Pester Power


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Pester Power

  1. 1. parent expressPester the inflation gauge, we are not really spending more than what our parents spent on us. But then, as children of ourPower parents generation, we did not demand (and get) a top every day!Dynamics So, the only way out for us would be to smile and yet not give in. Speak out “Yes, that L Dragon bey blade looks really cool but you do know that you probably wont be able to have everything you want.” Leave the decision-making-process to the child BY VENKATARAGHAVAN and be firm with the conditions and the SRINIVASAN responsibility this entails. For example, if pocket money is being allocated to the“They (the children) use all the about not having enough time for their child, then the child decides whether hepester power they can muster to children. I have always believed that wants the bey blade now or whether hetalk their parents into purchases, a this generation of Indian Parents (read will be happy enough with the Kaagithanarrator warned,” folks born in late 60’s, 70’s and early Kappal (paper boat); since the trade-off(The Washington Post, February 1979) 80’s) are a sad lot. They had no choice might be a video game session at Blur. but to listen to their parents. But today, We may assume that most childrenC hildren of this generation have their children are a lot smarter than would go in for the instant gratification always been able to influence they were at that age. I am a parent of a bey blade, but trust me – you their parents’ purchasing power of a 11-year-old and I am aware that are going to be surprised. These kidswith their relentless badgering. Today’s this generation, born in the late 90’s don’t think the way we used to! Ofparents are more likely to take a and 2k, is really intelligent. In a way, course, with slightly older children, wechilds demands seriously, whereas in this is good in the broad scheme of can explain how advertisements try toearlier times when they were children, things, since it means that the collective influence our purchases. Also it is muchthey were expected to be content intelligence of the society is increasing easier talking to older children aboutwith whatever they were given. Also, with time. the cost of items, their affordability andtoday’s parents work longer hours the value of money.owing to the increased pressure of the Todays generation of the Cola, Kola-environment. This has led to a society Veri Kids have more autonomy and As I am writing this, I can hearthat is increasingly cash rich and time decision-making power within the my mother shout aloud from thepoor, and parents find it an easier family than the previous generations, drawing room even as she is watchingoption to buy their way out of the time- so they are more vocal about their Velukkudi’s programme on the Pothigaiconsuming task of fending requirements. They tend to use this channel - “Finally, what every childoff demands. ‘pester power’ to nag their parents wants most is a loving, happy time into purchasing items that might not with the family. This is what we cherishAccording to the 2001 marketing be otherwise bought. So, how do we when we look back at our childhood.industry book Kidfluence, pestering understand and curtail this Any toy we remember, is because ofor nagging can be divided into ‘pester power?’ the fun we had playing with it rathertwo categories –’persistence’ and than how much it cost.” Wasn’t I right‘importance.’ Persistence nagging (a For a generation that only had about us being the sandwiched Paavamplea, that is repeated over and over bambarams (manual tops), today (pitiable) Parent Generation?again) is not as effective as the more a bey blade, which is the Chinesesophisticated ‘importance nagging.’ Bambaram, has become a reality that VENKATARAGHAVAN SRINIVASAN IS AThis latter method appeals to parents as the parent needs to accept. What was MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL FROMit plays on any guilt that they may have `6 in the 80’s is `140 now! Going by CHENNAI. 55