Key Messages: Your Brand’s Stiletto Heel


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Key Messages are the stiletto heel of your brand – it’s the showcase. Understand how to create your own platform. Then, walk-the-talk! We’ll look at each platform to understand how to consistently communicate your key messages from platform to platform. Rani will have you covered from head to toe.

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  • Preso for 82% of marketers are using content marketing to drive sales, offering the highest ROI and the most profitable customers. Not sure how to get started with a marketing strategy? Looking for ways to offer more effective content? Join us for an action-packed, interactive session that will get your creative juices flowing. Bring your questions and a sense of humor.
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  • Key Messages: Your Brand’s Stiletto Heel

    1. 1. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Key Messages: Your Brand’s Stiletto Heel
    2. 2. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Let’s Make the Most of Our Time
    3. 3. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Hypocrite Oath
    4. 4. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt TO TALK ABOUT SHOES! Why we’re really here…
    5. 5. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Quick (Female) Shoe Primer • Heel height / type of heel – Wedge – Platform – 3 inch • Color • Material • Open toe / closed • Decoration • Brand • Price
    6. 6. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Why Should I Care About Shoes?! • You don’t have to… • …but it’s a great analogy to help you define your brand
    7. 7. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Seth Godin’s Definition of a Brand A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.
    8. 8. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Defining Your Brand • Start with the 5 W’s – Who – What – Where – When – Why • Don’t forget “how” • Write all of these down
    9. 9. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Keep Your Customer In Mind Remember: Your Target Client Might Not Be Your Actual Clients
    10. 10. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Be Memorable • How are you different from the competitor? • What is unique about your brand? • …yes, you’re still writing all this down & brainstorming about your brand
    11. 11. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Stuck? • Review your competitors • Look at companies / brands you aspire to emulate • Review keywords being searched for on Google in your field • Interview your clients -- why did the hire you? – Consider having someone else do this • Survey your clients
    12. 12. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Your Deliverable: Your Branding • A clear set of short, concise messages that communicate the benefits of the brand • This becomes the platform for all communication tactics and marketing efforts
    13. 13. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt What Do You Mean By Platform • Establishing an image and communicating it consistently is required for any brand to establish itself and to build awareness • Then, determining the right places you need to be for your brand
    14. 14. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Source: SocialMediaToday
    15. 15. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt STRONG SHOE BRANDS Examples of branding that works via shoes…and how it’s carried out across various platforms (ha!)
    16. 16. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Christian Louboutin: Red Sole
    17. 17. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt
    18. 18. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Toms
    19. 19. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Toms
    20. 20. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Toms
    21. 21. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Nike
    22. 22. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Nike • Only on Twitter & Facebook • Nike doesn’t have to be everywhere…do you?
    23. 23. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Zappos: Customer Service “We've aligned the entire organization around one mission: to provide the best customer service possible. Internally, we call this our WOW philosophy.” • Look at all the ways they are doing this…just on the home page
    24. 24. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Back to Your Brand • Brand is the single largest asset of any organization • Your job is to protect the brand by communicating clearly & consistently what the brand stands for – And what it doesn’t represent
    25. 25. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Quick Review: Defining Your Brand Questions you need to answer: • The 5 W’s + How • Who is your ideal customer? • What’s memorable about your brand? Then come up with your key messages • Be consistent • Be concise
    26. 26. @RaniMonson@RainMakingMkt Q & A + CONTACT INFO Rani Monson