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The Invisible Giant that Mucks Up Our Marketing

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | The Invisible Giant That Mucks Up Our Marketing
  2. “If anybody dares to step outside of the box, the retaliation is swift. I have to say, after 50 years of feminism, the retaliation against “tomboy” girls has softened some over the years. The retaliation to “mama's boys” and “sissy boys” is just as violent now among peers as it has always been.” - Terrence Real, Author of I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression
  3. The Invisible Giant Via halo .
  4. Cultural Conditioning
  5. It’s not just gender norms. The culture we live (and work) in biases all our actions & beliefs
  6. Like fish in water, we don’t realize we’re swimming in it. Via Oliver Tarling
  7. It’s why (despite all the data that in-office work is less productive, misery- inducing, & lower quality) most of us still commute.
  8. It’s why, even though we know it’s net-negative toproductivity, many of us work 50, 60, or 70+ hours in a week.
  9. It’s why, even though we know the archetypical “brilliant asshole” drags down team performance, they keep getting hired.
  10. It’s why, despite awful odds that an investor-backed tech startup will produce returns, tech entrepreneurs like me think that raising money is a celebratory milestone and a goal to strive for…
  11. WhatAbout… Marketing?
  12. Let’s go from Strategic Tactical
  13. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe: Investments Must Be Measureable
  14. Easiest-to-Measure Channels: 1) Pay-per-click advertising 2) Social media advertising 3) Retargeted/remarketed advertising 4) Email marketing 5) Direct mail advertising
  15. Hardest-to-Measure Channels: 1) Word of Mouth 2) SEO 3) (organic) Social Media 4) Content Marketing 5) Public Relations
  16. What if those channels are easy to measure because the more measurable they are, the more money powerful corporations make from us?!
  17. Solution: Invest X% in Hard-to-Measure Marketing Channels Paidads+email Social+contentmarketing SEO Events+PR
  18. Use Geography,Audiences, and/or Time-SeriesAnalyses to Monitor Brand + Traffic Lifts Nest can see exactly how their PR launch impacted search activity via Google Trends’ upgraded toolset
  19. With tools like Fresh Web Explorer, Talkwalker, or Mention, you can track media mentions too.
  20. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Channels Must Be ROI- Positive
  21. The Story of Whiteboard Friday…
  22. Over Time, Effectiveness Improves! 2008 WBFisourworst-performing blogposteachweek 2017 WBFisourbest-performing contentpieceeachweek
  23. Solution: Focus on Potential; MeasureAgainst Trajectory Today Long-Term Potential 1Year 2Years EstimatedGrowthRate ROI-Positive If you’re here after three months of work, you’re on a powerful trajectory, even if it’s not ROI-positive yet
  24. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Marketers ≠ Technical
  25. Software Engineering IS NOT the only way to be “Technical”
  26. Can You… Scan HTMLcode for basic functions? Pull data viaAPIs inside Excel? Insert code snippets with Google Tag Manager? Audit websites to find technical issues? Use web crawl tools to export desired data? Test Google’s indexation of a page’s content?
  27. Everyone Has Skill Gaps
  28. You Have Options… Learn Hack Outsource (or internally source) Recruit Substitute WorkAround
  29. The Beauty of the Web is HowAccessible These OptionsAre:
  30. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Search Investments Are Either SEO or PPC
  31. SEO:
  32. PPC:
  33. Percent of Google Web Results w/ only these two types of results: 54.7%
  34. Percent of Google Clicks Going to Other Types of Results: >11%
  35. The Rest?
  36. #1: Knowledge Panels
  37. #2: Related Questions
  38. #3: Local Packs
  39. #4: Images
  40. #5: Sitelinks
  41. #6: Featured Snippets
  42. #7: Top Stories
  43. #8: Videos
  44. #9: Tweets
  45. WTF???!!!
  46. Rand… Who the heck wants to get RID of flying squirrels?
  47. Breakdown of Searches on Major Web Properties (May 2017)
  48. Oct2016 May2017 Gained/Lost 59.2% 6.5% 5.4% 4.5% 2.2% 2.2% 1.4% 6.0% 62.6% 5.9% 4.1% 4.7% 1.5% 2.1% 1.4% 5.0% +3.4% -0.6% -1.3% +0.2% -0.6% -0.1% +0% -1.0% 1.3% 1.4% +0.1%
  49. Search Marketing in 2017 Has to Consider: Google Images Google Maps (& Local-Biased Results) YouTube (originating searches & in GG results) Which SERP Features Show For Your Keywords Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, Bing Where Search Demand Originates
  50. Ranking well in Image Search often doesn’t bring much traffic or value Image Search Pro Tip
  51. But… If you’re in a vertical where commerce is tied to visuals, it can be quite powerful
  52. Likewise, if lots of content creators want your visuals, ranking here can yield loads of links
  53. Text in images is one way to draw in clicks for the right kinds of queries
  54. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Organic Reach on Facebook Ended in 2014
  55. TheAverage Stats Look Pretty Bad Now hovering under 2%
  56. But You Don’t Have to BeAverage! I’m Averaging 35.9% Reach!
  57. #1: Earn Your Follows Through Shares
  58. #2: Be Wary of the “Bad Post” Hangover Slumps follow poor performing posts And stronger reach follows better posts
  59. #3: Find Content & Sharing Patterns That Work, Then Stick With ‘Em
  60. #4: Build YourAudience Off FB, Engage YourAudience On FB
  61. PRO TIP: Organic FB posts work best for small->medium orgs. If you’re a bigco, take Avinash’s advice; pay.
  62. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Content Marketing Means Publishing on Your Website
  63. But What If Your Site is… New Light on LinkAuthority Lacks a Usable CMS Controlled by a Team/Client Who Won’t Let You Do What Needs Doing? Subject to Nasty Legal or Brand Restrictions
  64. Many Websites: A) Offer Guest Publishing Opps B) Rank Like a Boss Accepts guest contributions
  65. Loads of Sites to Publish to For Rankings: Via
  66. I’d Strongly Consider:
  67. STOP thinking of guest publishing as purely a way to get links. START thinking of other people’s platforms as a way your message can spread 
  68. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : Google Rankings = Links, Keywords, & Technical Issues
  69. Few Links Outranking Lots of Links?
  70. No KWs Outranking Solid KW Targeting?
  71. What’s Google Ranking These With? Sure, this might be the most interesting or click-worthy piece, but it has poor KW-targeting and little link authority?!
  72. The New Ranking Factor: Searcher TaskAccomplishment
  73. This is a good SERP – searchers rarely bounce, rarely short-click, and rarely need to enter other queries or go to page 2.
  74. This is a bad SERP – searchers bounce often, click other results, rarely long-click, and try other queries. They’re definitely not happy.
  75. Via Steve Hammer
  76. Focus on Signal:Noise Ratio – Don’t Let Bad Pages Drag Down a Good Site Quantity of Pages Earning SERP Visits Relative Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Pgs/Visit, Searcher Satisfaction Site’s Search Engagement Reputation =
  77. 3 Options for Pages Like These: 1) Improve them 2) Remove them (404) 3) Redirect them (301)
  78. Marketing Culture Leads Us to Believe : When Google Takes Your Search Traffic, You Can’t Earn It Back
  79. They Tirk ‘Er Trafix!
  80. When Google Gives You Lemons
  81. Rank in Google’s “Lemon” Knowledge Panel Take that ya Googley traffic thieves!
  82. It’s Possible to Earn Traffic from 90%+ of Google’s Click-Siphoning SERP Features You can do SEO to show up here And here
  83. And here
  84. Here And here Here too Also here Yup!
  85. 16 Features Every SEO Should Consider: Videounits SERPFeature Type How toGet In “PeopleAlsoAsk” FeaturedSnippet MapsBox KnowledgePanel TopStories(News) Images Apps Create&optimizeonYouTube(or,rarely,Vimeo) Branding–getsearchedforwith/afterthequery Phrasing&positionofshortanswerincontent ClaimGMB,getlinks,earncitations,benearby Earnbrandassociation,usestructuredmarkup GetinGoogleNews,earnlinks,titlew/KWs Relevantimages,altattributes,&directembeds KWsintitle/description,getpopularinappstores
  86. Books RelatedSearches Tweets SearchSuggest Sitelinks SectionSitelinks In-DepthArticles Carousels/ListResults Writeabook,useKWsinthetitle,haveanISBN Besearched+foundcommonlyw/theKWs Verifiedaccountshelp,useKWsintweets Asw/relatedsearches,alsogeo-sensitive Getlinks&visitstoseveralpoppgs;usemarkup Growpopularsubsectionsw/popularsubpages Authorlongerpiecesthatreceiveattention/links Belistedalongsidecommonsetsontheweb 16 Features Every SEO Should Consider: SERPFeature Type How toGet In
  87. Analyze Which Types of SERPsAppear Most in the Keywords You CareAbout These show me how many of each SERP type appears in the results for this keyword list (via KW Explorer)
  88. Then Determine What Verticals & SERPTypes You Need to Optimize For Aiming for these PAA boxes (People Also Ask) might be a great content marketing strategy for SEO
  89. Next time you’re making a strategic or tactical marketing decision, ask yourself: How is cultural conditioning biasing me? Not “if”
  90. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish |