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Stephanie Isidro - Utopia: A World in a World


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A Photoessay completed as part of The Digital Safari Academy Senior Project: Searching for Utopia.

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Stephanie Isidro - Utopia: A World in a World

  1. 1. A world in a world “unconditional” By: Stephanie Isidro The wind blows enduring my struggles to push through It is silent, the illusions of my existence are masterful The buildings in the city stand tall and the sky lay high I am but another piece of work of art Mocking my lack of confidence to thrive and pursue Alone in a painting as people, The dreams I’ve set my mind to but have no courage to fly one by one, take a glimpse at me thinking All I do is watch the world stand still and color myself in blue, so sorrowful but yet so beautiful it’s true it is just too difficult to acquire the treasures of life to The world in which I stand ground on accrue my true hue is so far apart Taunted by the competitiveness of each negativity fired at me. I see everything except the light I don’t try, I pacify shining in radiance within me It is peaceful
  2. 2. Through the roads and the streets I walk meeting Regardless of all these,however, my sense of invisibility new people, interesting beings with stories I can relate and lack of fidelity of myself is what I build up on as I to and find connections with, it’s such a strife progress through my early to my teenage to my mature life Some heed their destiny and embrace the right path, I show no signs of defeat and go on continuum of and some are lost in darkness unable to find their way Living and persevering back to start a new beginning I learn from this teaching and so listen to my heart I see faring through with Life inside me inspiration street lights... “Two souls with a single thought, two hearts that beat as one...” ...contemplation
  3. 3. Surrounded by.. hope, aspiration and pride. L I F E Filling every empty spaces with my genuine modesty Patience is my greatest enemy but if waiting it is Striding over obstacles I gathered up shamefully I must do then may it be Rounding it all up with my I will travel to hell and back to seek the true happiness spontaneouspersonality and artistry I yearn for so desperately Breaking free from this lone tree that withers away And show the world of my capability out of all of its family Because once I used to think that in this world Finding love that once was lost and now is found I am one person So faithfully and perfectly But now I realized that to someone It is of my revelation and realization to be I am the world Facing my true destiny, to let time tell my And that a world within a world is my Prophecy one and only reality, Destiny