Choose Tall Women (and short men)


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Rand's presentation from the Dublin SEO Summit on irrational biases in marketing.

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Choose Tall Women (and short men)

  1. Choose Tall Women (and short men) Rand Fishkin | @randfish | Dublin SEO Summit 2012
  2. Let’s talk about dating…
  3. Here’s the problem
  4. Height Is Holding You Back…As women’s height rises, messages drop (the opposite is true for men):
  5. Height Is Holding You Back…Not only is height a poor, arbitrary limitation, most lie about it:
  6. Remove the Irrational BiasAnd You Can Get Every Other Criteria You Want, Fulfilled
  7. Let’s Apply This Principle to the Marketing World
  8. 6 Irrational Biases(and how your inbound marketing can benefit by rejecting them)
  9. Bias #1: Ranking Position is All That Matters
  10. CTR is Influenced By More than Position
  11. CTR is Influenced By More than Position Star Ratings, Reviews & Price Author Photo Date of Publication Video Snippet
  12. Start w/ Great Titles, Meta Descriptions & URLs Terrible ExcellentSnippet Testing Tool:
  13. Profile Pics = CTR BoostRel=Author Guide from AJ Kohn:
  14. Video XML Sitemaps = CTR BoostVideo SEO Guide from Wistia:
  15. Rich Snippets: High Value in the Right NichesVisual Rich Snippet Guide:
  16. Bias #2: SEO is About Ranking for the “Money” Keywords
  17. The Chunky Middle & Long Tail Are Amazing
  18. Google Wants the Head for Themselves
  19. Google Wants the Head for Themselves The only non-Google link visible without scrolling
  20. Regular Content + UGC = Long Tail SuccessTens of thousands of pages of content created byprofessional marketers (our writers and those who ask Q+A)
  21. Scale of ROI from SEO Activities Over Time 2004-2009 2010-presentHighest Value Make the website’s pages Create content people accessible to engines want to consume & share Build links to individual Make the website’s pages URLs for higher rankings accessible to engines Optimize on-page Optimize on-page keyword usage/targeting keyword usage/targeting Create content people Optimize metadata, want to consume & share schema, rich snippets, etc Optimize metadata, Build links to individualLowest Value schema, rich snippets, etc URLs for higher rankings
  22. Bias #3: AdWords is All The Keyword Research You Need
  23. Search Suggest Is a Great Keyword Research Tool
  24. Search Suggest Is a Great Keyword Research ToolGreat tool for grabbing search suggest data:
  25. Google News: Research the Undiscovered Keywords In the next 1-5 days, these will all have significant search volume
  26. Social Media Leads to Queries
  27. Tools for Tracking Social: PopURLs
  28. Tools for Tracking Social: Topsy
  29. Bias #4: My Site is the Only Place to Do SEO
  30. Controlling Brand SERPs Matters
  31. Earning Rankings on Other Sites May Be Easier
  32. Dominating SERPs is a Powerful Tactic
  33. Consider SEO for Your Profiles & Content on these Sites, Too. RUsers: 90mm 900mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 15mm Millions 14mm 7.5mm 18mm
  34. Bias #5: Social Sharing is Fire & Forget
  35. What You Say and How Matters
  36. Timing Matters At the highest point, only ~6.5% of my followers are online, which means only 4,514 of my 69,458 followers could possibly see a tweet.Via
  37. Repetition Matters The 3.5% online at night are almost certainly not the same as the 6.7% online in the morning.Via
  38. Link Placement MattersURL at the end & hash URL in the center of text blocks, no tag next to the URL usernames or hashes around it
  39. Hashtags & Mentions MatterUsing the event hashtag will get Mentioning me makes it in front of IFBC attendees sure I see it, which might mean I RT
  40. Snippets Matter in Google+ Not a great image (4:3style format works best) Comes from title & meta description
  41. Snippets Matter on Facebook When @jennita (Moz’s community manager) shares content on Facebook, she’ll often upload an individual image from the post to make it better stand out in the Facebook timeline
  42. Bias #6: There’s No Simple Way to Increase Traffic
  43. Site Speed Optimization: Simple. Data from @jcolman of REI
  44. 404, 500 & 302 Fixes: Simple. and/or can help ID these
  45. Re-targeting: Simple. Increases Traffic.Best retargeting providers?
  46. Sharing New Content on Each Network. Simple.
  47. Remove Irrational Biases. Win at Marketing.
  48. Choose Tall Women (and short men) • Email: • Tweet: @randfish • Blog: