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Product strategy


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A simple presentation I made for Knowledge Sharing on Product Strategy and Management

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Product strategy

  1. 1. Product ManagementRoadmap and Strategy
  2. 2. Product Lifecycle“an item that ideally satisfies a markets want or need” Philip Kotler
  3. 3. Product Strategy Product Product Product ProductResearch Strategy Delivery
  4. 4. Product Strategy Research ProductResearch Traffic Data Focused Group Analyze Product Strategy Ideas Survey Customer Support
  5. 5. Product Strategy Strategy & PlanningProduct ProductStrategy Strategy Ideas Product Product Strategy Ideas Scoring Development Product Product Ready to Ideas Plan Development Release Product Strategy Ideas
  6. 6. Product Strategy DeliveryProductDelivery Marketing & Communication Strategy Product Product Ready to Finished Product Deliver to Monetize Product “Packaging” Customer’s Feedback Release Customer
  7. 7. Product Strategy Summary Short Term Long TermDevelopment Deliver Product Product Product Research Strategy Delivery
  8. 8. Product StrategySample: Facebook Roadmap (2006 -2007)
  9. 9. Product Strategy Some Ideas: MetroTV Apps – Ads Monetizing• User based over 100.000 (downloaded) – Ready to be monetized. How? • Problems: – Ads Network doesn’t powerful enough – Traditional in-apps Ads: the traffic is highly depends on active user (less than 100.000) • Solutions: – Collaborate with Ads Network (Air Push)
  10. 10. Product Strategy Metro TV: Air Push Monetizing• Providing innovative ads format: – Ads will be deliver outside apps: • Push Notification Ads • Icon Ads • AppWall – Doesn’t conflict with current ads – Cover active and inactive users• Average CPM: 10$• Simulation: – User (downloaded apps): 100.000 – Income per push = 10$ x 100.000 / 1000 = 1.000 $ = Rp 10.000.000 / push – Assumption: 1 Day = 1 Push – Income per month = 30 x Rp 10.000.000 = Rp 300.000.000, -
  11. 11. Product Strategy MetroTV Ads: Product Strategy• User based over 100.000 (downloaded) – The most downloaded Apps Digital Buana made – Can be used to promote other Apps, like: Lubitu and Dibox• While we monetizing from Air Push, we can: – Develop our Ads Platform for Push • Combine Push Notification to Promote other Apps (Lubitu and Dibox) • Monetize with our own push notification
  12. 12. Product Strategy Metro TV: Side Effect• But this can be a double-edged – Ads vs User Experience • User hate ads • They hate it even more if Apps doesn’t give enough experience: – Less bug or forced closed – Active User Support – Update New Features Periodically• Solutions: – Long-Term Product Strategy • Treat each Apps (MetroTV et all) as a Business Unit
  13. 13. Existing Situation Freemantle DiBox Golkar Virtual GCD Musik Sitra NTMC Dewa SisLapHar Rucci Lubitu GCD Antara Apps BuKrim MetroTV Apps: Short Term Product: Long Term Product
  14. 14. Future Situation DiBox Golkar Virtual Musik GCD Lubitu GCD NTMC SisLapHar Freemantle BuKrim Dewa MetroTV Rucci Apps Project Management Antara Apps
  15. 15. Proposed Structure See Attachment
  16. 16. Summary• Separate Project Based (Short Term) and Revenue Generator (Long Term) Product• Build an environment (structure) that support the desired business process• Treat each Business Unit as separate entity, so they can focus on their own Strategy