Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO


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Rand Fishkin's presentation at OMS Seattle, June 2011 on creative ways (beyond merely links) to move your SEO forward.

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Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO

  1. Creative Thinking & Effective Linking<br />This deck is available online at<br />Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz CEO, June 2011<br />
  2. Remember Back in 2004…<br />
  3. Today, It Looks More Like…<br />
  4. SEO Used to Be Just a Few Key Items…<br />
  5. High Quality, Anchor-Rich, External Links<br />Proper Keyword Usage<br />Useful, Relevant Page<br />Accessible to Crawlers<br />Solid Internal Link Structure<br />The Basics of SEO: Accessibility, Content Quality, KW Usage and Link Signals<br />
  6. But Today, It’s All That, Plus…<br />
  7. Quality Raters<br />Topic Modeling<br />High Quality, Anchor-Rich, External Links<br />Proper Keyword Usage<br />Useful, Relevant Page<br />Rich Snippets<br />Facebook<br />Vertical Results<br />Twitter<br />Suggest/Instant<br />Google +1<br />Accessible to Crawlers<br />Solid Internal Link Structure<br />Snippet<br />Optimization<br />Brand Metrics<br />Usage Data<br />When everyone’s getting the basics right, you need to go above and beyond to compete.<br />
  8. 10 “New” Strategies Every SEO Should Be Considering in 2011<br />
  9. #1: Expanding Our Social Circles<br />
  10. Results from Google’s “My Social Circle.” To see results like this, just add “&tbs=frim:1” to the end of any Google query.<br />http:/<br />
  11. The social connections appear to influence rank ordering.<br />http:/<br />These annotations undoubtedly increase CTR, particularly if the source is trusted.<br />
  12. Hang on a tic... How did they know I’m connected to Kalena on Facebook?! I haven’t yet added Facebook to my Google account!<br />http:/<br /><br />
  13. Google crawls deeply to get social data and connections once you add a profile.<br />http:/<br />Read more here and see your socially connected data via<br />
  14. #2: Improving Our Site’s Social “Share-Ability”<br />
  15. Via one of the web’s most brilliant data porn blogs:<br />
  16. Overwhelmed by sharing!!<br />Every post on has 23 unique links to share across 7 channels<br />
  17. Google’s Now Showing +1 to Logged Out Users, Too:<br />
  18. #3: Optimizing Our Own Sharing Activities<br />
  19. By using for link sharing, I can see stats on the things that I share that earn clicks/retweets/facebook shares, etc. From that tracking, I can learn + optimize.<br />
  20. Check out for more on analyzing/improving your social sharing<br />
  21. I use to keep track of everything I share across networks and make it searchable for future retrieval.<br />
  22. #4: Influencing the Influencers<br />
  23. Finding influencers via is awesomely easy.<br />
  24. Google Profile search also rocks: Just use &tbs=prfl:e to the end of any Google query to see them.<br />
  25. #5: Video Content<br />
  26. Video “snippets” and video results are a powerful way to get high CTR and great branding. More -<br />
  27. Video XML Sitemaps protocol enables you to host any video on your site, send it to Google, and get included in their video results + snippets.<br />
  28. We control the link for the embed video feature, including the target and anchor text!<br />At Moz, we use and like for video hosting; particularly the stats, ability to embed and earn the link back to our site rather than someone else’s!<br />
  29. #6: User Experience Optimization<br />
  30. Panda features metrics and a machine-learning model that biases toward “better” UX sites:<br />
  31. #7: Site Speed<br />
  32. Site speed alone may only be a small factor, but if you’re not loading fast enough, you’re likely losing out on everything else, too…<br />
  33. #8: Beauty of Design + Layout<br />
  34. If your site is as pretty as, your credibility, perceived trust, brand value and other post-Panda SEO metrics are going to be much easier to get right.<br />
  35. is one of my favorites for finding awesome designs<br />Finding a designer whose work you love isn’t terribly hard, and it will likely be some of the best money you spend. has a good list of sites to check out.<br />
  36. #9: Community Participation<br />
  37. Moleskine does an awesome job of getting their designer/re-seller community contributing on their site:<br />
  38. You Must Become a Hub for GreatContent in Your Niche<br />Answers on Q+A sites reference its resources<br />Referenced by industry blogs<br />Site that offers:<br /><ul><li> Unique Research
  39. Informed Opinions
  40. News/Trend Analysis
  41. Multimedia Content
  42. Authentic Expert Contributors
  43. Quality Discussion/Interaction</li></ul>Mentioned in news publications<br />Forum discussions link to its pages<br />People email links to each other<br />Links are Tweeted<br />Liked/Shared on Facebook<br />Cited at conferences + events<br />Sometimes, a single piece of content or just a few, can yield these results but, more often, it takes dozens to hundreds of attempts to become a resource hub.<br />http:/<br />
  44. #10: We Need to Kill the“Good, Unique Content” Meme<br />
  45. “Good, unique content” isn’t good enough. That’s what everyone’s making. If you’re not raising the bar, just buy traffic. Inbound marketing + SEO probably aren’t for you.<br />
  46. To produce truly awesome, share-worthy stuff, you’re going to need to invest serious effort. Using content factories and automated solutions is unlikely to work for much longer.<br />
  47. STOP<br />Getting Links<br />
  48. START<br />Earning Links<br />
  49. Take Time Invested in These:<br />Directory Link Building<br />Keyword-Variant Abuse<br />Reciprocal Link Pages<br />Paid Links w/ Manipulative Anchor Text<br />Sitewide, Footer Links<br />Navigation for Engines, Not Humans<br />Low Cost/Quality, Outsourced Content<br />Generic Design and Layout<br />Anchor-Text Rich Internal Links<br />Anonymous Contact Forms<br />Keyword Stuffed Titles + Pages<br />Ad Blocks Dominating the Page<br />Honestly, how long can these tactics keep working? And, more importantly, do they really add value to your business or just expose you to risk when the engines get smarter?<br />
  50. Do This Stuff Instead; It Really Works<br />News/Media/PR<br />SEO<br />Email<br />Research/White Papers<br />Blogs + Blogging<br />Infographics<br />Comment Marketing<br />Social Networks<br />Online Video<br />INBOUND MARKETING!(Find Your Audience Organically on the Web)<br />Webinars<br />Forums<br />Document Sharing<br />Social Bookmarking<br />Word of Mouth<br />Podcasting<br />Direct/Referring Links<br />Type-In Traffic<br />Q+A Sites<br />
  51. Q+A<br />Rand Fishkin; CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz<br />This deck is online at<br /><ul><li> Twitter: @randfish
  52. Blog:
  53. Email:</li>