has gathered a community of enthusiasts, 4 believing it to be the proof of Indian bubbling creativity, or a cost-effective way to solve the issues of everyday life
  78. 78. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 4 Clue-2 Song Chamcham
  79. 79. Clue-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith cost around Rs. 50,000 (less than US$ 1,000). They are powered by diesel 4 engines originally intended to power agricultural irrigation pumps.
  80. 80. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 4 JUGAAD
  81. 81. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5 Song- Devangane.. CLUE-1
  82. 82. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5 Kerala’s first formula-1 racing team
  83. 83. CLUE-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5 Controversial Ayurvedic company
  84. 84. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 5
  85. 85. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6 Song: Karukaruthoru CLUE-1
  86. 86. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Did an important character in Kazhakom 6
  87. 87. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6 Eee puzhayum…. CLUE-3
  88. 88. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 6 Mullanezhi
  89. 89. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 7 CLUE-1
  90. 90. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Quoted in the film Sandesam by 7 Sreenivasan!
  91. 91. CLUE-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith Best known for his novels 7 including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays
  92. 92. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 7 CLUE-3 Aldus Huxley
  93. 93. CLUE-1Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith He was conferred an honorary Black Belt of Taekwondo by World Taekwondo 8 Headquarters in Kukiwon by South Korean Government.
  94. 94. CLUE-2Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith He is the chairman of JOSE THOMAS 8 PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE in Kochi
  95. 95. CLUE-3Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith He debuted on the stage as Karna (a character 8 in the Indian epic Mahabharata) in Karnabharam, a Sanskrit play
  96. 96. Cinema Kottaka by AR Ranjith 8 mohanlal