Building a content strategy you can execute yourself


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Rani Monson of and Jake Thompson of share how good content can help you grow your business. You'll learn:
What content is (and isn't)
The types of content
What content works best
How to create a content strategy
How to execute a content calendar
And see how a strong content strategy is working for

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  • Building a content strategy you can execute yourself

    1. 1. Building a Content Strategy You Can Execute Yourself …And Why You Should @RaniMonson
    2. 2. Agenda• What is Content?• Does Content really make $?• Building your Content Strategy• Executing your Content Strategy• From the Trenches: Jake Thompson of Compete Every Day• Last Tips @RaniMonson
    3. 3. @RaniMonson
    4. 4. Warning @RaniMonson
    5. 5. It might help to understand…MY PERSPECTIVE ON CONTENT @RaniMonson
    6. 6. @RaniMonson
    7. 7. Who I Am @RaniMonson
    8. 8. The First Job• After asking the question “why” my entire life, I became a newspaper reporter• I was getting paid to create content!• Belief system: – Content matters in life @RaniMonson
    9. 9. The Second Job…Content Confusion • Acquire content • Make money with said content • Huh… @RaniMonson
    10. 10. Content | Money Tug-of-War• Struggle: the balance between love for content and the ability to monetize it – That approach (aka skepticism) is the same for Content Marketing• Does it result in sales? @RaniMonson
    11. 11. WHAT IS CONTENT? @RaniMonson
    12. 12. What is Content, Exactly?• Content = Information• Information (aka content) can take many forms and formats – Text – Photos – Infographics – Testimonials – Audio – Video @RaniMonson
    13. 13. @RaniMonson Source: PRWeb
    14. 14. @RaniMonson
    15. 15. Finally. We get to the money.GOOD CONTENT WILL HELP YOUMAKE MORE MONEY @RaniMonson
    16. 16. Most Effective Types of Content @RaniMonson
    17. 17. • Companies that publish 15 or more blog articles per month generate 5x more Web traffic than companies that dont blog at all – Those that blog 9-15 times / month generate 3x more traffic than those that dont blog• Companies generate a 45% lift in traffic when they increase the number of published blog posts from 11-20 articles to 21-50 articles. – Small businesses (1-10 employees) tend to generate a bigger lift than larger companies when they accumulate published blog content @RaniMonson
    19. 19. Keys to Successful Content• Create a Content Strategy – Know your audience • Content is currency — something we trade for our audience’s attention – Create 1-3 Key Messages • These will be repeated over and over and over again to build your brand • Verbatim: not the time to be creative • Basis of your content strategy – Key Messages can answer: • Why business is unique / competitive advantage • Why you’re better than the competition • Why clients refer business to you @RaniMonson
    20. 20. Content Calendar• Plan ahead – This will let you reinforce your key messages• Block out rolling 13 months – Holidays – Seasons – Industry events / conferences• If that’s too daunting, try 13 weeks – Or days• Just get started – Pick a topic | format you like• Keep the technology simple – Paper is your friend – So is Word / Excel• Don’t over think – it’s digital – It can be deleted @RaniMonson
    21. 21. Much of the Calendar Will Be Evergreen Content• Content that is always relevant, or “green” – Can plan / prepare ahead• Examples: – Historical industry info – Lessons learned – FAQs – Case studies – How-to guides – Q&A – Calendar of industry events @RaniMonson
    22. 22. Curate More Content for Calendar• Content you curate is created by someone else – And you give them credit for their work• Don’t plagiarize, steal, etc. – It’s bad content karma• Sources: – Industry websites / trade publications / analysts – Your business partners – Guest bloggers – Competitors @RaniMonson
    23. 23. Last, Add Timely Content to Calendar• This means you will adjust your calendar to account for timely information – Postponing something that can wait• Industry news• Emerging trends• Data / facts• Research reports @RaniMonson
    24. 24. Other Sources of Inspiration• Pop culture: movies, music, TV• Media: news, magazines, websites• Remember: Truth is stranger than fiction• Be careful with: – Current events – Politics – Religion @RaniMonson
    25. 25. Jake Thompson – Compete Every DayHOW ABOUT A REAL EXAMPLE @RaniMonson
    26. 26. Compete Every Day• Knew we couldn’t compete with for Google Ad Words• Miniscule budget – all money was going into apparel and events• Needed angle to grow our brand’s unique story & passionate community @RaniMonson
    27. 27. Compete Every Day• Daily stories of people, brands, causes that fit the Compete Every Day message• Post 1-2 stories per day on website blog• Post 3-5 items on social media channels, including graphics, quotes, & apparel• Search & initiate conversations @RaniMonson
    28. 28. Compete Every Day• Distribution on social media channels• Promote with collateral & images offline to drive traffic to site @RaniMonson
    29. 29. Are we done yet?I’M BORED @RaniMonson
    30. 30. Additional Tips• Read your content to yourself – out loud• Ask someone else to read it• It’s digital! – You can always fix it later | Hit delete• Schedule a deadline for yourself – Withhold things you like until you do it • Yes punish yourself• If it just isn’t going to happen… – Consider paying someone else to do it – That way it will get done @RaniMonson
    31. 31. Put Your Content to Work + Metrics @RaniMonson
    32. 32. Don’t Confuse Social Media Tools With Content• Businesses rush to jump on social media• Often don’t stop to think – What they want to say – Who they want to say it to – aka a Content Strategy• Key is to remember social media is a vehicle - only – It drives traffic to your content – But your content needs to add value @RaniMonson
    33. 33. Q&A | Thank You Rani Monson rani@RainMakingMarketing.com Jake Thompson @Jake_T4 @RaniMonson