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Find all you need to know about the changes coming to Facebook for brands.

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Facebook timeline

  1. 1. FACEBOOK TIMELINE Are you ready for March 30? Linhart Public Relations MARCH 29, 2012linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  2. 2. FACEBOOK TIMELINE IS HERE  All branded Facebook pages will automatically switch to the Timeline format on March 30, 2012.  What will change?  Cover Photo  About Section  Application Boxes  Messaging from Fans  Admin Panel  Timeline Milestones  Pinning Postslinhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  3. 3. COVER PHOTO  A larger photo (851x315 pixels), called a “Cover Photo” will now be featured at the top of the page.  Brands can no longer fan-gate the main “Wall” page.  Individual applications, however, can still be fan- gated.  The Cover Photo may not include “calls to action.”  Meaning, no advertisements, coupons, promotions, price or purchase info, contact info, calls to action, references to Facebook features such as “like” or “share” can be included in the Cover Photo.  Smaller “Profile Pictures” (180x180 pixels) will still be included on the left side of the Cover Photo.  To see examples, visit: Creative cover photo examples (Mashable.com)linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  4. 4. ABOUT SECTION  The “About Section” is now located at the top of the Timeline  If the page is listed as a local business the About Section will list:  Subcategory  Address  Telephone number  Hours of operationlinhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  5. 5. ABOUT SECTION  If the page does not have an associated physical location, a description of up to 225 characters may be featured.  Note: Only the first 150 characters will display.linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  6. 6. APPLICATION BOXES  Applications (previously tabs on the left-hand side of the page) will now appear as boxes under the cover image (111x74 pixels)  The order of the Application boxes can be customized to suit your preferences.  Only four Applications will appear on the page.  Additional Applications can be accessed via a drop down arrow.  Hidden Applications may see less traffic owing to lack of immediate visibility.  The option to select a landing page is not longer available. The Timeline is the landing page.  Brands can no longer fan-gate their main “Wall” page, however, they can still fan-gate individual Applications.linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  7. 7. MESSAGES FROM FANS  Fans will now have the ability to privately Message brands.  Brands will be able to respond to Messages from fans, but they cannot initiate the contact via the private Messaging function.  To enable private Messaging, visit the Admin Panel  click Manage  select Edit Page  Manage Permissions.  By enabling private Messaging, fans now have the option to report issues privately rather than posting them on the main “Wall” page for all to see.linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  8. 8. ADMIN PANEL  The Admin Panel is now located at the top of the Timeline (above the Cover Photo).  The Admin Panel provides a high-level view of:  Notifications  Messages  New likes  Insightslinhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  9. 9. TIMELINE MILESTONES  Brands now have the ability to add past events to their Timeline – events that occurred prior to their joining Facebook.  To begin updating their Timeline with significant events and milestones, brands must first post a “Founded” date.linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  10. 10. PINNING POSTS  Brands can now “Pin” posts to the top of the Facebook page for up to seven days to increase visibility of content (newsworthy topics, announcements, promotions, etc.)  A Pinned post will always appear in the top left side of the Timeline and will include a flag in its top-right corner to indicate that it is a Pinned post.  To Pin a post, click “Edit” on a piece of content and chose “Pin to Top.”linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044
  11. 11.  Linhart PR can’t wait to see what all the brands come up with.linhartpr.com | 303-620-9044