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Choose Tall Women (and short men)


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Choose Tall Women (and short men)

  1. Choose Tall Women (and short men) Rand Fishkin | @randfish | Dublin SEO Summit 2012
  2. Let’s talk about dating…
  3. Here’s the problem
  4. Height Is Holding You Back… As women’s height rises, messages drop (the opposite is true for men):
  5. Height Is Holding You Back… Not only is height a poor, arbitrary limitation, most lie about it:
  6. Remove the Irrational Bias And You Can Get Every Other Criteria You Want, Fulfilled
  7. Let’s Apply This Principle to the Marketing World
  8. 6 Irrational Biases (and how your inbound marketing can benefit by rejecting them)
  9. Bias #1: Ranking Position is All That Matters
  10. CTR is Influenced By More than Position
  11. CTR is Influenced By More than Position Star Ratings, Reviews & Price Author Photo Date of Publication Video Snippet
  12. Start w/ Great Titles, Meta Descriptions & URLs Terrible Excellent Snippet Testing Tool:
  13. Profile Pics = CTR Boost Rel=Author Guide from AJ Kohn:
  14. Video XML Sitemaps = CTR Boost Video SEO Guide from Wistia:
  15. Rich Snippets: High Value in the Right Niches Visual Rich Snippet Guide:
  16. Bias #2: SEO is About Ranking for the “Money” Keywords
  17. The Chunky Middle & Long Tail Are Amazing
  18. Google Wants the Head for Themselves
  19. Google Wants the Head for Themselves The only non-Google link visible without scrolling
  20. Regular Content + UGC = Long Tail Success Tens of thousands of pages of content created by professional marketers (our writers and those who ask Q+A)
  21. Scale of ROI from SEO Activities Over Time 2004-2009 2010-present Highest Value Make the website’s pages Create content people accessible to engines want to consume & share Build links to individual Make the website’s pages URLs for higher rankings accessible to engines Optimize on-page Optimize on-page keyword usage/targeting keyword usage/targeting Create content people Optimize metadata, want to consume & share schema, rich snippets, etc Optimize metadata, Build links to individual Lowest Value schema, rich snippets, etc URLs for higher rankings
  22. Bias #3: AdWords is All The Keyword Research You Need
  23. Search Suggest Is a Great Keyword Research Tool
  24. Search Suggest Is a Great Keyword Research Tool Great tool for grabbing search suggest data:
  25. Google News: Research the Undiscovered Keywords In the next 1-5 days, these will all have significant search volume
  26. Social Media Leads to Queries
  27. Tools for Tracking Social: PopURLs
  28. Tools for Tracking Social: Topsy
  29. Bias #4: My Site is the Only Place to Do SEO
  30. Controlling Brand SERPs Matters
  31. Earning Rankings on Other Sites May Be Easier
  32. Dominating SERPs is a Powerful Tactic
  33. Consider SEO for Your Profiles & Content on these Sites, Too. R Users: 90mm 900mm 200mm 120mm 10mm Users: 15mm Millions 14mm 7.5mm 18mm
  34. Bias #5: Social Sharing is Fire & Forget
  35. What You Say and How Matters
  36. Timing Matters At the highest point, only ~6.5% of my followers are online, which means only 4,514 of my 69,458 followers could possibly see a tweet. Via
  37. Repetition Matters The 3.5% online at night are almost certainly not the same as the 6.7% online in the morning. Via
  38. Link Placement Matters URL at the end & hash URL in the center of text blocks, no tag next to the URL usernames or hashes around it
  39. Hashtags & Mentions Matter Using the event hashtag will get Mentioning me makes it in front of IFBC attendees sure I see it, which might mean I RT
  40. Snippets Matter in Google+ Not a great image (4:3 style format works best) Comes from title & meta description
  41. Snippets Matter on Facebook When @jennita (Moz’s community manager) shares content on Facebook, she’ll often upload an individual image from the post to make it better stand out in the Facebook timeline
  42. Bias #6: There’s No Simple Way to Increase Traffic
  43. Site Speed Optimization: Simple. Data from @jcolman of REI
  44. 404, 500 & 302 Fixes: Simple. and/or can help ID these
  45. Re-targeting: Simple. Increases Traffic. Best retargeting providers?
  46. Sharing New Content on Each Network. Simple.
  47. Remove Irrational Biases. Win at Marketing.
  48. Choose Tall Women (and short men) • Email: • Tweet: @randfish • Blog: