Don't Buy Your Marketing. Earn It.


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Rand Fishkin's presentation on the follies of investing exclusively in paid marketing channels vs. inbound channels.

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Don't Buy Your Marketing. Earn It.

  1. Don’t Buy Your Marketing. Earn It.Rand Fishkin | CEO
  2. Many Folks Think This is How Web Marketing Works…
  3. Let’s Buy Some Of These
  4. And a Couple of These
  5. Can’t Forget About These
  6. And, Some of These
  7. Right, These Guys Too
  8. Marketing? Nailed it!
  9. There’s Two Huge Problems with This Approach
  10. #1: Click Distribution
  11. Only 18% of Clicks Go Here
  12. 82% Go Here
  13. Less than 1% of Clicks Go Here
  14. 99% Go Everywhere ElseEspecially Here
  15. The Best Facebook Ads Get <10% CTR
  16. But Wall Posts Do Great
  17. Banner Ads Are Lucky to Get 1% CTR
  18. But Web ContentGenerates Tons of Views
  19. Blog Sidebar Ads? <5%
  20. Blog Content? Doing Great; Thank You.
  21. Paid Marketing: ~10% of traffic($40 Billion of investment in 2012*) Inbound Marketing: ~90% of traffic (but only $5 Billion of investment in 2012*) *Via Forrester’s Interactive Marketing 2012 Report
  22. #2: Cost of Acquisition
  23. Meet Steve
  24. Steve Uses Ads to Buy Traffic
  25. Steve Spends $500 on Average to Acquire a New Customer
  26. Meet Greg
  27. Greg Leverages Inbound Channels to Earn Traffic
  28. Greg Spends $100 on Average to Acquire a New Customer
  29. Greg Can Aqcuire 5X as Many Customers as Steve
  30. Or Greg Can Spend $400 perCustomer to Improve His Product
  31. Who Would You Rather Be?
  32. How Inbound Marketing Works:
  33. Great Content
  34. Visibility in Search
  35. Visibility in Search
  36. Visibility in Search
  37. Reach in Social
  38. Reach in Social
  39. Reach in Social
  40. Mentions/Links from Blogs
  41. News / PR
  42. Email Lists
  43. Analytics
  44. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  45. The Unity of Inbound Channels
  46. Great content prompts your corps of supporters to share
  47. Google’s New“Submit URL” BoxSocial shares get content indexed byengines and exposed to social users
  48. Social shares earn links directly andindirectly, which lead to search rankings
  49. Rankings bring you qualified traffic, even after the temporal social visits are gone
  50. Even short-term visitors have memories; advertisers paymillions to make brand impressions. Inbound earns it for free.
  51. Great content and brand experiencesbuild recognition, likability and trust.
  52. Social + search yield links from sites of all kinds that send traffic and boost your authority
  53. Consistent content drives email subscriptions,which yields another great marketing channel
  54. Combined w/ CRO, inbound channels yield remarkable conversions
  55. 10 Tips to Make Your Inbound Channels More Effective
  56. #1: Create a content “strategy,” not just a blog.
  57. Winning at Strategy Means
  58. Having Great Answers to These Questions
  59. Can You Reach the Right People?
  60. Why Will They Care About You?
  61. What Are You Doing to Earn Their Interest?
  62. What Incentive Do They Have to Share?
  63. Once They Reach You;
  64. Will They Like and Trust You More?
  65. Or Less?
  66. Answer These, And Your Tactics Become Clear
  67. #2: Be willing to fail repeatedly before you find what works Where people usually give up.
  68. “The only thing that I see that isdistinctly different about me is that I’mnot afraid to DIE on a treadmill. Youmight have more talent than me, youmight be smarter than me, but if we geton a treadmill together, there are twothings: 1- You’re getting off first OR 2-I’m gonna DIE. It’s really that simple” - Will Smith
  69. #3: “Content” doesn’t just mean blog posts,articles and infographics; be willing to get creative.
  70. #4: Put all your content on one domain, under one brand.
  71. #5: Experiment with lots of potential networks & channelsUsers: 90mm 850mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 15mm Millions 14mm 7.5mm
  72. #6: Combine keyword research + shareable title for big wins
  73. #7: Build relationships with theright influencers using these 3 tools
  74. #7: Build relationships with theright influencers using these 3 tools
  75. #7: Build relationships with theright influencers using these 3 tools
  76. #8: Time things right; use tools to determine when your community is online
  77. #8: Time things right; use tools to determine what topics are hot right now
  78. #9: Use rel=author from Google and post your content to Google+
  79. #10: Don’t ignore advertising;retargeting, PPC, social ads all get moreeffective the bigger your inbound brand grows
  80. BONUS #11: News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + Blogging Research/White Papers InfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video COMBINE TO WIN Local Portals (focus on just one, and you miss out) Forums WebinarsSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Community Building Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites
  81. Rand Fishkin |