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Digital Touch Points to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Video and Dynamic Media - Practical Tips for Executives


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Digital Touch Points to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Video and Dynamic Media - Practical Tips for Executives

  1. 1. Digital Touch Points How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Video and Dynamic Media Practical Tips for Executives Randy Palubiak
  2. 2. Global Society Mobile Social Media Video
  3. 3. Digital Age We are in the midst of a Digital Transformation where it is critical for organizations to reach customers and workers through technology to increase Digital Touch Points and increase business results!
  4. 4. Digital Touch Points The executive’s guide to implement a video and dynamic media solution to leverage the digital transformation and deliver Compelling Customer Experiences across the enterprise ecosystem, Digitally
  5. 5. Digital Touch Points A Digital Touch Point is the reaching of an individual through an electronic device. More specifically, it is a point of contact when a person or a company provides a targeted customer or employee with information or content via a digital media channel for consumption on a digital device such as a television, computer screen, tablet, smartphone or other smart device.
  6. 6. Digital Touch Points Dynamic Media is constantly changing and is interactive. Think: Social Media. Video is Media and can be dynamic. Think: Live Streaming; Videoconferencing - Telepresence; Digital Signage; Live Interactive Distance Learning; and Interactive Video-on- Demand. Video can be very effective over Social Media.
  7. 7. Top Strategic Technologies The Cloud Communications Viideo Workplace Learning
  8. 8. Source: IDC Top Strategic Technologies projected for 90% of IT spending in 2014 The Cloud Smartphones and Tablets Technology and Services will increase 25% Technology and Services will increase 30% 80% of Fortune 500 Companies will have enterprise social networks by 2017
  9. 9. Digital Touch Points Chapters  Video as a Strategic Communications Tool  Digital Touch Points Reach and Empower Customers and Employees  Content is King and Should Drive Technology Decisions  Establish a Media Business Strategy  Viewing Locations and Environments  Blend Enterprise-wide Digital Media Channels  Analytics – Striving for Business Intelligence: Results!  Preserve, Protect and Leverage Company Media Assets  Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS)
  10. 10. Video as a Strategic Communications Tool Chapter 1
  11. 11. Recent Headlines - Forecasts  33.5M US Mobile Users Watch Video  Mobile Video Users Rise 43% Year-Over-Year  147M Americans Watch Video Online  US Online Video Use Up 45 Percent, Year-Over-Year  Digital Signage Sales to Grow to $13.2B by 2016 Executives Embrace the Non-Text Web Executive Use of Business Video Is Already Mainstream ….79% of business executives use two-way business video at least once a week  Online Video Increases eCommerce Conversions 30%  Online video will make up 91% of consumer IP traffic
  12. 12. Key Business Drivers & Benefits Enhanced brand Increased sales Improved efficiencies Improved customer service Reduced costs Reduced employee turnover Higher retention Improved timeliness
  13. 13. Tips & Perspectives  People will embrace various ways to consume video content.  There will always be new media and technology.  Executives will increase their use of video to communicate.  The demand for quality video will increase. Companies will preserve and protect their media assets.
  14. 14. Digital Touch Points Reach and Empower External and Internal Audiences Customers and Employees Chapter 2
  15. 15. It’s all about The Customer Experience
  16. 16. The Empowered Viewer Passive Select Share Produce Watch Broadcast TV One Service Fits All Video-on- Demand Community Services Create Content Rich Experience Network Response Personalize Socialize Complete Customization Broadcast Transaction Interaction Empowerment Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  17. 17. Video is a very powerful force for workforce knowledge and learning. As the Internet shifts from a reading to a viewing platform, the workforce expects to be able to “watch” their way to knowledge. Elliott Masie
  18. 18. Tips & Perspectives  Increase digital touch points. Empower viewers – drive engagement.  Know your target audience.  Extend the reach to all employees.  Leverage all channels and systems to reach internal and external audiences.
  19. 19. Content is King Chapter 3
  20. 20. Not all content is equal. It may require different: Production Values Delivery considerations Display environments Display devices  Interactive and engagement capabilities
  21. 21. Tips & Perspectives  Content must be relevant!  Content should be easy to access, view and assimilate…In a quick and timely manner.  Live and on-demand.  Use interactivity to encourage participation and drive engagement.  Design the length of video programming according to the subject(s) and targeted audience(s).  Provide the right amount of content  Be prepared to feed the beast!  Use, re-purpose, and re-use relevant content.
  22. 22. Establish a Media Business Strategy Chapter 4
  23. 23. Media Business Strategy  Identify all target audiences the company needs to reach, inclusive of: Employees Customers and prospective customers  What is the message(s)?  What do you want them to know?  When do you need to reach them?  What is the timeframe to achieve the goal?  What do you want them to feel?  What do you want them to do?
  24. 24. Media Business Strategy  Include All Stakeholders  Internal customers  Functional support groups  Executives Get them to the table and on the Same Page  Communications Implementation Plan  Leverage existing infrastructure  Implement complementary solutions  Share platforms and media channels
  25. 25. Get Everyone on the Same Page Blended Communications Communications Video / Media IT / Telecom HR / Training Visual Communications Webcasts Digital Signage Satellite BTV / IDL Video Conference Telepresence Mobile Video Voice Communications Audio Conference Mobile Phone Data Communications Texting Collaboration File Transfer
  26. 26. Digital Signage Satellite BTV / IDL Mobile Video Target Audiences Media Channels / Display / Devices Functional Support Groups Internal Clients / Users Telepresence Video Conference Webcasts Mobile Phone / IT / Messaging Device Data Video / Media Telecom / Facilities Message / Music on Hold Desktop Video Security Music Video Download Audio Conference Mobile Voice File Transfer Interactive Kiosk Video Kiosk Collaboration Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  27. 27. “…The traditional role of the CIO has to go away. We need to take a more consultative approach.” Joseph Spagnoletti, CIO Campbell Soup CO CIO Relevance to Business, CIO Insight November 2012
  28. 28. “…I now spend most of my time working with the marketing department to advance the ideas we came up with in IT.” Rob Hilliard, CTO Reader’s Digest CIO Relevance to Business, CIO Insight November 2012
  29. 29. Discovery Research Benchmark Functionality Strategy Business Case The Digital Transformation
  30. 30. Tips & Perspectives  Identify the target audiences and the what, why, when and where.  Identify all video applications, users and media channels.  Invest the time and resources to develop an enterprise-wide media business strategy.  Get buy-in and support across the company.  Address the entire video ecosystem.  Future-proof your investment.  Implement policies and guidelines – Governance.  Collect and use Analytics.  Select the right solutions for your business needs.  Leverage trusted vendors.
  31. 31. Viewing Locations Environments Chapter 5
  32. 32. Viewing Environments Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  33. 33. Tips & Perspectives  Know your target audiences and where they are located.  Reach all employees regardless of location.  Foster an environment of engagement and sharing.  Provide viewing options – get content to screens of choice.
  34. 34. Blend Digital Media Channels Chapter 6
  35. 35. “…No single medium can support all communication or instructional strategies.” Dr. Jolly Holden and Dr. Philip Westfall
  36. 36. Video Ecosystem Content Creation Distribution Receive & Display Content Production Origination Manage & Measure Scheduling, Pre-Production, Field Production Media Platforms Video Servers Encoders Transcoders Video Compression Digital Signage Systems Network Management Video Appliances (Edge Devices, Set-top Boxes, etc.) Digital Display Screens Desktop Computers Tablets & Mobile Devices Wearable Devices Edit, Studio Production Graphics & Other Support Materials Video-conference Telepresence Desktop Video Mobile Devices Video Servers Digital Asset Management & Archiving Systems Media Platforms Interactive Distance Learning Systems Edit, Copy and/or Modify to Create New Assets Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  37. 37. Delivery Choices Like golf clubs…. There is a media channel for each application and situation!
  38. 38. Digital Media Channels  Where does the company have presence?  What is the company size? How many locations? How many employees and what is their work environment?  What are the facility types and locations?  What is the company culture, e.g.: is it video-centric?  What is the existing communication infrastructure?  What are the system capabilities?
  39. 39. The Cloud – Cloud Services Secure Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Cloud Cloud Service Provider Private Cloud Public Cloud
  40. 40. The Cloud – Key Issues How much content will your company produce? What media types will be maintained in the Cloud? How will viewers access the content? What content search functionality is needed?  What viewer functionality is needed for feedback and interaction?  What tracking and measurement functionality is needed – Analytics?  What is the anticipated consumption rate of the content?
  41. 41. Tips & Perspectives  Base the communications strategy and implementation plan on the media business strategy.  Establish collaboration across user and functional support groups.  Select and implement the right systems and workflow.  Consider a hybrid approach to deliver content.  Leverage the Cloud and cloud services.  Deliver content to screens of all sizes and types.  Employ the right type and blend of staff resources. Note: Staffing costs may exceed solution implementations, especially at the outset
  42. 42. Analytics Implement Systems to Validate Chapter 7 Results! It’s all about the Numbers! Capture and document the touch points… From and About All Audiences!
  43. 43. Analytics Number of touches / views Social interactions Source of visits (direct or via search or link) Sales conversions (on-line, in-store) Sales per campaign Customer satisfaction Cost per lead Return on investment
  44. 44. Analytics Program participation and interaction Tests and certifications Performance improvement Customer service and satisfaction
  45. 45. Tips & Perspectives  Have the right systems to manage data across the enterprise  Get the full engagement and support from IT  Capture analytics for all groups using video and dynamic media Marketing Training and learning Communications  Mine the data – Identify and leverage the results  Allocate the staffing resources needed to manage, evaluate and interpret the data
  46. 46. Preserve, Protect & Leverage Company Media Assets Chapter 8
  47. 47. DAMs & MAMs Storing of Content Active - Readily available and easily accessible. Back-up - Stored on a separate system and available in the event of failures to the active system. Archival - Off-line storage for long-term preservation and protection.
  48. 48. DAMs & MAMs Dublin Core Media Element Set  Contributor - The entity (person, department, company, etc.) responsible for making contributions to the asset.  Coverage – Location and/or time period relevant to the asset.  Creator - The entity (person, department, company, etc.) responsible for creating the asset.  Date - The date or period of time associated with the asset.  Description - Detailed information about the asset.  Format - The file format, physical medium, or dimensions of the asset.  Identifier - A unique reference to the asset.  Language - The language of the asset.
  49. 49. DAMs & MAMs Dublin Core Media Element Set  Publisher - The entity (person, department, company, etc.) responsible for making the asset available.  Relation – A related asset.  Rights - Information about who has the rights to the asset.  Source - A related asset from which the asset is derived.  Subject - The topic of the asset.  Title – A name given to the asset.  Type – The nature or genre of the asset. Critical for ease of access and management of content!
  50. 50. Tips & Perspectives  Develop a media asset strategy.  Address key items such as: What is the current media workflow? How are responsibilities allocated? Who owns the content? How and where will you store active content? How will you manage content for long term storage and preservation? How and where will you maintain backup? Assign administrators and empower them. Have a librarian. Respect the value of historical media assets. Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  51. 51. Tips & Perspectives  Metadata Define terminology and structure of metadata. Compile as much data as possible and as early as possible. Establish naming conventions and proper tagging.  Workflow An efficient workflow is imperative to keeping track of assets. The DAM solution should be configured to help organize, track and share assets.  Respect the value of historical media assets.
  52. 52. Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) Chapter 9
  53. 53. Managed Services Equipment Content Management Transmission Management Network Management Help Desk Reporting Maintenance Repair Replace Staffing Resources Support Services Applications Installation Track Implementation Technology Refresh Software Upgrades Technology Trends Industry Trends Best Practices Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  54. 54. Managed Services Business Drivers & Key Benefits Managed Costs No up-front costs Predictable, fixed monthly costs Mitigate Risk Equipment & software obsolescence Future-proof New and changing technologies Leverage vendor knowledge and resources
  55. 55. Solution Acquisition Options Home-Grown (Personal Car) (Leased Car) (Rental Car) (Taxi) Production Admin Tools Encoders Servers Asset Mgt Storage Network Devices/Display Admin Tools Encoders Servers Asset Mgt Storage Network Devices/Display Self- Managed Self- Managed Vendor Owned and Managed Vendor Owned and Managed Asset Mgt Storage Network Devices/Display Production Applications Production Production Admin Tools Admin Tools Encoders Encoders Servers Servers Asset Mgt Storage Network Devices/Display Owned and Self- Managed Vendor Owned and Managed Managed Video as a Service Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Digital Touch Points©, Palubiak 2013
  56. 56. Tips & Perspectives  Identify the acquisition, maintenance and staffing method best suited to your company’s business approach: Home-grown, MVaaS or hybrid.  Evaluate the existing systems and operation to determine what could apply to MVaaS, if not the entire video ecosystem.  Migrate to MVaaS as part of a well-thought-out business strategy and implementation plan.  Identify a vendor to engage as a trusted advisor as well as provider of systems and services.
  57. 57. Tips & Perspectives  Identify a vendor to engage as a trusted advisor as well as provider of systems and services: Manage and enhance the company’s video and dynamic media capabilities; Stay current with industry trends and new media innovation; Manage staffing resources and keep current with required skills; Manage capital expenditures and maintain fixed costs; Mitigate risks associated with equipment and system obsolescence.
  58. 58. Digital Touch Points The executive’s guide to use video and dynamic media to leverage the digital transformation Thank You Randy Palubiak Enliten Management Group, Inc. Download