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Intro to Mozcon 2016


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Rand's introduction to Mozcon, including 10 of the big trends in SEO in 2016, what Moz has improved, and what to expect at the show.

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Intro to Mozcon 2016

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | Moz, Mozcon, & SEO in 2016 The latest updates from Moz, what to expect at Mozcon, & some amazing data about what’s happening in the world of search.
  2. Big Updates in the Search World10
  3. #1a: Search & Direct Keep Rising as Traffic Sources…. Social Not So Much. Via SimilarWeb
  4. #1b: Dark Traffic is Still a Huge Issue Via 38% of my social traffic is “dark.”
  5. #2: Google’s Going All ML All the Time Via Backchannel
  6. #3: AdWords is Redacting Data Like It’s the CIA Via Nick Eubanks
  7. #4a: Ten Blue Links? Exists in Only ~3% of Searches It’s like spotting a snow leopard in the wild. Via Mozcast
  8. #4b: But Most SEOs Still Ignore SERP Features Via Twitter
  9. #5: Quality is a Sitewide Metric Via Everett Sizemore
  10. #6a: SEO Continues to Dominate Other Forms of Web Marketing in Search Interest Via GGTrends
  11. #6b: But Job Postings Show the Inverse Via Indeed Trends
  12. #7a: RankBrain + Hummingbird Are Changing How Content Can Rank Google’s been “smart” like this for a while, and keeps improving
  13. #7b: More Content Can Rank for a Variety of Queries Than Ever Before These 4 queries, and dozens more with the same searcher intent now return nearly identical results
  14. #8a: SEO is a Highly In-Demand Practice More highly ranked in 2015 than ever before Via LinkedIn
  15. #8b: It Remains More of a Skill than a Title 10X more LinkedIn profiles with SEO as a skill than SEO in the job title
  16. #9a: PPC Continues Leveling Off Trend Via Merkle
  17. #9b: To Keep Up, Google’s Getting Ever More Subtle With Paid Ad Formatting
  18. #10: Thanks to Clickstream Data, We Finally Know More About How Searchers Engage with Google
  19. Keyword Length of Search Queries in 2016 1-Word Queries 21.71% 2-Word Queries 23.98% 3-Word Queries 19.60% 4-Word Queries 13.89% 5-Word Queries 8.70% 6+ Word Queries 12.12%
  20. Search Activity The average searcher performs ~3 queries per day on their desktop/laptop
  21. Distribution of Clicks on Paid Results 1.19% of US Searches result in an ad click
  22. Distribution of Clicks on Organic Results ~51% of all the clicks that happen on US search results go to organic, non-Google results
  23. Distribution of Clicks on Organic Results But 49% of clicks go to Google properties of one kind or another (Maps, YouTube, Ads, etc)
  24. Lots of No-Click Searches in 2016 ~40% of searches result in no clicks at all For weather queries like this, it’s ~75%
  25. Search Suggest May Be Biasing ~25% of desktop queries come through Chrome Instant, and many of those that load result in no clicks (as searchers are still typing/refining/choosing)
  26. Top Sites Receiving Google Search Traffic: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) Together, these 20 sites account for 22.8% of all Google search traffic referrals
  27. Google Search Referral Traffic Distribution Top 20 Websites 22.8% Top 100 Websites 30.59% Top 1,000 Websites 45.58% Top 10,000 Websites 62.66%
  28. Facebook’s Referral Traffic Distribution is Even More Biased to the Top Top 20 Websites 16.39% Top 100 Websites 30.97% Top 1,000 Websites 59.4% Top 10,000 Websites 81.0%
  29. Russ Jones is Writing a Post on Moz with Lots More Details About Searcher Behavior Right, Russ?
  30. This Data Lets Us Be Vastly More Accurate with CTR Estimation & KW Volume Scores Clickstream data can be modeled against AdWords impressions to build more accurate volume ranges And lets us analyze a SERP’s features to predict the CTR Opportunity of the organic results.
  31. The Past Year at Moz
  32. Some Painful Goodbyes
  33. Some Great Folks for Hire
  34. More Wood; Fewer Arrows
  35. A Refocus on SEO
  36. A Guy Who Might Finally Get to Shave His Mustache
  37. Some of Our Progress in Moz Local:
  38. Radically improved the process of distributing listings. Moz Local is now much more transparent about the exact state of your listing’s accuracy on each partner.
  39. Working w/ Duplicate Listings is Now Way Easier Moz Local customers have closed more than 200,000 duplicates!
  40. Launched Moz Local Insights: Traffic, rankings, & reviews per location/zip/city/region are now easily aggregated
  41. And Moz Pro:
  42. An Upgraded, More Full-Featured Mozbar
  43. Keyword Explorer
  44. Dozens of Pro Campaign Improvements
  45. We Now Track the 16 Most Common SERP Features in Keyword Rankings
  46. We’ve Got More Accurate KW Volume Ranges than What Google Provides
  47. As of Last Week, Available in Pro Campaigns, Too: Boom!
  48. Related Topics for Better On-Page SEO
  49. Date Ranges for Rankings & Traffic Data
  50. More, More Stable, Better Upgrades, Released More Often Get used to seeing a lot more of this yellow “NEW” box in Moz Pro & Moz Local
  51. But We Still Have a Ways to Go:
  52. LeaderContenderPassableSubpar Keyword Research Site Crawl & Audit Rank Tracking On-Page SEO Link Data Competitive KW Corpus Reporting & Exports Workflow Management Moz Pro in 2016
  53. What’s Happening at Mozcon 2016
  54. Amazing Speakers (as always)
  55. Ask Questions to Speakers Via the Mozcon App (available in the iPhone app store & Google Play)
  56. Live Closed Captions Will Be Transcribed & Appear on the Screen
  57. Monday Night: The MozCrawl
  58. Tuesday Night: Mozcon Ignite
  59. Wednesday Night: Bash at the Garage
  60. SWAG: Including a LEGO Roger
  61. The Mozcon Video Game: Roger Patrol
  62. The Moz Hub: Help Us Make Your SEO Life Better
  63. Demo Some Killer Tools & Services from Our Invite-Only Mozcon Partners
  64. We Love Taking Photos
  65. We Love Tweets #Mozcon
  66. We Love The Fistbump
  67. And We’d Love Your Feedback
  68. Get Ready for an Amazing Mozcon. Thank You!