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The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing



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The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing

  1. The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing Rand Fishkin | Individual Contributor | Moz
  2. Why is the Night Sky So Quiet?
  3. The mathematical odds of Earth being the only life-bearing planet in the galaxy are exceptionally low. Milky Way Galaxy: 200-400B Stars ~100B Planets ~11B Earth-like Planets Orbiting Sun-like Stars SOURCE: Planetary Habitability Laboratory
  4. 13.8 BILLION YRS AGO If life can form on other planets (or if meteors/ comets can pass life between planets), there are millions of life-bearing candidates.
  5. Two Possibilities: 1) We’re alone (for now) 2) We’re unable to perceive whomever else is out there (and they’ve decided to ignore us)
  6. Type III Civilization A civilization colonizing enough of the galaxy to be perceptible to us here on Earth doesn’t take long on a cosmic time scale.
  7. If any such civilization existed in the last 13 Billion years (and their wave emissions lasted long enough), we could perceive them today.
  8. Something must be filtering out any life that could colonize the galaxy
  9. The Great Filter Commonly achieved evolutionary leaps The Great Filter An evolutionary leap that no civilization has passed (yet?). Type III Civilization Species Origin
  10. Maybe We’re the First?
  11. Maybe We’re Extremely Rare?
  12. Or, Maybe, We’re F#@%d
  13. Fermi’s Paradox
  14. It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge. -Enrico Fermi (1901-1954)
  15. To Learn More Read: Wait But Why – The Fermi Paradox
  16. A Similar Paradox Exists in the Web Marketing World
  17. The Average New Startup Won’t Last 2 Years source
  18. The Web is Huge 200+ Million Active Websites
  19. Most People Will Only Ever Visit 200-2,000 (1-10 in a Million)
  20. The Millions of Search Results Beyond Page One Are Practically Invisible
  21. Recent Data Suggests Searchers Are Less Biased By Position #1, But As Unlikely As Ever to Visit Page 2+
  22. Nearly Every Web-Connected Human Adopted Social Networking in Its First 7 Years of Existence
  23. But standing out in the ever-increasing stream of social sharing is an enormous challenge.
  24. Avg Brand Engagement Data Via Forrester Research Rate 4.21% 0.073% 0.069% 0.035%
  25. There are ~100X as many non-spam emails sent each day as there are Facebook messages and posts
  26. Data Via Mailchimp’s Benchmarks
  27. 5.3 Trillion display and retargeting ads are served annually: 1,700 per Internet user per month.
  28. In North America, less than 1 in 10,000 ad views result in a click
  29. Being Signal, Rather Than Noise, Is An Immense Marketing Challenge
  30. Our Job: Take Companies from INVISIBLE KNOWN & LOVED
  31. But, those immense marketing challenges stand in our path U s
  32. We Need to Identify, Understand, and Break Through These Filters if We’re to Create Lasting Companies & Great Marketing
  34. Ability to Reach the Right Audience
  35. Eric couldn’t have been more literal! Tip #1: If You Have Great Customers Today, Find Ways to ID & Target Their Clones
  36. Long before anyone searches for this They search for this Tip #2: Know What Your Audience Does Before They Search For You/Your Solution
  37. Even one person passionate about the service can get it in front of many others Tip #3: Even a Small Element of Virality is Worth Repeated Investment and Testing
  38. Mark was among the first to create a comprehensive guide to Ello. Timing + content = domination. Tip #4: Early Adoption Gives an Unfair Advantage
  39. Crafting a Message that Resonates
  40. Tip #1: My Best Content and Stories Always Resonated Offline Before I Made Them Online.
  41. If you know that this headline works better, change your page title and social shares, too! Tip #2: Apply The CRO You Learn in Paid Media to Your Inbound Efforts
  42. Tip #3: Consistency of Message Matters. Consistency of Format is Boring.
  43. Tip #4: Powerful Messages Are Simple
  44. Tip #4: Powerful Messages Are Simple
  45. Tip #4: Powerful Messages Are Simple
  46. Fitbit isn’t selling “what,” they’re selling “why.” Tip #5: Promoting Your Self/Company is Hard. Promoting a Cause/Mission is Far Easier.
  47. Cost of Customer Acquisition
  48. Paid Marketing Spend + All Marketing Salaries + All Marketing T&E + All Brand-Focused Spend Sales Spend + All Marketing Tech Costs + All Sales Salaries + All Sales T&E + Deal-Closing Spend + All Sales Tech Costs Tip #1: Break Out Costs of Marketing vs. Sales
  49. Tip #2: Spend Early in Unpaid Marketing Channels Trying to build competence here early is far easier than building it after your paid marketing machine is running.
  50. Tip #3: Measure Acquisition Channels by CLTV (not just conversion rate)
  51. A free trial may initially show worse converting customers than a demo, but if you follow up w/ right-looking trialers, you can drastically improve close rates & CLTV Tip #4: If Possible, Enable Customer Qualification that Scales Without Salespeople
  52. Enabling Serendipity
  53. Dinner Volunteering Tip #1: Increase the Potential Vectors of Exposure Conference Phone Call Coffee Email Reply Things You “Really Don’t Have Time For”
  54. And that’s probably why the Batman won’t show up Tip #2: Things You Hate Probably Won’t Bring Serendipity
  55. Tip #3: Know Something About People Before You Interact Fullcontact FTW!
  56. A Story: Some Recent Serendipity
  57. Find Your Competitive Advantage
  58. Tip #1:
  59. “We could make a better Tip #2: Consistently Ask “Could We Do That 10X Better?” version of that” “We can do something 10X better than any of these”
  60. Strengths Weaknesses Facebook Video Social Ads LinkedIn Twitter Google+ Trade Show Booths Spending time getting up to speed on these may be a SEO Retargeting PPC net loss. Content Community Email Affiliate Display Partnerships Whitepapers Content/Native Ads Tip #3: Don’t Get Bogged Down By Your Weaknesses
  61. Strengths Weaknesses Facebook Video Social Ads LinkedIn Twitter Google+ Trade Show Booths Hitting cruise control on SEO Retargeting PPC Content Community Email Affiliate these, rather than pressing an advantage could seriously hurt, too. Display Partnerships Whitepapers Content/Native Ads Tip #4: Don’t Get Complacent About Your Strengths
  62. A Flywheel That Scales Without Friction
  63. Get links Grow authority Grow network Rank for slightly Amplify Publish more competitive terms & phrases Earn search traffic
  64. Plan for a traffic graph like this and you’re doomed. Tip #1: Anticipate the First Few Revolutions of Any Marketing Flywheel to Be Insanely Challenging
  65. This is much more realistic. (via Crain’s Detroit) Tip #1: Anticipate the First Few Revolutions of Any Marketing Flywheel to Be Insanely Challenging
  66. Get links Grow authority Grow network Rank for slightly Amplify Publish more competitive terms & phrases Earn search traffic Our social efforts never grow our audience… that’s what’s missing. Tip #2: Relentlessly Search for Your Flywheel’s Friction
  67. Because Moz has had a lot of success driving organic traffic, re-targeting is a huge additional force on our flywheel Tip #3: Once a Flywheel is Moving, Any Additional Force Pushes it Faster – Leverage Those Forces!
  68. There’s Another Possibility
  69. There is a Type III Civilization, But They’re Not Friendly. Type III Civilization The Great Culling To prevent competition, a civilization may be killing off any who make it too far. Species Origin
  70. “(Messaging extraterrestrials is) deeply unwise and immature… The newest children in a strange and uncertain cosmos should listen quietly for a long time, patiently learning about the universe and comparing notes, before shouting into an unknown jungle that we do not understand.” - Carl Sagan (source), 1934-1996
  71. The 800lb gorilla competitors do not, however, appear to be the great filters in our world. Source Competitors: 19% Competitors beating you in your own marketing channels: <19%
  72. Marketing (especially through inbound channels) appears to be a rarely contested and, thus, uniquely powerful way to build a competitive advantage and barrier to entry.
  73. The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing Rand Fishkin | Individual Contributor | Moz

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