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Building Great Digital Marketing Teams
How to recruit, hire, structure, and empower marketing teams to achieve remarkable ...
On the Agenda:

1: Recruiting
2: Hiring
3: Favorite Interview Questions
4: Team Structure & Organization
5: Empowering Mar...
Great Work Attracts Great Talent

Getting mentioned in these
isn’t just about pride or horntooting; it makes your brand
Reputation Matters: Treat Everyone Well

Leverage Your Size & Focus as Strengths

Responsibilities &
ownership boost
to resume


Stock-Heavy ...
Think of Job Pages Like Landing Pages

Moz’s Job Application Page:
Leverage Your Social Channels &
Connections to Influencers
For Moz, Referral Bonuses Created More
Problems than Solutions

Original Post:
Culture Fit vs. Performance

Culture Fit vs. Performance

What Culture Is Not
• Whether you rock climb/surf/
• What kind of movies you like
• ...
The T-Shaped Marketer

Great post from Distilled on building a T-shaped web marketing skill set and another from me with m...
Reference Check Process

If I’m reference-checking
Matt, I want to find shared
connections he hasn’t listed
on his resume,...
Goals of the Interview
1: Determine the candidate’s fit with your
values, beliefs, mission, and whether they’ll work
well ...
Some Favorite Interview
Walk Me Through Your Professional History

Via Vizify:
Draw & Explain Company X’s

Marketing Funnel
What Parts of This Job Do
You Think Will Be Easy vs. Hard?
This question helps uncover
how well the candidate
understands ...
How Would You Rate These Ranking Factors in Google?

The goal isn’t to get a
match with the industry
average or a “right”
Avinash Kaushik’s
Favorite Interview Question:

What are the 3 metrics
that matter most to
(insert your favorite)
site’s s...
What Questions Do You Have About the
Company, the Job, the Team, or the Work?

Source for comic and some more of my favori...
Team Structures &
Defining Influence & Impact

Don’t Let Your Role Define Your Influence.
Let Your Influence Define Your Role.

Words of wis...
Functional Teams

From the Moz Team Page
Project/Product-Based Teams

Moz is just starting with Adventure Teams – more on that topic to come as we learn from the p...
Empowering Marketers
What Makes Us Happy at Work?

See Daniel Pink’s Illustrated Video:
What’s the Right Team Structure?
This is how most
companies are

Blog post on What’s the Right Team Structure?
What’s the Right Team Structure?

This is a better way to think
about that structure, but still
kinda sucks.
Blog post on ...
If Management is the Only Way Up, We’re All F’d.

This system is my favorite because it
empowers everyone, and doesn’t for...
Giving the Freedom to Fail

Connecting Tactics to the Big Picture
Many companies
are good at listing

But very few
connect them to
Making Goals & Progress Transparent

Every week, every team presents a slide like this to
representatives from each other ...
#1: People can only be accountable for
tasks fully under their control.
#2: Only those who will be doing th...
OKRs & Measurable Results

How Google Sets Goals:
Training & Conference Budgets

One of the marketing courses we recommend: Market Motive and one of our favorite conference...
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Building Great Digital Marketing Teams
Rand Fishkin, CEO, Moz @randfish |
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Think of Job Pages Like Landing Pages

Moz’s Job Application Page:

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