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Content Marketing Strategy


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Rand's Mozcon presentation for the head:head session 2012.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Content Marketing Strategy

  1. The Strategic Side ofContent Marketing Rand Fishkin
  2. An Unfortunate,Common Story
  3. We Need to Acquire Customers!
  4. Ooo! Let’s Try Search Engines!
  5. Buying These Keywords is Really Expensive
  6. We Need Some of that SEO Magic! SO MANY FREE CLICKS…
  7. Time to Get Some Links
  8. But We Gotta Keep it White Hat
  9. We’ll Start with Some Article Marketing
  10. Then Some Guest Blogging
  11. Some Do-Follow Comments
  12. Link Request Outreach to a Few Sites
  13. Submit to Only the “High Quality” Directories
  14. Sponsor Events & Charities to Get Some Links
  15. Send a Few Press Release Blasts
  16. Get Our Partners to Link to Us
  17. Do Some Advertising that Leads to Links
  18. Whew…
  19. Getting Links is Really Hard.
  20. You Know Who Has It Easy? Bloggers!
  21. They Just Get Links Pouring In for Nothing!
  22. Let’s Start a Blog!
  23. Yeah, and We’ll Do Some Clever Graphics
  24. Then Launch Some Linkbait!
  25. Ugh, I Thought This Would Be Easier
  26. Despite All That Effort, Our Linkbait Only Got Only 5 Links
  27. These Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Us Anywhere
  28. Screw This.
  29. Let’s Just Outsource our Link Building
  30. Months Pass…
  31. Rankings Stagnate
  32. Trouble Looms.
  33. Content Marketing Strategy?
  34. Content Marketing Strategy
  35. Another (Sadly)Common Story
  36. Content’s a Great Way for Us to Get Traffic
  37. We Make Graphics
  38. And Blog Posts
  39. And Long-form Articles
  40. We Made a Few Free Calculators & Tools
  41. And Some How-To Videos
  42. They Bring in a Lot of Visits from Search
  43. And From Social Media
  44. And Get Shared and Linked-to All Over the Web
  45. But the Conversion Rate Sucks
  46. We Need to Work on CRO & Improving Our Funnel
  47. Let’s Make the Calls-to-Action More Obvious
  48. And Enforce Email Collection to Access Content
  49. So We Can Market to These Users Later
  50. It’s Not Great for the User Experience
  51. And It Hurts Viral Sharing
  52. But We Need this Content to Carry Its Weight
  53. Months Pass…
  54. Content Cruises Along
  55. Engagement & Sharing Drop
  56. Conversion Rate Goes Up, But Total Conversions Fall
  57. Content Marketing Strategy?
  58. Content Marketing Strategy
  59. Strategy ≠A List of Content You Think Will “Go Viral”
  60. Strategy ≠A List of Tactics to Get You More Links
  61. Strategy ≠A List of Influencers/Publications You Want Mentioning Your Brand
  62. So… What IS a“Content Marketing Strategy”
  63. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:Build a Product Acquire Customers Profit ?
  64. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:Build a Product Acquire Customers Profit ? Content Marketing is ONE Way to Solve Step 2.
  65. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:Build a Product Acquire Customers Profit ? Content Marketing STRATEGY is the plan of action that will achieve this goal.
  66. Roadmap forContent Marketing
  67. You can build a great contentstrategy by answering a few challenging questions.
  68. What Are Your Ultimate Goals?
  69. AKA: Why Do You Invest in Marketing?Via:
  70. Usually, It’s One (or More) of These: Traffic Awareness Sales / RetentionConversions
  71. Who Do You Need to Reach to Achieve That Goal?
  72. Where is This Target Group on the Web Today?Users: 1B+ 900mm 500mm 150mm 150mm+ (blogosphere) 130mm 50mm 250mm+ 250mm+Users: (print media) (TV media) 35mm 25mm 20mm 20mm 14mm
  73. Who/What Influences Your Target Group?
  74. What Experiences Will Earn the Impact You Need:
  75. Familiarity?
  76. Likability?
  77. Trust?
  78. And, Secondarily, What’s Going to Earn You the Metrics You Need.
  79. Links?
  81. Engagement?
  82. Conversions?
  83. Will These Investments Have a Better ROI Than Other Marketing Investments (i.e. paid media)?
  84. Great answers to these questions will almost always yield a great content marketing strategy.
  85. Two Examples
  87. Goal: Build awareness & Influencers: Wall Street Journal, acquire customers for bloggers, data viz Tableau’s software aficionadosWho: Business analysts, Experience: Beautiful, usable UX. entrepreneurs, big data Interactive e.g. owners, Excel junkies Meaningful insights.Where: Press, Search, Social, ROI Comparison: Blogosphere, Brand advertising = too Tradeshows shotgun, too expensive
  89. Goal: Build awareness in the Influencers: Facebook friends, highly competitive NYC colleagues, family criminal law fieldWho: Anyone who might Experience: Enjoyable to read, influence anyone who’s easy to get through, ever arrested high quality infoWhere: Social, Blogosphere, ROI Comparison: Press, Search Paid search = too expensive, won’t reach the referral audience
  90. ChecklistMarketing Goal(s)Target CustomerTarget ChannelsInfluencersExperience to DeliverROI Comparison
  91. 5 RecommendationsTo Improve Your Strategy
  92. #1: Invest for a 5 Year ROI This is when Geraldine started her blog
  93. #1: Invest for a 5 Year ROI This is where most people give up
  94. #1: Invest for a 5 Year ROI 4,000+ visits/day the last 3 months
  95. #2: Don’t “Target” Influencers; Involve Them
  96. #3: Great Artists StealVia:
  97. #3: Great Artists StealVia:
  98. #4: Expand Your Definition of “Content”
  99. Blog Posts
  100. Articles
  101. Educational Resources
  102. Video
  103. Slide Decks
  104. Animations
  105. Photos
  106. APIs
  107. Your Site’s “Boring” Pages
  108. 404s
  110. News
  111. Vacation Time
  112. Workspaces
  113. Physical Goods
  114. Advertisements
  115. Blogs Tweets Video Plugins UGC Comments Comics Slide Decks Products Photos InfographicsAnimations CONTENT MARKETING! Services (aka anything you produce to earn awareness, likability & trust)UI Elements Physical Space APIs Print Material Ads Press Tools Events PDFs Food Data Platforms
  116. #5: Choose Short Men (and Tall Women)Via
  117. One My Favorite ContentMarketing Examples
  118. Goal: Build awareness of cancer Influencers: Seattle journalists, treatment center & earn mainstream media, support/donations friends & familyWho: Northwest families and Experience: Emotional, positive, potential donors uncontroversialWhere: Press, YouTube, ROI Comparison: social, search Brand advertising is an option and Children’s invests there today… This is an experiment.
  119. News Headlines: YouTube Views:Links & Shares:
  121. Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz