Social Media Best Practices


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Learn the basics of a variety of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

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  • Jobs @ MxCCMy contact infoMy background– degree, work history, owned my own business with my husband
  • When I was job hunting after grad school I applied to over 150 jobs. Today, hundreds of people are applying to the same job. You need to stand out. When someone googles your name what will they find? Photos of you at a party? Telling the world how stupid your boss is on Twitter? Or will they find a professional who is showing passion for the field they want to work in, that knows how to run a social media account successfully to be an asset to their company? Or worse, will they google your name and you’re not anywhere…Don’t be obsolete! If you have skills in using social media, and have an understanding of how to use it strategically, you’ll have a better chance of landing a job. Who wants a career in social media? Communication, journalism, marketing, work in the music industry, graphic design, web design? Do you want to start your own business? So many different industries are using social media and statistics show that companies are looking to the younger generation in entry level positions to help them get on board with social media. Use social media to be found and to find jobs
  • Here’s another reason why Twitter is amazing. With your smartphone in hand, YOU are the journalist. You can report the news now.In January 2009, US Airways flight 1549 hit a flock of geese shortly after take-off, stalling its engines. The plane ended up crash landing in the Hudson with minimal injuries.One of the passengers on the ferry that was picking up the people snapped the photo and it went viral. Thirty-four minutes after Janis posted his photo, MSNBC interviewed him live on TV as a witness!! This is crazy!!
  • Don’t tweet too much- You should post about 3-5 times a day. If you post too much or too many times in a row, you might lose followers.Use Proper English – I know you’re limited to 140 characters, but remember, what you say is public. When you’re applying for jobs, recruiters are looking for you on these platforms. You want to present yourself like an educated college student. Shorten URLs – 140 characters isn’t a lot of room. That’s why I always shorten long URLs when I am tweeting. Every character is needed when you want to express yourself. Go to places such as or tinyurl to shorten your links!Follow your interests – Twitter is a great way to stay current with your interests and lets you connect with people who like the same stuff as you. It’s ok to follow people you don’t know. That’s what Twitter is all about!Why use lists? The more people you follow the  more “cluttered” your Twitter stream becomes. When you log into Twitter you can go to a specific list and look for content to read and retweet from within a specific category. Categories include: high school friends, magazines, TV shows, newspaper etcSpam is rampant on Twitter. You will probably be followed by many bots or fake accounts. Just ignore them and don’t follow them. And if you ever get DM or a reply with someone telling you “check out this video I saw of you” don’t click on it! If you think your account was compromised, change your Twitter account password ASAP. If you’re password is the same on other platforms, change that one too!
  • Instagram is an online photo-sharing and video-sharing social network. With Instagram, you can take photos and videos, and apply digital filters to them.By applying the filter, it gives the appearance of professional editing. So now anyone with a smartphone can be a professional photographer.Even if you aren’t familiar with Instagram, chances are you’ve come across one. Instagram photos are square and you can see that they look artsy or vintage. And since Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars, the photos integrate into Facebook news feeds and timelines seamlessly.
  • If you use Instagram for a company, club, or whatever, you will need to create a company account. Right now there is no admin feature on Instagram. It’s a bit of pain to have to sign into my account then sign into the College’s account but that’s just how it is for now.
  • Instagram is a great tool to craft your voice. Think about what you’re passionate about. Do you love to cook? Are you into fitness? Web design? Music?Use Instagram to take photos of the things that make you stand out among the competition. If you’re a photographer, show the world the behind the scenes. If you’re in a band, take photos at your band practice or recording session.
  • 1. Think before you post. Remember when someone Googles you and you’re on Instagram, it comes up in searches.2. Like most social media platforms, posting way too much will get people annoyed. If you take a lot of photos of something, use a third-party application like Picstich to put all your photos together.3. Explain your photos by writing captions. If you’re an artist, instagram a photo of a drawing you did and explain that in the caption. If you’re a world-class traveler, let people know where you’re visiting. 4. Use hash tags – tag your photos so people can find what you’re posting.
  • Instagram is a relatively isolated social app that lives inherently on mobile, it’s important to connect social accounts to get the most out of the experience. You may choose to link Instagram to your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr,or Flickr.To connect social accounts, head to the Profile Tab > Edit Sharing Settings, then choose the network you wish to connect.
  • Instagram is much more than taking photos of your dinner or at a party with your friends. A few weeks ago, some guy that lives in NYC took a simple shot from his high-rise apartment of a very foggy view. Thinking nothing of it, his wife uploaded the photo her account and used a bunch of hashtags. Within an hour it was picked up by the Associated Press and began appearing in news publications internationally. Plus, they got paid for the photo so that’s pretty sweet. So this tool is so much more powerful than we all imagined and learning the ins and outs of Instagram can really pay off!
  • Ok, how many of you are on Pinterest? Pinterest is a really fun tool. I think the average time people send on Pinterest is like 96 minutes at a time. People LIVE on here. It’s not Facebook or Twitter where you do a quick check on your news feed. Pinterest has proven to be really valuable to brands. If you know how to manage a Pinterest account you will be an asset to your future company.
  • Pinterest is a powerful traffic driver. You don’t need to pin every blog post on Pinterest. You’ll get better results if you selectively pin your blog posts on subjects that already have an audience on Pinterest.Be sure every blog posts has a photo. On the MxCC blog, I never post without one. Adding text to the image so when you pin it, it’s clear what your blog post is about. Then if someone changes the description on the pin, the image’s meaning won’t be lost.The pin description appears under the pin image and provides additional information about your blog post. You should always write a pin description.
  • Tumblr is different from other blogs because the posts are usually shorter, as in short-form. These blogs are completely customizable.Example page: ,
  • Just like Instagram, Tumblr is highly visual!!You can also start a queue to set up a schedule or delay posts.This is great tool for what I do. Social media is not a 9-5 job so scheduling posts for the evenings and weekends is key. Plus, you don’t have to post many times in a row if you set up a schedule of posts.Follow your interests—movies, art, TV show, books, even the career you’re interested is on here!Show off your work – if you’re a designer, an artists, a writer—use tumblr to show off what you can do.
  • If you learn more about LinkedIn, there’s a good documentary on Netflix right now that gives a good overview on the growth of LinkedIn.
  • Brand new course!! Be on the cutting-edge. Not many colleges are offering this course!! Other topics include The Role of Social Media in Journalism, PR and Marketing , psychology of social media, how to use social media professionally, conducting social media research, media monitoring, community management, and copyright and privacy issues.
  • Social Media Best Practices

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES Randi Plake | Communications Specialist | Office of Marketing & PR
    2. 2. RANDI PLAKE Communications Specialist Office of Marketing & Public Relations Program Assistant Center for New Media @randirobot Public Relations M.S. from Quinnipiac University Marketing B.S. from Central CT State University Research concentrations in social media and crisis management
    3. 3. Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Middlesex Community College, CT Instagram: Foursquare: Tumblr: Pinterest: Blog:
    4. 4. Why Learn Social Media Best Practices? Learn to craft your voice Don’t be obsolete! 2 in 5 employers use social media to screen candidates 14.4 million people found jobs through social media last year Sites To Try: Vizio & About.Me
    5. 5. TWITTER The basics
    6. 6. Twitter is a microblogging platform. Users can share their thoughts, news, jokes, and information in 140 characters or less. Twitter launched in 2006 645 million registered users as of 2013 500 million tweets per day as of 2013 Twitter is a great way to follow your friends and family, stay on top of your field, see what celebrities are up to, and get discounts from your favorite brands.
    7. 7. When Twitter Broke the News First
    8. 8. Don’t tweet too much Use proper English Shorten URLs ( Follow your interests Create lists Beware of spam
    9. 9. INSTAGRAM The basics
    10. 10. Instagram is an online photo-sharing and video-sharing service. Launched in October 2010 150 million active users as of 2013 Original only available for Apple products Expanded to Android in April 2012 Acquired by Facebook for $1 billion Apply filters and share on a variety of social media sites Create and share 15 second videos
    11. 11. Instagram can only be used on mobile devices, though you can view people’s feeds through Notification tab is where you see when a user likes or comments on your photo, @mentions you in a comment, or follows you.
    12. 12. @thiswildidea @healing_belle @mileposts
    13. 13. Think before you post Space out your posts Write captions Use hashtags Set up sharing
    14. 14. The True Power of Instagram and How to Harness It From Instagram to the New York Post
    15. 15. PINTEREST The basics
    16. 16. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website. Pinterest users can upload, save, sort and manage images, known as pins, and videos through collections known as pinboards. Launched as a closed beta in March 2010 25 million unique users as of 2013 Third largest social media site behind Facebook and Twitter.
    17. 17. A Typical Pinterest Page
    18. 18. Create Pinterest-friendly images for your blog Be descriptive Use hashtags Add the “Pin It” button to your blog/website
    19. 19. TUMBLR The basics
    20. 20. Tumblr is a short-form blogging platform where you can post many different kinds of content to a personalized blog. With Tumblr, you can upload text posts, images, videos, quotes, or links. Launched in February 2007 152 million users as of 2013 Purchased by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 billion
    21. 21. Get visual! Set up a queue Follow your interests Show off your work
    22. 22. LINKEDIN The basics
    23. 23. LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. Launched in May 2003 259 million registered users in 200 countries Users can search for jobs, join work-related groups, and submit job applications.
    24. 24. Perfect for Job Hunting
    25. 25. Things to Do TODAY Post a Profile Picture Include Coursework and Extracurriculars Show Off Your Schoolwork Ask Professors or Advisors for Recommendations Connect With Industry Leaders Ask Questions in LinkedIn Groups
    26. 26. Want to Learn Even More About Social Media? Sign up for COM*120 Social Media this summer & fall! 5/27-8/6 Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-7:25 pm After taking this course, you will be able to: - Identify major social media platforms & the role they play - Create content for various social media platforms - Use social media strategically - Have an online presence for your job search
    27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES Any questions?