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Patriot Captive 101 - Patriot National Insurance Group


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The Patriot National Captive difference, with Paul Halter
From the beginning we used captive insurance companies as a strategic tool that allowed our agents and clients to participate in the underwriting results of our efforts. A captive is really an insurance company generally used to insure certain exposures of its owners. There are many types of captive companies but we specialize in three.

The first if for very large clients that want to participate in their own underwriting results. The second is an agency commission hold back captive, where an independent insurance agency can participate in its clients results.
And the third is an agency investor captive, whereby we pool the investment of many agents as well as their preferred clients.

Rather than listening to me talk about what we do and how we do it, watch and listen to the folks that are profiting from the Patriot Captive experience.

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