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There isn’t a night that doesn’t sing.
                                      by    Jessica Flores

Raul Flores, Bolinas, CA

The countless times I invisioned what
                                                                I wanted to make out...
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Jessica Flores - Senior Photo Essay


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Jessica Flores - Senior Photo Essay

  1. 1. There isn’t a night that doesn’t sing. by Jessica Flores There isn’t a night that doesn’t sing. At this very moment there is no chaos on this street, but I cannot speak for the next. Lovers are dancing, spirits are awakening, and there are children smiling in their sleep. ...And I cried. Not because I was sad, not because I was happy, but because I can simply feel. I feel. & to not dwell on a feeling - that’s bliss. I thought I had left my passion in the abandoned corners of my home town - the definition to my perfection. I will not be selfish and search constant happiness. El Grullo, Jalisco, MX, 2006 For constant, pure happiness will cause that state to become my normal & will no longer deliver it’s purpose. One cannot exist without it’s opposite. Tomorrow morning the child won’t remember their dream and the lovers will wake up to thoughts of what it is to not be a child, but that spirit will continue haunting them all. & I will revel in my existence of the feelings I carry and the places I have been. For those who chose to join me and leave me, the places I’ve left and arrived to, have created my balance.
  2. 2. Raul Flores, Bolinas, CA Muir Beach, CA The stories they told that influenced mine. Back when we got along & walked whatever the distance. Robert Stover, 2008 It was the way we’d sit on dusty floors for hours, listening to bands we knew were no good. The manner in which we lied to escape towards the hills. El Grullo, Jalisco, MX
  3. 3. The countless times I invisioned what I wanted to make out of myself, for myself, within myself. Ayuquila, Jalisco, MX, 2006 All the reasons that influenced us to shuffle our feet around and run with wide open arms Ajutla, Jalisco, MX 2006 to reach our embrace. “... And I will leave. But the birds will stay singing: and my garden will stay, with its green tree, with its water well. Many afternoons the skies will be blue and placid, and the bells in the belfry will chime, as they are chim- ing this very afternoon. The people who loved me will pass away, and the town will burst anew every year. But my spirit willl always wander nostalgic in the same recondite corner of my flowery garden. ” -Juan Ramon Jimenez Ajutla,Jalisco, MX 2006