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How Moz Does Video


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22 ways Moz uses video to help our mission, marketing efforts, community, and our team.

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How Moz Does Video

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | How Moz Does Video 22 ways Moz uses video to help our mission, marketing efforts, community, and our team.
  2. This Presentation Is Online Here:
  3. Some transparent data about the performance of videos in our marketing efforts Moz’s Video Stats
  4. Whiteboard Friday in 2014:
  5. Three Items of Note: #1 – Incredible engagement vs. average visits #2 – 500K pg. views is ~1.4% of all traffic #3 - Higher bounce & exit rates
  6. The Top Whiteboard WB Friday Pages in 2014 These are from Cyrus Shepard, not Rand!
  7. Our Video Projects with the Most Plays Whiteboard Friday dominates this list, but marketing videos (those we put on home, product, & help pages) are strong, too.
  8. Our Most Watched Videos Videos like the ones from our homepage and the Mozbar get lots of views.
  9. Our Most Watched Videos Surprisingly, the most successful WB Fridays we’ve ever done are only 4-6X more watched than the middle of the pack.
  10. Our Video Content Follows a Similar Pattern Each Time: This pattern is consistent for each WB Friday – a few days or weeks of traffic, followed by a long tail of ongoing traffic. SEO is huge for that tail.
  11. Our YouTube page doesn’t do anything close to these quantities. We’ve trained our audience to watch on our site, so YouTube for us is more of an alternate distribution channel & branding play.
  12. How Video Helps Our Mission
  13. Moz’s Mission: Help People Do Better Marketing
  14. Help People Do Better Marketing > Help Moz Get Customers
  15. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… marketers answer specific, tactical questions
  16. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… support marketers in their pitches to their managers, teams, and clients
  17. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… marketers avoid pitfalls and dead ends
  18. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… introduce new voices in our industry and expose marketers to their wisdom
  19. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… people keep up with the rapid pace of change in the web marketing field
  20. Our Video Content Is Built to Help… on very rare occasion, show off our products to potential customers
  21. For all the content we create, we first ask: Is this helping people do better marketing? Perhaps ironically, this leads to More successful marketing overall.
  22. How Video Helps Our Marketing
  23. When we first started with Whiteboard Friday… it actually performed worse than average blog post content in text form.
  24. The first WB Friday, featuring horrible resolution, a handheld whiteboard, bad audio, and a mediocre presenter.
  25. But, we stuck with whiteboards and videos, and eventually, we got good at it. Today, video content is huge for every aspect of our marketing.
  26. Videos Help Our SEO: Video XML Sitemaps & authorship, plus lots of links & authority mean our video content shines in search results. The fun images don’t hurt either 
  27. Videos Help Our SEO: Text transcripts, still images, and lots of social love help give videos the right mix of elements to perform highly in search results.
  28. Videos Help Our Visitor Loyalty: Loads of WB Friday love is in these buckets
  29. Videos Help Our Thought Leadership:
  30. Videos Help Our Social Media Efforts:
  31. Videos Help Our Product Demos: Video is one of the best ways we can show off the features and value of our software & tools.
  32. Videos Help Our Subscriber Content: Moz Academy is a video training center modeled off the success of WB Friday
  33. Videos Help Build Our Personal Brands: This leads directly (but untrackably) to invitations to conferences, to interview requests, to press, and indirectly to links & social shares, all of which power our inbound marketing flywheel.
  34. Videos Achieve Higher Engagement & Recall than Any Other Form of Content We Produce:
  35. How Video Helps Our Team
  36. We Record Internal Events and Make Them Accessible on Our Intranet for All Mozzers to Consume: We held a “ship it week” (aka hackathon) and all of the presentations of projects were recorded so Mozzers could watch them.
  37. We Have a Special Series Called “Shared Thunder” Where Experts Internally Share Their Projects Even complex, technical projects can be parsed by almost anyone at the company with a desire to learn thanks to this repository.
  38. We Create Internal Videos to Help Mozzers with Processes These videos help new Mozzers learn the processes we follow and make institutional knowledge more scalable and transferrable.
  39. We Use Video to Help Put the “F” in TAGFEE We’ve done a number of videos for events like April Fools, Halloween, and others. It’s fun for our team and our readers.
  40. This One Might Be My Favorite
  41. How Video Helps Our Community
  42. Video Drives Conversation & Interaction at High Rates An interaction isn’t just a “comment” – it’s a chance to build a relationship and a fan.
  43. Video Helps Us Build Relationships With Guests For years, we’ve been privileged to host folks from all over the world and across the marketing industry.
  44. We Work to Recognize Others in Our Videos Recognizing the work of others is a wonderfully empathetic way to earn recognition for Moz, too.
  45. Five of My Big Takeaways
  46. If someone judged performance & metrics by our first two years of videos, they’d have shut down WB Friday. #1
  47. Video cannot operate in a silo. Huge benefits are derived from the connection between SEO, social, video, & events. #2
  48. The flexibility of video to adapt and help across the company came because we invested in dedicated resources. #3
  49. We’ve NEVER had a “viral video.” But we benefit more from video than any of the marketers/founders I’ve talked to who’ve had that “viral” hit. #4
  50. While we can + do measure ROI on video via analytics, much of the value is both serendipitous and largely unmeasurable – events, branding, loyalty, etc. #5
  51. Via Liz Climo
  52. Via Liz Climo Moz Peeps chasing the “viral video”
  53. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish |