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Dr. Randal Koene: Biological Life Extension is Not Enough (Australian Singularity Summit 2012)


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Second keynote by Dr. Randal Koene at the 2012 Australian Singularity Summit. Dr. Koene presents the motivation for human technological augmentation and reasons to go beyond biological life extension.

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Dr. Randal Koene: Biological Life Extension is Not Enough (Australian Singularity Summit 2012)

  1. 1. Biological Life-Extension is Not Enough Randal A. Koene
  2. 2. PERSONAL
  3. 3. No one wants to live longer just to live longer. Motivation informs Method.
  4. 4. Having an Objective, a Goal, requires that you have some notion of success.
  5. 5. Creating (intelligent) machines that have thecapabilities we do not – is not as good as being able to experience them ourselves... Imagine... creating/playing music. Imagine... being the kayak.Imagine... perceiving the background radiation of the universe.
  6. 6. Is being out of the loop really your goal?
  7. 7. Near-term goals: Extended lives withoutexpanded minds are in conflict with creative development.
  8. 8. SOCIAL
  9. 9. Gene survival is extremely dependent on an environment – it is unlikely to survive many changes.Worse... gene replication does not sustain that which we care most about!
  10. 10. Is CTGGAGTAC better than GTTGACTGAC?We are vessels for that game – but for the last10,000 years something has been happening!
  11. 11. Certain future experiences are desirable, othersare not – these are your perspectives, the memes you champion...Death keeps stealing our champions, our experts.
  12. 12. Too early to do uploading? - No! The big perspective is relevant now. We dont like myopic thinking in ourpoliticians, lets not be myopic about world issues ourselves.
  13. 13. SPECIES
  14. 14. Life-extension in biology may increase the fragility of our species & civilization... More people? - Resources. Less births? - Fewer novel perspectives. Expansion? - Environmental limitation.
  15. 15. Biological life-extension within the sameevolutionary niche = further specialization to the same performance “over-training” in conflict with generalization
  16. 16. Aubrey de Grey: Ultimately, desires “uploading”
  17. 17. TECHNICAL
  18. 18. Significant biological life-extension inincredibly difficult and beset by threats. Reality vs. popular perception.
  19. 19. Life-extension and Substrate-Independence are two different objectives
  20. 20. Developing out of a “catchment area” (S.Gildert) may demand iterations of exploration – and exploration involves risk.Hard-wired delusions and drives. What wouldan AGI do? Which types of AGI would exist in the long run?
  21. 21. “Uploading” is just one step of many – but anecessary step – for a truly advanced species
  22. 22. Thank You 22