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CKEditor Widgets with Drupal


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Discusses how to configure and implement custom CKEditor widgets in Drupal. Includes numerous examples of custom widgets and actual widgets that we use in CNN Travel site.

Note that you could also download the PDF copy of this presentation by clicking the Save/Download button. The PDF copy has far better quality than the one rendered here online.

Published in: Technology
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CKEditor Widgets with Drupal

  1. 1. CKEditor Widgets with Drupal Engr. Ranel O. Padon Kite Systems |
  2. 2. About Me •  Software Engineer at Kite Systems (Hong Kong-based company) –  full-time Drupal developer for CNN Travel (our client) •  part-time Python lecturer in University of the Philippines •  involved in Java and Python projects before •  plays competitive futsal
  3. 3. Topics •  Why give importance on contents? •  Why use a WYSIWYG tool and CKEditor? •  Why use widgets? •  How to create widget from scratch? –  Grouped Texts widget –  HERE Maps widget •  CNN Travel in-house widgets –  Inline Ads –  Inline Maps –  Service Info widget •  My personal project: Leaflet Maps widget
  4. 4. Why Contents? •  one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is to create valuable and interesting contents •  to create high-quality contents the editors must have effective and high-quality tools
  5. 5. Why WYSIWYG? •  WYSIWYG (WhatYou See Is WhatYou Get) Editors could be used to create/edit contents directly in your web site •  eliminates the need to use a word document processor(MS Word, LibreOffice Writer) •  boosts editor’s productivity
  6. 6. Why WYSIWYG? •  Node view (normal page view)
  7. 7. Why WYSIWYG? •  Node Edit link
  8. 8. CKEditor Toolbar •  Node Edit view (CKEditor view)
  9. 9. Why CKEditor? image captured from
  10. 10. Why CKEditor? image captured from
  11. 11. Why CKEditor? image captured from
  12. 12. Why CKEditor? image captured from
  13. 13. Why CKEditor? image captured from
  14. 14. Why CKEditor? •  Has good support for common CMSes like Drupal, WordPress, Django, etc. •  Default WYSIWYG Editor in Drupal 8!
  15. 15. Why CKEditor? •  Check-out xEditor 2.0 for in-place editing of contents (Drupal module for live node view editing):
  16. 16. Why CKEditor? •  a redesigned version of FCKeditor •  created by Frederico Caldeira Knabben
  17. 17. Why Widgets? •  grouped CKEditor elements •  subclass of the Plugin class •  widget styling has a template - could have a generic style for all widget - could have specific style for specific via a custom Dialog window •  widget is a drag-and-drop element, but as a group •  widgets could have multiple instances
  18. 18. Why Widgets? •  we use to inject spatial information in our content using a customized Drupal’s Leaflet module. •  we could display maps in Leaflet as a block but it could be too limiting •  sometimes our editors write articles like Top10 articles in Hong Kong and want to insert the map alongside its content writeup
  19. 19. Widget 1: Grouped Texts
  20. 20. Widget 2: Code Snippets
  21. 21. Widget 3: Annotated Images
  22. 22. Widget 4: Math Formulas
  23. 23. CKEditor Widgets Live Demo •  Check-out the live demo of the four widgets:
  24. 24. Custom Widget •  Structure/Required Files –  PLUGIN_NAME/plugin.js –  PLUGIN_NAMEs/css/contents.css –  PLUGIN_NAME/icons/PLUGIN_NAME.png
  25. 25. Custom Widget: Grouped texts •  Required Files –  grouped_texts/plugin.js –  grouped_texts/css/contents.css –  grouped_texts/icons/grouped_texts.png ideas for this sample widget is obtained from the Simple Box widget from here:
  26. 26. Custom Widget: Grouped texts
  27. 27. Custom Widget: Grouped texts
  28. 28. Custom Widget: Grouped texts –  grouped_texts/plugin.js
  29. 29. Custom Widget: Grouped texts
  30. 30. Custom Widget: Grouped texts
  31. 31. Custom Widget: Grouped texts
  32. 32. Custom Widget: Grouped texts –  grouped_texts/css/contents.css
  33. 33. Custom Widget: HERE Maps Workhorse Widget Files •  Plugin Core: Defines the plugin and attaches the plugin to the CKEditor toolbar. •  Dialog Script: Displays the map options when creating and editing existing maps. •  Map Iframe Renderer: Parses the map options via URL and renders the map accordingly.
  34. 34. Custom Widget: HERE Maps •  Widget Files –  here_maps/plugin.js –  here_maps/css/contents.css –  here_maps/icons/here_maps.png –  here_maps/dialogs/here_maps.js –  here_maps/scripts/here_maps_iframe.html
  35. 35. Custom Widget: HERE Maps •  Creating a new HERE Maps widget
  36. 36. Custom Widget: HERE Maps •  Inserting the new HERE Maps widget; loads the iframe element
  37. 37. Custom Widget: HERE Maps •  Editing the HERE Maps widget (by double-clicking the handle bars that displays in upper-left corner of the widget when you hover the mouse)
  38. 38. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/plugin.js
  39. 39. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/plugin.js
  40. 40. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/dialog/here_maps.js
  41. 41. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/dialog/here_maps.js (setup method, for editing existing widgets)
  42. 42. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/dialog/here_maps.js (setup and commit methods)
  43. 43. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/dialog/here_maps.js (commit method, acts as a Submit/ Save handler)
  44. 44. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/dialog/here_maps.js (commit method)
  45. 45. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  here_maps/scripts/here_maps_iframe.html (executes when the commit method is called)
  46. 46. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  parse the URL query parameters and pass them as info to build the map
  47. 47. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  build the map using the info from iframe’s URL
  48. 48. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  specify the HERE Maps credentials, could be passed as URL params also or store them in Drupal.settings object
  49. 49. Custom Widget: HERE Maps –  instantiate a new map using the specified map options via URL (Latitude and Longitude parameters) –  you could include via URL other map variables like zoom level, map center, etc
  50. 50. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook the custom widgets could be registered in Drupal using hook_ckeditor_plugins:  
  51. 51. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook
  52. 52. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook
  53. 53. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook enable them in the activated CKEditor profile, usually in admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Advanced  
  54. 54. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook they must be included in the Current Toolbar as well  
  55. 55. Custom Widget: Drupal Hook they will now appear in the CKEditor toolbar when adding/editing articles/contents  
  56. 56. CNN Travel Ads Widget has similar mechanism to that of HERE Maps widget (uses iframe also)  
  57. 57. CNN Travel Ads Widget Dialog window’s options for specifying ads  
  58. 58. CNN Travel Map Widget •  maps could show one or more places •  maps could have various dimensions •  maps could have the specified alignment •  could show nearby TripAdvisor places •  popups should be styled similar to TripAdvisor •  preserves the last zoom level state –  via mouse scroll zoom events
  59. 59. CNN Travel Map Widget •  Node Edit mode
  60. 60. CNN Travel Map Widget •  Node Edit mode •  shows the Dialog window’s Places tab options
  61. 61. CNN Travel Map Widget •  Node Edit mode •  shows the Options tab and the auto- complete search functionality •  uses Twitter’s TypeAhead API and fetches live data from TripAdvisor’s servers
  62. 62. CNN Travel Service Info •  CNN Travel Map widget plus other add-ons •  shows one Place only •  focuses on custom texts and TripAdvisor data –  user ratings/reviews –  booking info
  63. 63. CNN Travel Service Info •  Node Edit mode (Hong Kong’s Insider Guide article)
  64. 64. CNN Travel Service Info •  Node Edit mode
  65. 65. CNN Travel Service Info
  66. 66. CNN Travel Service Info •  the widget showing the TripAdvisor reviews
  67. 67. CNN Travel Service Info •  the widget showing the HERE Maps section
  68. 68. Challenges We Encountered •  iframes are notoriosly slow, for contents with lot of map widgets, the page takes too long to fully load •  we refactored our widget implementation and converted the map iframes to ordinary divs, and treated the main page as the main iframe for all the widgets
  69. 69. Challenges We Encountered •  we further optimized the widget rendering by rendering them only as needed or as the page scrolls •  so if the widget is not currently visible in the viewing area, the widget will be not rendered yet
  70. 70. CKEditor leaflet Maps Project Page:
  71. 71. CKEditor leaflet Maps Live Demo:
  72. 72. CKEditor leaflet Maps Live Demo (Dialog window):
  73. 73. CKEditor leaflet Maps Utilizes these libraries: •  CKEditor's Widget API •  Google's Places Library/Type-Ahead Search •  Google's Geocoding API •  Leaflet JS, •  Leaflet - Tile Providers •  Leaflet - MiniMap
  74. 74. CKEditor leaflet Maps •  has good code base (with ample inline code comments) when you want to develop custom widgets •  includes installation guide that could be useful in installing CKEditor and/or plugins/widgets in Drupal: master/Installation%20Guide.txt
  75. 75. Recommendation •  take time to read the much improved and comprehensive documentation (includes useful links to related resources) and familiarize yourself to the valuable APIs: –
  76. 76. Recommendation | CKEditor sdk
  77. 77. Special Thanks •  CNN Travel ( for allowing me to share what we are working on. •  HERE ( for sponsoring my talk.
  78. 78. What did you think about the presentation ? Leave your feedback and help us improve Drupalcamp on :