How Muscles Move


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How Muscles Move

  1. 1. healthcircle ed Bustle ng man call The re was a you muscle build up his W ho wanted to each day He exercised nt away All his fat we ooray! d “Hip, hip, h A nd he shoute KEEP YOUR MUSCLES WORKINGHow get up and walk around.” Muscles need to move to keep healthy and strong. Have youMuscles “My brother does weights. He wants to build up his muscles and have a heard the saying, ‘Use it or lose it?’ Probably not, as it is usually said toMove six pack.” “My mom has big muscles in her legs, she plays a lot of tennis.” older people who do not exercise enough! You can help your muscles stay strong and healthy by BY C KATHIRESAN exercising every day and by using WHAT CAN CAUSE MUSCLES different sets of muscles when you TO HURT? exercise. When you exercise a lot, your muscles get tired from all that contracting and By doing push-ups Muscles move the body by relaxing. Your muscles might hurt. They you will activate andcontracting and relaxing. can still be sore the next day if you have strengthen your During contraction, the muscles get not been exercising regularly. chest muscle (pectorals)shorter. The muscle fibres slide togetherand stack up to make a fatter shape, Have you ever had a cramp? This is Standing upright and lifting anya bit like when you shuffle a pack of when your muscles seem to lock up, weights using your hands willcards together. and you have a pain in your foot or activate and strengthen While relaxing, the muscle fibres your leg, or a stitch in your side. This your arms (biceps)slide apart and the muscle gets longer happens when one or more of yourand thinner. muscles contract and do not relax again Any lifting Muscles which move bones act (called a spasm). movement abovetogether in pairs. This means that the head will activateas one muscle contracts, its partner If you exercise for too long, you can get and strengthen yourrelaxes. Then as the partner muscle a build up of chemicals like lactic acid in shoulder (deltoid)contracts, the first muscle relaxes again. your muscles, and this can cause them The brain sends simultaneous to tighten up. In a seated position,messages to the relevant muscles to extend your legs. Thiscontract and relax, so that they act Sweating and not drinking enough will activate and strengthenin unison. fluids on a hot day may lead to a your front thigh muscle muscle cramp. If you develop a cramp, (quadriceps)WHAT CHILDREN SAY drink water. Then stretch and massage“My legs hurt when I am in bed the muscle that hurts. You will feel By lying down on yoursometimes. Mom says that it is due to better. stomach and pullinggrowing pains.” your legs towards“I hurt the hamstring in my leg while When muscles are over-stretched or your butt, you will activate andrunning. It hurt for a long time.” strained, the fibers can tear and there strengthen the muscles at the back“My muscles still feel sore after playing can be bruising inside the muscle. It will of your thigh (hamstring)a game of football, but much less than take several days for the fibres to healwhat I had experienced before the start and the bruises to disappear. By standing upright andof the training.” raising your heel, you will“Sometimes I get cramps in my foot C KATHIRESAN IS A FITNESS TRAINER AND activate and strengthen yourwhen I am in bed. It hurts and I have to HOLDS AN MPHIL IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. lower legs (calves)32 Parent Circle / February 2012