Trends & Momentum in Events - 2013


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A view on the Events Industry in 2013 including:- big data, content, social media, social media promotions driven by event content, event technology, apps, event photo & video marketing, eLiterature for events, crowdsourcing and WiFi photography.

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Trends & Momentum in Events - 2013

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  4. 4. Smartphones, tablets & BYOD 2012(Bring Your Own Device)have changed the landscapefor audience engagement.(Europe 2012: Smartphones:55%; Tablets: 19%(Proj. 2016 - 44%)
  5. 5. Copyright:
  6. 6. Copyright:
  7. 7. Copyright:
  8. 8. Moderated control of Twitter at an event >Copyright:
  9. 9. Twitter event analytics >Copyright:
  10. 10. Tweets including text, images and video
  11. 11. Virtual + Live Events= Maximum reach & engagementContent and platformscombined extend yourevent 24 x 7 x 365
  12. 12. A- Photo overlays B- Celebrity Photo C- App Green screen B Creating photo content, provides opportunities to share and extend the reach of your event so that brandA and audience engagement through social media will increasingly become the norm. C
  13. 13. Event content willdrive promotions tosocial media......related event content &promotional links will provideshareable coupons andbrand related benefits
  14. 14. Event driven automated eMailsCopyright:
  15. 15. Publish new content in ‘real time’Copyright:
  16. 16. ...will help to capture important customer dataCopyright:
  17. 17. ...will provide important planning, information and networking functionality for guestsCopyright:
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  19. 19. ...some appscan be createdby yourself inminutes
  20. 20. ...will allow exhibition stand visitors to self-select eLiterature. . ers nd f sa so fly ure ag ch re b bro mo NoCopyright:
  21. 21. ...will help transform attendancetracking and provide accesscontrol to breakouts.
  22. 22. Transformed.Copyright:
  23. 23. Some of the most popular approaches toCrowdsourcing for marketing & eventswill include:-1. Problem solvingEven from unexpected quarters,solutions are being solicited, profferedand embraced2. Content creationGenerating content such as videos,image or copy3. Idea generationCreating ideas to identify ordevelop initiatives.4. Product developmentIdentifying insights to enhance existingproducts or develop new ones.5. Client insightsGathering perspectives on current or potentialproducts or communications initiatives.6. Client engagementBuilding greater participation and affiliation withthe brand and company.7. Customer advocacyTapping customers to spread word to theirpersonal networks about products or services.8. PricingGaining insights on attitudes to possiblepricing strategies.
  24. 24. Randle has an honorary doctorate in events management.He has won a Guinness World Record on behalf of hisclient, Vodafone, for the largest silver-service dinner partyas well as numerous other awards. Randle has producedsummits, conferences, product launches, exhibtions,bespoke hospitality events, sponsorship activations andexperiential projects around the world for some for someof the world’s leading brands. He is a visiting lecturer atthe UK Centre for Events at Leeds Metropolitan University.@RandleLondon