How To Create 365 Days of Traffic-Driving Content


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Learn how to drive traffic to your website.
- Understand what content marketing is and why it works
- Learn to create your own content strategy
- Create you own content calendar and learn how you can fill it for an entire year

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How To Create 365 Days of Traffic-Driving Content

  1. 1. How To Create 365 Days of Traffic- Driving @RaniMakingMkt
  2. 2. @RaniMakingMkt
  3. 3. Why Content Marketing Matters Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat @RaniMakingMkt
  4. 4. Why Content Marketing Works • Demonstrates your expertise • Provide a sense of who you are and how you work – before they buy • Create trust and loyalty when you’re giving something away for free – People buy from someone they trust • Attract targeted prospects inline with @RaniMakingMkt
  5. 5. Tips on Content Marketing • Accuracy counts • Quality matters • Content can be lots of things – Photos: Flickr, Instagram – Videos: YouTube – @RaniMakingMkt
  6. 6. @RaniMakingMkt
  7. 7. Don’t Confuse Social Media Tools With Content• Businesses rush to jump on social media• Often don’t stop to think – What they want to say – Who they want to say it to – aka a Content Strategy• Key is to remember social media is a vehicle - only – It drives traffic to your content – But your content needs to add @RaniMakingMkt
  8. 8. BUILDING YOUR CONTENT @RaniMakingMkt
  9. 9. Many Skip a Content @RaniMakingMkt
  10. 10. Content Strategy: Key Messages • Create 1-3 Key Messages – The will be repeated over and over and over again – Verbatim: not the time to be creative – This is how you build a brand – Basis of your content strategy • Key Messages can answer: – Why business is unique / competitive advantage – Why you’re better than the competition – Why clients refer business to @RaniMakingMkt
  11. 11. Source: @RaniMakingMkt
  12. 12. CREATING THE @RaniMakingMkt
  13. 13. Content Calendar • Plan ahead to reinforce your key messages • Block out rolling 13 months of what you know • Holidays • Seasons • Industry events / conferences • Your @RaniMakingMkt
  14. 14. Evergreen Content Examples What is it? • FAQs • It’s always relevant / • Case studies green • Lessons learned • Recycle popular content • Plan: Ready ahead of • Guest writers time • How-to guides • Have a list handy – plug • Q&A in as needed • Curate a list of content from others • Historical industry info • Calendar of @RaniMakingMkt
  15. 15. Augment With Timely Content Typically safe: Be careful with: • Industry news • Current events • Emerging trends • Politics • Data / facts • Religion • Research reports Did you know today is “Swim a Lap Day”? @RaniMakingMkt
  16. 16. Other Ideas• Content isn’t just words: Videos, Photos, etc• Look to Pop culture: TV, Music, Movies• Study other Media: Magazines, Books, Talk Shows• Share an alternative view• Truth is stranger than @RaniMakingMkt
  17. 17. Tips • Schedule a deadline for yourself – Don’t procrastinate – Hardest part getting started • Read your content to yourself – out loud • Ask someone else to read it • Remember: It will get @RaniMakingMkt
  18. 18. If You’re Still Worried… • It’s digital! – You can always fix it later – Hit @RaniMakingMkt
  19. 19. Let’s Brainstorm Your Challenges Content Strategy: • Key Messages • Content Calendar • Evergreen Content • Timely @RaniMakingMkt
  20. 20. Thank You! Rani Monson @RaniMakingMkt