Evaluation of Seat It Project                                                                           Grade 7B Sally Kwo...
without flaw (Cracks or bumps where the putty went). So it is a pretty simple, but a prettystool. So I think it would be re...
6. Do you like it? (Overall)-100% yes!7. Any other comments?-All of the comments were different, but they said that I shou...
like it, it works pretty well. At least it doesn’t crack or anything. I think it is because I drillednails and put the woo...
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Evaluation of seat it project


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Sally's Seat It Evaluation

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Evaluation of seat it project

  1. 1. Evaluation of Seat It Project Grade 7B Sally Kwon My project name for this project was “Sponge Cake”. It has the shape of a cupcake, andthe stuffed material of the top is sponge and cotton, so I named it Sponge Cake. I think myproject was pretty good because I like the basic idea -the humor inside the name and thepossibility of what stools can become. I also think that my stool was pretty simple, but alsopragmatic. The cushion makes it more comfortable and also does a positive thing to the designand appearance. However, after I finished my project, I realized it wasn’t so much cupcake like.If you look at the photo below, my stool on the left, is not much cupcake-y while I wantedthem to be sort of fluffy-puffy-and looking like a real cupcake. So next time, I’d like to give avolume in the cupcake, by making the staves with an angle. I am really satisfied with the material I chose, however, next time I’d think a little bitmore on the color. The cloth I chose was adequate for a chair, thick and sturdy. Also, the stringI chose to use was for quilt- a very sturdy but thin string. BUT if I were to have a chance tochose the color of the cloth, I’d chose a beige or pastel pink tone cloth. The color scheme, I am also satisfied with it, but again I’d think about the flashy-notcupcake like color of the cloth and the base, I may want to chose brown color, to have a tonedown. The reason why I chose the color white was because, one it would be a very normalcolor that goes well with every color. So I sort of chose the safe way. And another the reasonwhy I chose white is because before I paint any other light color, I have to use white as a back-color so the wood doesn’t show. However, If I had the chance to make another one, I’d bemore adventurous and use brown, put stripes on. I think the solid color was a nice Idea sinceblack stripes and white back color won’t match. But if I tried on with brown, I may want tohave dark stripes_ probably black or brown The project didn’t take long to make because what I had to do was only cutting- gluingthe staves and the cushion- I didn’t use upholstery since I thought it’d be flat but with out thepuffy feeling of an cupcake- process took place while the staves were made, after school. Ithink if I were to make it again, I won’t hesitate what I should do next, and would be familiarwith every single process and probably make the time shorter. If I were to manufacture this,the cost would be pretty low, instead, I could use plastic and make the cylinder round and
  2. 2. without flaw (Cracks or bumps where the putty went). So it is a pretty simple, but a prettystool. So I think it would be really easy for a company or manufacturer to set up a productionline, since what you have to do is use plastic to make the cylinder base and have sponge, cotton and a simple cover. The photos on the left are plastic cylindrical stool (http://image.made-in- china.com/ 2f0j00tCJQaZhEITqp/Plastic- Stool-Chair.jpg) (http:// www.stacksandstacks.com/ images/product/102182.JPG) - source My project is safe. One, it is in a cylindrical shape so there are no sharp edges and Isanded them twice so there are no rough surface. Also, the sponge and cloth protects theedges that can be, so it is very safe. The tools I used for this stool range from power tools from simple, hand tool. The mainthings I used were hand saw, disk sander, gourmet paper and etc. Next time, I’d like to usemore power tool- like the mechanical saw or a quicker, easier tool to cut instead of strugglingwith hand saw, getting blisters on your hand and having a sore arm.. The people who liked my project are well, first me. I liked it because as a girl. I think thecolor pink and white fits my room which has pink-white tone all around. My friends includingAlzira liked it too. I think it is because of the cute?! design. I’d recommend this stool for younggirls- from age 7 to 11 because of the design - a cute cupcake, and the color choice - which ispink. The size was planned for me, for helping me draw things sitting down, so it may not be asadequate for smaller kids under 7. The shape is round, safe for the age group I am thinking oftoo. I sent out a survey to my class mates and this is what I’ve got. Diane thought that if thewooden part of the stool was brown, it would’ve been looked more like a cupcake. I agree,and as I mentioned, perhaps I could use the color. I had 10 questions, and these are thefollowing.1. How/What does my stool look like?-Most of them thought it was a cupcake or something similar, and one answered “maybe amushroom”2. What age/gender group would you recommend this to?-They answered small kids from age 3-10 female. Most of them agreed that the stool was fora young girl.3. How is the color of my stool (Is it too solid? boring? nice? or etc)-4 people thought it was nice and solid, but others thought I could’ve have more design tomake it look like a cupcake. One of the comment said “you shouldn’t have painted the stoolwhite.. it would look more like a real stool. BUT I LOVE IT”4. Does it work?-All of them answered yes.5. If it does, is it comfortable?-Most of them agreed that it was comfortable, and one of the specific answers said “I think sobecause the way you designed the sponge top is pretty cool”
  3. 3. 6. Do you like it? (Overall)-100% yes!7. Any other comments?-All of the comments were different, but they said that I should’ve made it more like acupcake, staple the sponge on the stool or put brown at the bottom to make it look like acupcake.8.-as the graph shows, my stool is comfortable, however the look should be a improved a bit.9. Feedbacks-Make it look more like a cupcake-Put different color (specifically brown)4. “I am going to construct/design a foot stool. It will allow me and my brother to write ordraw on the standing white board” Do you think this stool fully answers my design brief?-100% yesfrom this survey, I was able to know that my stool was comfortable and answered my designbrief, and was made as I planed it to be, by looking at questions such as question 2 which isabout which age and gender group this stool would fit, so I am pretty satisfied. However I’dlike to work more on the appearance and design next time. It works fine. The thick sponge makes it comfortable. The length fits my purpose- a seatwhen I draw things. However, if there is something that I could improve next time, it would bethe thick cushion. The cushion is TOO thick that when I sit, it’s sort of over-cushy. But overall I
  4. 4. like it, it works pretty well. At least it doesn’t crack or anything. I think it is because I drillednails and put the wood piece to hold the staves firmly. The impact this project can bring forward maybe trivial to the society and theenvironment, since it is really a stool but to me, as an individual, will let me draw and writemore comfortably, instead of kneeling down and working. Also, it may increase the time I workwith white board since I could work with ease, which would make me more likely to sit andwork longer. I went back to my folder and saw my design brief. It said “I am going to construct/design a foot stool. It will allow me and my brother to write or draw on the standing whiteboard” My project fully answered the design brief and I think it will be able me to write ordraw on the standing white board more easily, because the size/height fits and the color_ as Ifirst described fits my room. Overall, it was a fun and new experience. I got to work with new tools anddemonstrated new techniques. The making process itself was a bit hard and I had few failureslike cutting a round piece of wood without a reason, however I really enjoyed it. The designingprocess was also fun. I got to look at creative stool and got inspired. This project taught methe importance of design, how it affects people’s life style and present a result that is bothpragmatic and pretty to look. From this project, I was able to grab the key concept of designtechnology.