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Creating a Metrics Driven Demand Generation Program

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  • Emetrics keynote final1

    1. 1. Creating a Metrics-DrivenDemandSocial Generation ProgramRand Schulman + Pelin ThorogoodSchulman+Thorogood Group
    2. 2. Shattering the website-centric engagement paradigm And the new world of… APPS SAPPS MAPPS2
    3. 3. Turbocharging Engagement www.SocialUPs.com3
    4. 4. “We’re an analytics company masquerading as a games company.” Ken Rudin Vice President, Analytics & Platform Services Source: WSJ4
    5. 5. The Viral Engagement Imperative5
    6. 6. 183% Increase in ARPU in less than Two Months How effective are my ads in reach? What is the quality of users from different countries? What is my campaign performance by partner and country tier? How are my users performing post install? www.kontagent.com6
    7. 7. Optimizing for Viral Adoption and Revenue Conversion… Using cohort analysis and segmentation, ads were targeted based on what groups of users where monetizing more7
    8. 8. …and LTV! 5x increase in retention8
    9. 9. Speed A/B Testing Large scale A/B Testing of ads allowed for the dramatic increase in valuable users into the game ecosystem9
    10. 10. Now on to a Multi-Channel Social Chapter User: Motor Cycle Superstore Objective: Promote a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale using Facebook ads to drive online purchases Challenge: Cross domain tracking Vendor: Webtrends10
    11. 11. Targeted at Fans Segmented by top selling geographies, gender, and age ranges11
    12. 12. Apps are ideal landing pages for Facebook ads www.webtrends.com12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Return on ad spend Avg Order Value $3.58 sold for every $1 on media 1. Email $129.94 2. Social $127.09 Iframe tabs can’t see track the visitor through to To the 3. Search $124.37 4. None/Organic $111.74 another property, such as a campaign IDs in the referring 5. Affiliate $109.61 link from an ad or a post. you need a solution website, 6. Display $104.30 7. Sponsorships $0 that supports cross-domain Webtrends adapted their tag 8. Contest $0 tracking. to enable attribution. Facebook Ad Facebook App Website14
    15. 15. Applying Gaming Analytics to SAPPS and MAPPS Cost per engagement The viral factor Lifetime value of engagement15
    16. 16. Getting Started The cost to start a social app is low Any company can get something up and running! Cost Time In-House $68,000 30 Days Agency $92,000 14 Days Vendor/Pre-Fab $44,000 8 Days www.involver.com www.buddymedia.com16
    17. 17. The Future is Here Convergence of content and advertising Personalization based on demographics, behavior social and interest graphs Applications integrating aggregated content based on personal and social signals17
    18. 18. Thank youwww.schulmanthorogood.com