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How	  Will	  Open-­‐source	  Mapping	  Benefit	  the	  Naviga:on	  and	  LBS	  Industries?Randy	  MeechHead	  of	  Engineer...
TopicsAOL	  Local	  and	  OpenStreetMap    From	  Patch	  to	  MapQuest...MapQuest’s	  OpenStreetMap	  investment    $1	  ...
Bring	  a	  BoTle	  of	  Wine	  to	  a	  Dinner	  Party
Bring	  Three	  (Launches)
November	  2009:	  Patch	  &	  OpenStreetMap
Patch	  Benefits	  from	  OpenStreetMapBeTer	  local	  data    A	  missing	  park	  in	  a	  “hyper-­‐local”	  news	  site	...
July	  2010:	  MapQuest	  &	  OpenStreetMap
MapQuest	  Benefits	  from	  OpenStreetMapFantas:c	  new	  hires,	  re-­‐energized	  veterans    OSM	  has	  given	  us	  a...
OpenStreetMap	  Benefits	  from	  MapQuestVery	  important	  to	  us	  to	  contribute	  back     Sensi:ve	  to	  community...
How	  did	  we	  help,	  exactly?
Sponsored	  Development:	  Mapnik
Sponsored	  Development:	  Nomina:m
Sponsored	  Development:	  Potlatch	  2
Hosted	  Services:	  OSM	  Tiles	  &	  Style
Hosted	  Services:	  Open	  Direc:onsfrom=54.0484067,-­‐2.7990345&to=53.958336,-­‐1.080102
Hosted	  Services:	  Nomina:m	  SearchQuery:	  [westminster	  abbey]
Hosted	  Services:	  Open	  Eleva:on
Hosted	  Services...      ???
Hosted	  Tools:	  Potlatch	  2
Hosted	  Tools:	  TIGER-­‐edited	  Map
Country-­‐specific	  Sites:	  Many,	  many,	  many...                   ...
Hired	  Hurricane	  &	  Thea
Sponsored	  Work	  for	  Map	  Kibera
Lots	  of	  Media	  ATen:on	  for	  OSM
Contributed	  servers,	  beerContribu:ons	  to	  the	  OSM	  tech	  working	  group    Funds	  for	  improved	  hardwareAl...
Open	  vs.	  Commercial	  DataWhere	  do	  you	  use	  commercial	  data?     With	  all	  this	  focus	  on	  openWhat	  ...
Where	  MapQuest	  uses	  Commercial	  Data45	  million	  unique	  visitors	  per	  month     My	  parents	  are	  not	  i...
Where	  MapQuest	  uses	  Open	  DataWe’re	  re-­‐engaging	  developers	  with	  open	  services     Few	  restric:ons,	  ...
Disney	  World:	  OpenStreetMap
Disney	  World:	  MapQuest
Disney	  World:	  Google
Disney	  World:	  Bing
Disney	  World:	  OpenStreetMap
Comparing	  Open	  vs.	  Commercial	  DataOpen	  data	  working	  clearly	  at	  Disney	  World     Places	  people	  care...
Will	  Open	  Data	  Supersede	  Commercial?Someone	  needs	  to	  drive	  the	  roads    If	  the	  open	  community	  is...
MapQuest	  isreinven9ng	  itself
Launch	  #1
Open	  JavaScript	  SDKMake	  it	  easy	  &	  free	  for	  developers	  to	  use	  OSM     Without	  secng	  up	  your	  o...
Open	  JavaScript	  SDK:	  Example
Launch	  #2
Open	  Aerial	  TilesThe	  best	  of	  freely	  available	  aerial	  imagery     Mostly	  from	  NASA	  Jet	  Propulsion	 ...
Open	  Aerial	  Tiles	  Example
Launch	  #3
Open	  Guidance	  ServiceTurn-­‐by-­‐turn	  guidance	  service    Details	  here:	  hTp://
Open	  Guidance	  Example
Ques:ons?Randy	  MeechHead	  of	  Engineering,	  Local	  &	  MappingAOL,	  Inc.@randyme	  /
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MapQuest: How OSM Benefits & Vice Versa


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Slides from a talk I gave to the Navigation Strategies Conference on January 25, 2010.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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MapQuest: How OSM Benefits & Vice Versa

  1. 1. How  Will  Open-­‐source  Mapping  Benefit  the  Naviga:on  and  LBS  Industries?Randy  MeechHead  of  Engineering,  Local  &  MappingAOL,  Inc. Navigation Strategies USA January 25, 2011
  2. 2. TopicsAOL  Local  and  OpenStreetMap From  Patch  to  MapQuest...MapQuest’s  OpenStreetMap  investment $1  million  pledged  last  July  to  improve  the  quality  of  U.S.  data What  has  OSM  done  for  MapQuest,  and  vice  versa?Open  vs.  commercial  data Roles  for  each  &  our  road  aheadLaunch  some  new  products  &  services Even  one  related  to  open  source  naviga:on!
  3. 3. Bring  a  BoTle  of  Wine  to  a  Dinner  Party
  4. 4. Bring  Three  (Launches)
  5. 5. November  2009:  Patch  &  OpenStreetMap
  6. 6. Patch  Benefits  from  OpenStreetMapBeTer  local  data A  missing  park  in  a  “hyper-­‐local”  news  site  really  s:cks  outCommunity  engagement Patch  has  people  on  the  ground  in  each  communityNo  naviga:on  or  search  requirements Just  for  presenta:on
  7. 7. July  2010:  MapQuest  &  OpenStreetMap
  8. 8. MapQuest  Benefits  from  OpenStreetMapFantas:c  new  hires,  re-­‐energized  veterans OSM  has  given  us  an  edge  in  aTrac:ng  &  retaining  top  talentRenewed  focus  on  developer  services Missed  the  first  wave  of  free  developer  APIsMore  data  choices Choose  the  best  source  for  the  appropriate  applica:onInterna:onal  launches
  9. 9. OpenStreetMap  Benefits  from  MapQuestVery  important  to  us  to  contribute  back Sensi:ve  to  community  &  corporate  issues,  want  to  helpSponsored  open-­‐source  development Full-­‐:me  and  contract  work  dedicated  to  improving  public  toolsHosted  services  &  tools Pucng  AOL’s  data  centers  to  work  for  the  community’s  benefitSponsored  ini:a:ves
  10. 10. How  did  we  help,  exactly?
  11. 11. Sponsored  Development:  Mapnik
  12. 12. Sponsored  Development:  Nomina:m
  13. 13. Sponsored  Development:  Potlatch  2
  14. 14. Hosted  Services:  OSM  Tiles  &  Style
  15. 15. Hosted  Services:  Open  Direc:onsfrom=54.0484067,-­‐2.7990345&to=53.958336,-­‐1.080102
  16. 16. Hosted  Services:  Nomina:m  SearchQuery:  [westminster  abbey]
  17. 17. Hosted  Services:  Open  Eleva:on
  18. 18. Hosted  Services... ???
  19. 19. Hosted  Tools:  Potlatch  2
  20. 20. Hosted  Tools:  TIGER-­‐edited  Map
  21. 21. Country-­‐specific  Sites:  Many,  many,  many...
  22. 22. Hired  Hurricane  &  Thea
  23. 23. Sponsored  Work  for  Map  Kibera
  24. 24. Lots  of  Media  ATen:on  for  OSM
  25. 25. Contributed  servers,  beerContribu:ons  to  the  OSM  tech  working  group Funds  for  improved  hardwareAlso  beer...
  26. 26. Open  vs.  Commercial  DataWhere  do  you  use  commercial  data? With  all  this  focus  on  openWhat  are  the  best  uses  of  both? We  will  make  full  use  of  bothWill  open  data  supersede  commercial  data? A  common  ques:on
  27. 27. Where  MapQuest  uses  Commercial  Data45  million  unique  visitors  per  month My  parents  are  not  interested  in  TIGER  imports  or  using  PotlatchNaviga:on  in  U.S.  needs  beTer  assurances Someone  needs  to  have  driven  the  roadsSearch  &  geocoding  also  have  a  way  to  go Commercial  datasets  yield  beTer  results,  although  also  not   perfect
  28. 28. Where  MapQuest  uses  Open  DataWe’re  re-­‐engaging  developers  with  open  services Few  restric:ons,  open  data:  big  advantageProvide  full  set  of  services  on  separate  sites You  can  search,  get  direc:ons,  etc.,  on  OSM  data But  sites  are  separate  for  nowWill  use  open  data  when  it’s  best Example:  Walt  Disney  World
  29. 29. Disney  World:  OpenStreetMap
  30. 30. Disney  World:  MapQuest
  31. 31. Disney  World:  Google
  32. 32. Disney  World:  Bing
  33. 33. Disney  World:  OpenStreetMap
  34. 34. Comparing  Open  vs.  Commercial  DataOpen  data  working  clearly  at  Disney  World Places  people  care  about:  labor  of  loveYou  can  find  many  examples  to  the  contrary Usually  involving  boring  stuff  like  highway  interchangesImproving  data  tools Makes  it  easier  for  people  to  care  for  their  local  communi:es
  35. 35. Will  Open  Data  Supersede  Commercial?Someone  needs  to  drive  the  roads If  the  open  community  is  driving  all  the  roads,  great Not  happening  now...Would  this  mean  the  end  of  commercial  data? Certainly  not  -­‐  stay  ahead,  innovate  &  add  valueMapQuest  understands  being  disrupted Data  vendors  should  update  their  strategies  in  advance Either  by  innova:ng  or  just  embrace  a  cash  cow  strategy
  36. 36. MapQuest  isreinven9ng  itself
  37. 37. Launches
  38. 38. Launch  #1
  39. 39. Open  JavaScript  SDKMake  it  easy  &  free  for  developers  to  use  OSM Without  secng  up  your  own  stack  or  payingUses  MapQuest’s  OSM  :les Previously  you  had  to  use  OpenLayers  or  similarAnd  other  open  services POI  support,  vehicle  &  bike  rou:ng,  nomina:m  search
  40. 40. Open  JavaScript  SDK:  Example
  41. 41. Launch  #2
  42. 42. Open  Aerial  TilesThe  best  of  freely  available  aerial  imagery Mostly  from  NASA  Jet  Propulsion  Laboratory  &  Na:onal   Agriculture  Imagery  ProgramAerial  :les  are  hosted  by  MapQuest  &  free  to  use Not  only  for  tracing  but  in  applica:onsQuality  not  quite  as  good  as  commercial But  will  improve  as  imagery  opens  up
  43. 43. Open  Aerial  Tiles  Example
  44. 44. Launch  #3
  45. 45. Open  Guidance  ServiceTurn-­‐by-­‐turn  guidance  service Details  here:  hTp://  on  OpenStreetMap  data Commercial  vendors  can  be  restric:ve  hereDevelopers  can  offer  turn-­‐by-­‐turn  voice-­‐guided  apps
  46. 46. Open  Guidance  Example
  47. 47. Ques:ons?Randy  MeechHead  of  Engineering,  Local  &  MappingAOL,  Inc.@randyme  /