2012 INTERNATIONAL CES                                                                                                    ...
BOOTH # ?                                                                                    Your Business @ World Wide KO...
BOOTH # 44001,44003      BOOTH # ?                                                                                        ...
BOOTH # 44021   BOOTH # ?                                                                                                 ...
BOOTH # 45000                                                                                                        BOOTH...
BOOTH # 45002                                                   BOOTH # 45003      HDB Information Communication Co., Ltd....
BOOTH # 45004                                                                                              BOOTH # 45005,4...
BOOTH # 45006                                                                  BOOTH # 45008                              ...
BOOTH # 45009                                                                          BOOTH # 45010                  Phil...
BOOTH # 45011                                                                                                    BOOTH # 4...
BOOTH # 45013                                                                                               BOOTH # 45014 ...
BOOTH # 45015                                                                                                         BOOT...
BOOTH # 45017                                                                        BOOTH # 45020              GCT Intern...
BOOTH # 45021                                                                                                         BOOT...
BOOTH # 45023                                                                                                BOOTH # 46001...
BOOTH # 46003                                                                                        BOOTH # 46004        ...
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
Ces 2012
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KOTRA Presents:
Korea Pavilion at 2012 International CES in Las Vegas from Jan. 10-13. Visit kotrala.com for more details.

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Ces 2012

  1. 1. 2012 INTERNATIONAL CES CONTENTS KOREA PAVILION DIRECTORY | THE GLOBAL STAGE FOR INNOVATION Company Name Booth NO. Page Company Name Booth NO. Page SHOW LOCATIONS MAP KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) 46000,46002 04 LC CORPORATION 45003 13 LVCC North Hall, Ace Hinge Tech Co.,Ltd. 45005,45007 15 MACRON Co.,Ltd. 47000,47002 48 Hilton Hospitality Suites LVCC North Hall, Grand Lobby Lower Meeting Upper Level Meeting Rooms LVCC Central Hall LVCC South Hall Ahrong Eltech Co.,Ltd. 46014 42 Micro Display Inc. 47022 56 Rooms Upper Level (S3,S4) ASTII Co.,LTD. 44021 08 MINI ROBOT Corp. 47004 49 BIOCERA Co.,Ltd. 46001 31 MTI Korea Limited 46021 46 Hilton BOKUK ELECTRONICS 45021 28 NDS Solution Co.,Ltd. 45010 19 Exhibits CES Central LVCC South Hall ChipsMedia,Inc. 46023 47 NEWZIRO Co.,Ltd. 44015,44017 07 Plaza Ground Level (S1,S2) ChoisTechnology Co.,Ltd. 46003 32 Pen Laboratory Inc. 46015,46017 43 The Venetian LVCC South Hall Connector Renaissance Hospitality Suites COSTEL Co.,Ltd. 47020 55 Philko International,Inc. 45009 18 Meeting Rooms Venetian Tower Dastek Co.,Ltd. 44001,44003 06 POINTCHIPS Co.,Ltd. 45022 29 Exhibit Suites Renaissance Venetian Hall Meeting Rooms Dawon DNS Co.,Ltd. 46005 34 PPYPLE INCORPORATION 45001 11 DVenetian Ballroom Level 2 DIASONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 45012 21 SBNTECH Co., Ltd. 46007 36 ENJsoft Inc. 46009 38 Sechang Instruments Co.,Ltd. 46016 44 Venetian, ETERHI, Inc. 45011 20 Sentronix Co.,Ltd. 44023 09 Level 3 Meeting Rooms ETRI 45023 30 SEWHA PC Limited 47010,47012 52 Feels Electronics Co.,Ltd. 46020,46022 45 SID Co.,Ltd. 47014 53 Venetian, Level 2 Meeting Rooms GCT International Co., Ltd. 45017 26 SiliconMicroDisplay 45004 14 GREENPOWER JUICER Co.,Ltd. 46004 33 Sky Music Light Inc. 46008 37 LVCC HILTON HALL GT Co.,Ltd. 45006 16 Solarluce Co.,Ltd. 45016 25 HDB Information Communication Co., Ltd. 45002 12 Super Bound Korea. Co.,Ltd. 45000 10 Honest Technology Co., Ltd. 45020 27 TANZENCY 45014 23 To Hilton Lobby Hilton Theater/Keynotes HuBDIC Co.,Ltd. 45008 17 Yujin Robot Co.,Ltd. 46010,46012 39 Huria Co.,Ltd. 46011 40 Yujin System Co.,Ltd. 47006 50 Registration Conference Rooms 1-6 INNOWORK CO.,LTD. 46013 41 Valueburger Systems,Inc. 45015 24 Exhibitor Servicenter CES Show Office Jiwumedia Co.,Ltd. 46006 35 VALUEPLUS, Inc. 47016 54 LAONEX CO.,LTD. 45013 22 VIVAKOREA Co,.Ltd. 47008 51 SEOUL PAVILION Conference Rooms Seoul Business Agency 48022 Kyung Jin Electron Co. Ltd. 48020 7-14, Level 2 Seoul Export Promotion Services 47013, 47015, 47017 NMTech Korea Co.,Ltd. 47001 AQ Corporation 48014 Nofan Corporation 47005 CRAMAS Inc. 48002 OBIGO Inc. 47003 To LVEE North Hall To LVEE North Hall Enfren.Co.,Ltd. 47023 TECHNONIA 47007 Stop C Esencia Co.,Ltd. 48000 Viako 47009 LVCC Shuttle Loop 4U mobile Co.,Ltd. 47021 Woosim Systems Inc. 47011 HUINTECH 48016
  2. 2. BOOTH # ? Your Business @ World Wide KOTRA ? Founded in 1962, KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) ? is a division of Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) committed to promoting international trade and investment development. Primary Services at KOTRA Facilitating International Trade ● Trade Inquiry and Business Matchmaking Recent Development in Korea ● International Exhibitions and Outsourcing CEO ● E-Trade, Logistics, Incubating Service ? Korea ratifies Free-Trade Deal with U.S. ● IT/Cultural Industry Marketing KORUS FTA brings the opportunity to build a strong partnership with Korean IT/CE Overseas Sales Dept. Info companies, who offer a balance of quality and advanced technology products to Promoting Foreign Investment ? meet your needs. ● Under the FTA, 95% of consumer electronics products will become duty free ● Investment Consultation within 3 years of FTA enforcement. Most remaining tariffs will be eliminated in 10 ● Market Research and Partner Search Main Customer years. ● Site Selection, Government Incentives ? ● Average duty rate for CE products is 2.2% ● Administrative Support Permission Main Product ? Economic Impacts Global Business Partnering Technology Alliance ● U.S. Annual GDP Increases By $10 - $12 Billion Market Research Analysis ● U.S. Exports Increase By $11 Billion Recruitment Service for Global Talented Professionals ● U.S. Jobs created Additional 70,000 jobs What Makes KOTRA unique? KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is a KORUS FTA Help Desk non-profit, government agency of the Republic of Korea, KORUS FTA Help Desk provides latest information about the committed to promoting international trade and investment, agreement and industrial benefits of FTA with further in depth business KOTRA Los Angeles KBC (Korea Business Center) is a part of counseling. Industry experts at KOTRA Los Angeles and external worldwide network of 111 offices in 76 countries, offering a business professional counselors are available to help you with all wide variety of business service initiatives to support U.S. Clients. types of related inquiries. ASK ABOUT KORUS FTA! Contact Information Website: www.kotrala.com Contact our FTA Help Desk Call Center at 1-855-352-3375 Email: info@kotrala.com (1-855-FTA-DESK) or Email at info@kotrala.com Caleb Kim, Project Manager www.kotrala.com Tel. 323-954-9500 x137 Fax. 323-954-1707 calebkim@kotrala.com4 5
  3. 3. BOOTH # 44001,44003 BOOTH # ? BOOTH # 44015,44017 BOOTH # ? Dastek? Co.,Ltd. NEWZIRO Co.,Ltd. ? Made of high-quality materials, while maintaining affordable price! ? the company !! ? always dreaming of happy coexistence prosperity with our customers Dual series with Swarovski elementsCEO Model No: M-A-4042 CEOBaek-Chul Kim • Material: TPU + PC + Chamude(Soft Microfiber) + Swarovski elements Bong-Cheol, Shin • Patented Invention in South KoreaOverseas Sales Dept. Info • Highly impact-resistant Overseas Sales Dept. InfoName : Sun-Pil An • Special pattern printing (DDP) or Ultra Violet Coating with Swarovski Name : ChristinaTitle : Assistant Manager elements Title : Assistant ManagerTel : +82-32-507-6134 • Design: Varies Tel : 82_70_4348_5389Fax : +82-505-301-9999 Fax : 82_32_676_9066Email :contact@robinkorea.net Email : ysj@newziro.comURL : www.mobcstyle.com URL : www.newziro.comMain Product Main CustomerSmart Phone Cases, Iphone users.Tablet PC Cases, Protection Films,Cradles, Chargers Main Product mobile accessories - Armour Case V15, V13, V0 ect . Model No: M-S-3072 Home appliances - Bidet, Alkali water ionizer, Wiz-pill. • Material: PU + PC + Chamude(Soft Microfiber) • Luxurious materials bringing a stylish look • PU imported from Italy • 4 Colors: Black, Gray, Red, Green6 7
  4. 4. BOOTH # 44021 BOOTH # ? BOOTH # 44023 BOOTH # ? ASTII Co.,LTD. ? Sentronix Co.,Ltd. ? Public Display Solution Provider ? Design Your Viewing Angle! ? Outdoor Digital Signage Motorized Wall Mount for TV All weatherproof outdoor 46/52/70 inch LCD systems 342, 343, 240 SeriesCEO CEO Sun Readable high bright LCD (1,500nits/2,000nits) • Remote Control - Motorized Wall MountKevin Lee KU Hong Durable to use in hot summer and cold winter • Swivel : +/- 20° • Tilt : +0°, - 15°(342, 343 only) Superior inner, outer sealing • 3 Position Memory • Applicable TV Weight : up to 50KgOverseas Sales Dept. Info Overseas Sales Dept. Info Touch interface for outdoor applications • VESA : 200x200, 400x400, 600x400, 800x400Name : Kevin Lee Name : Mr. Paul YooTitle : CEO Title : Senior ManagerTel : 82-31-259-7660 Tel : +82 70 7123 1819Fax : 82-31-259-7662 Fax : +82 31 233 0452Email: kevinlee2998@gmail.com Email : hsyoo@sentronix.co.krURL : www.astii.com URL : www.sentronix.co.krMain Product Main CustomerDigital Signage(Indoor,Outdoor) Samsung Electronics,Kiosk ASTII-520SAL ASTII-460SA Vogels Products, Smart ITMultivision(LCD,PDP) Delta Electronics,Transparent LCD Display MINEBEA, NIDEC Transparent LCD Display3D Hologram Samsung Electro-MechanicsRear Projection Screen Transparent LCD display leads to creative solutions for information Product Name : Motorized Appliances preparation and advertising with a touch control interface and industrial Main Product Motorized Stand / Turn Table, Other Motorized Appliances fan-less PC. It can be applied to show box, outdoor billboards, and in BLDC Geard Motor showcase events and it enables your customers to immerse themselves Motorized Wall Mount in your brand and products. Motorized Swiveling Stand Hall Sensor Stator Assy for HDD Motor Heat Sink CLS-PTP22 CLS-PSP26, CLS-PSP32 CLS-PSP468 9
  5. 5. BOOTH # 45000 BOOTH # 45001 Super Bound Korea. Co.,Ltd. PPYPLE INCORPORATION GLOBAL INNOVATION !! Happy Product by Happy People Novel CMOS Image Sensor (New Technology) Dashboard Charging Cradle Ultra High Speed Wide Dynamic Range Model No: DashView seriesCEO Applications: Night Vision System, Finger Vein Recognition, Medical Camera CEOLEE, SE MIN Pedro Kim - Dashboard Mount Charging - Hands-free, FM Transmitter SEDNA Image Sensor - MFI Certified( for Apple product)Overseas Sales Dept. Info Model No: SG3S50B21 /SG3S50B22 /SG3S50B23 /SG3S50B24 Overseas Sales Dept. InfoName : Lee, Bo-Ra Name : Pedro Kim The SG3S50B2x Series are grey imagerTitle : Marketing Research Title : CEO fabricated in a standard mixed signal process Engineer Tel : +82-70-7123-5891 instead of conventional exclusive image sensorTel : 82-2-548-3080 process. Our SEDNA technology is a kind of Fax : +82-70-7016-1230Fax : 82-2-548-3081 photo-sensing device differed from photo- Email : sales@ppyple.comEmail : bbrlee@superbound.kr diode. It has been designed and developed URL : www.ppyple.comURL : www.superbound.kr to be commercialized product for many innovative applications such as fast moving Main CustomerMain Customer pattern recognition in a game console system, automatic manufacturing Every Apple premium reseller- 3Dragons/Japan process, biometric recognition system and other applications are virtually Every Huge Mart in Korea- Technology hub Inc./Japan limitless. Sanwa supply in Japan Apple premium reseller Universal Car MountMain Product SEDNA Industrial Camera Finger Vein Recognition System in China Model No: DASH series- SEDNA Image Sensor Model No: SG3S50B2x series - Universal Mount on Dashboard and Window- SEDNA Industrial Camera Main Product Compact camera system with the SG3S50B2x - Adjustable Holder- Finger Vein Recognition System Dashboard Charging Cradle series has fast frame and produce high quality - Every Mobile Phones- CCTV Camera Universal Cradle for Phones of bare images. Since the demand from - Every Tablet PCs- Black Box Imager For Vehicle Universal Cradle for Tablets industrial field, we are sure this would become- Night Vision Shield case for iPhone4S an excellent product. It also has high sensitivity- Medical Camera Applications and wide-dynamic range features. Universal Dock- Military Camera Applications Satellite The finger vein recognition system is still in a developing stage, however it’s working speed and reliability is good enough for security, or personal banking on ATM machines. We are looking for partnerships in major field of security.10 11
  6. 6. BOOTH # 45002 BOOTH # 45003 HDB Information Communication Co., Ltd. LC CORPORATION Always with you, For your safety ! Its an Excellent Different Maximum Comfort Provia ( Digital Car Black Box ) Vehicle Drive Recorder (VGA) We, LC Corporation, were established in 1990. and completed development of a range of products designed around its AirCell Suspension System. withCEO CEO International Patents registered, AirCell Suspension system has alreadyHandoo Jo CK LEE revolutionized carry bags by offering unprecedented Comfort and ultra shock absorbent padded protection for all carry bags and shoulder strap styles.Overseas Sales Dept. Info Overseas Sales Dept. InfoName : M.C. Park Name : LEE KYUNG JIN AirCell Suspension Panels • AirCell adsorbs exterior impacts and shocksTitle : Director Title : Manager • Applicable to every product for protecting and carryingTel : 82-2-2058-2045 Tel : +82-31-356-7176 • Various color and shape are availableFax : 82-2-577-6730 Fax : +82-31-356-7175 iPad cases SleevesEmail : PMC@hdbtech.co.kr Email : LCCORP@KOTIS.NET • Strong protection of iPads Tablet PCs from an insideURL : www.provia.co.kr URL : www.zippack.com AirCell Pads to absorbing shock or impact • Various style of cases sleeves for customer’s demandsMain Customer Main CustomerSamsung, mio, Carl Zeiss, Yamaha, Tokyu Hands, Computer/Camera BagsThinkware, iriver, Sanwa Supply internationally very • Strong protection of yourimercury well-known companies. valuable equipments from exterior shock or impact Car Black Box (HD) • Various styles of bags forMain Product Main Product professional’s demandsCar Black Box (VGA) - iPad cases /Sleeves Cellular-Car Black Box (HD) Phone Cases Comfort Shoulder/Neck Straps1CH Real Camera Recording - Computer/Camera Bags • No pain on your shoulder/neck • Feel lighter weight • Does not slip off from your shoulder.2CH Real Camera Recording - Straps Pads • Universal Shoulder straps for - Bag/Camera/Tripod/Binocular • Guitar/Neck straps for saxophone/Clarinet/Basson etc. Life Styles • Premium quality and design guaranteed by our long “Cut Sew” experience • AirCell is available to apply for protection with durability and maximun comfort • Flexible and optimized design possible for customers • Air cushion seats, Hand Grips, Knee Pads, Insole(Footbed) etc.12 13
  7. 7. BOOTH # 45004 BOOTH # 45005,45007 SiliconMicroDisplay Ace Hinge Tech Co.,Ltd. HD Anywhere Smart space design Personal 3D Multimedia Viewer Arm Hinge S typeCEO ST1080-01-12 CEO Model No: AAH-01S seriesMichael S. Jin Su Man, Gwag It is designed ergonomically to prevent VDT syndrome and Turtle Neck The ST1080 is the first consumer head-mounted display to offer 1080p 3D Syndrome. User can move it freely and smoothly by one hand with made byOverseas Sales Dept. Info displays with 10% see-through capability powered by USB port. Overseas Sales Dept. Info our expert hinge technology.Mr. Ivy Shim Name : Eric Yun It is available at everywhere like home, office and as industrial use, medicalVP of Operations True 1080p. Title : Sales Manager use and etc... It is divided with 2 or 3 joints type according to customersTel: 82-10-3783-0073 True see-through. Tel : +82 32 677 6160 environment and is able to install on the wall and all kinds of desks.ishim@SiliconMicroDisplay.com True mobility. Fax : +82 32 678 6160 Customers can Email : salesa@acehinge.com control torque byMain Customer Introducing the ST1080. URL :www.acelx.com themselves, so itConsumers It’s True. can be adjustable to Main Customer 15 to maximum 24Main Product Samsung, LG, POSCO, monitor (3-8kgs).- 1080p 3D HMD Sharp, Eizo, Hama, It can use in wide-- UltraThin HDMI Cables Service Plus ranging space and adjust monitor position to the eye level of users because UltraThin HDMI Cable Series the arms can be tilted to more than maximum 90˚ and draw forward. Main Product Hinges for electronics goods 1011AA25-AD80 Product Name : Tablet PC Stand Hinges for LCD/LED monitor The Vector series HDMI cables offer micro-coax Arm hinges for LCD/LED monitor Model No: R1 technology for the thinnest and most flexible HDMI Tablet pc stand It is anodized aluminium and has a modern style design used our hinge cables. It has High Speed HDMI capability including Smartphone accessory technology so user can adjust and do free-stop with any convenient angle 10.2Gbps data transmission, 3D at 1080p, 4k, Deep Rail platform for desk user want at stand or sitting and for typing/ enjoying game/ watching video.. Color, and Ethernet support. etc. The stand can be used for smart phone, notebook as well as tablet PC from 7 to 10. As the stand is folded and provided a pouch as an accessory, Experience the highest definition, highest performance, portable and can use at anywhere. thinnest, most flexible, and lightest HDMI cable. Experience HD Anywhere.14 15
  8. 8. BOOTH # 45006 BOOTH # 45008 GT Co.,Ltd. HuBDIC Co.,Ltd. We deliver your safety Total healthcare solution FCWS, LDWS, BlackBox 4in1 - ion Face massager(Skin-care) Deep cosmetics infusionCEO Model No: K11, K5 CEO Providing 4 different types of mode(4 in 1)Seungseo Son Product Description : Jaeho SHIN 1. Whitening mode - iontophoresis FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System) 2. Moisturizing mode 2.2 KHz 3. Anti-Aging mode 40 KHz LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System)Overseas Sales Dept. Info Overseas Sales Dept. Info 4. Manual roller mode to reduce the swellingName : Kevin Lee BlackBox Name : Jackie Han * Bipolar method for more convenient use (Patient)Title : Executive Director Title : Marketing director * Low power consumption :Tel : +82 70 7841 9658 Tel : +82 31-389-9021 Enjoy 600 minutes with OneFax : +82 2 2082 5839 Fax : +82 31-442-4994 battery(AAA) * Compact slick design (NoEmail : kevineunsu@hanmail.net Email : sales@hubdic.com screw for better looking)URL :www.x-vue.co.kr URL : www.hubdic.com * Easy to carry(small mascara size)Main Product K11 K5 Main ProductFCWS(Forward Collision Warning Baby thermometer,System) Blood pressure monitor Non contact baby thermometer(Baby-care)LDWS(Lane Departure Warning Smart Navigation Electronic pulse massager Model No: FS-300, FS-700System) ion Face massager Measuring babys temperature without waking it up. Model No: XVN3, XVN7BlackBox Digital scale Quick Non-Contact thermometer(No need to touch) Product Description :Smart Navigation Body fat analyzer 32 Memory / Wide measurement FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System) LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System) Glucose meter BlackBox Smart Navigation16 17
  9. 9. BOOTH # 45009 BOOTH # 45010 Philko International,Inc. NDS Solution Co.,Ltd Make your mobile style ! Your Smart Solution for Digital Signage!! Mobile Phone Cases and Accessories Digital Signage Solution Cases in Leather and Plastic materials Model No: Q-Sign 3.0CEO CEOKim Kyum Horatio Kim Your multi solution for DID - “Q-sign” with Android Q-sign solution manages various contents together for broadcast, LAHOYA Case advertisement and guide using a network. Also NDS provides the solutionOverseas Sales Dept. Info Overseas Sales Dept. Info - Various Design which delivers information more efficiently by controlling and managingTel : 82-32-549-3532 Name : Horatio Kim - Two type of Finishing numerous displays and clients. Furthermore, Q-sign Android version USBFax : 82-32-552-3533 Title : CEO - Protect Mobile Phone wireless LAN card supports to use solution to your Android STB/Web pad orEmail : sales@philko.net Tel : +82 31 2813380 against Damage PC in case of wire LAN environment.URL : www.philko.net Fax : +82 31 2813224 Email : horatio@netds.netMain Product URL : www.netds.netMobile Phone Cases, MobilePhone Accessories, Main CustomerTablet PC Cases LG, Samsung, Seoul National Hard Frame Leather Case University Hospital, Vewell, Guido - Material: Cow, Hard cow Group of Companies, Almousa Digital Signage Internet Kiosk - Lock up your phone tight Group Model No: QSTA-D46N1107SKW by hard plastic frame - Protect your touch screen Q-Smart Kiosk Main Product Q-kiosk is newly designed for smart functions. It is to advertise and public by out cover Digital Signage Solution the information including the function of automatic order, printed invoice Digital Contents and payment by credit card. The included touch screen and inserted logo on Digital Signage Internet Kiosk the kiosk make the advertising more efficient and effective. Video Wall Crystal Charms Digital Signage Solution - - Mobile Phone Jewelry Android version STB - Rhodium Plating - Beautiful Fancy Design - Made out of Swarovski Crystal Stones from Austria18 19
  10. 10. BOOTH # 45011 BOOTH # 45012 ETERHI, Inc. DIASONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Eternity and High Technology OEM/ODM Specialist We make new history of digital wireless communication technology 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Microphone system of hand/pin microphone Vehicle DVR transmitter and WORLD FIRST ALL-IN-ONE Receiver with built-in SpeakerCEO and Amplifier CEO Model No: GOLDEN RHINO X1 • IP67 Waterproof (Only “W” SereisK. C. Nam CHO SOO-WHOAN • 4ch. Each D1 Recording Model No: DC241-HT-PAS • 8” High Brightness TFT LCD with Touch ScreenOverseas Sales Dept. Info • 2.4GHz Digital wireless Overseas Sales Dept. Info • GPS G. Sensor Motion Detection supportName : Daniel Ryu Name : Kim Dae-Hwan transmitter and receiver • High-Sturdy Al CaseTitle : Director Title : Global Marketing Manager • All-in-one receiver with built-in • 4SD Card [Anti-Shock Easy data Back-up]Tel : +82-2-866-0326 Tel : 82-31-474-0852 ext104 speaker and amplifier • CDS Auto Brightness ControlFax : +82-2-866-0328 Fax : 82-31-474-0856 • Providing sound quality as CDEmail : daniel@eterhi.com Email : sales2@diasonic.com levelURL : www.eterhi.com URL : www.diasonic.com • Multi channel system up to 99 channelsMain Customer • One touch type for simple and easy use Main CustomerGovernment, Broadcasting LG, Lotte, Kondator, Sharp • Two way remote control of transmitter and receiverStations, Schools, Churches, KJB, C.Crane, Blade • Wireless transmission of Audio music from PC, MP3 and Smart phone.Corporations - Awarded Gold Medal in recognition of innovative excellence in the Main Product category of Telecommunications for Wireless MicrophoneMain Product Vehicle DVR System(Portable All-in-one system) at INPEX(Invention New ProductDigital Wireless Microphone Portable DVR Product Name : LED Desk Lamp Exposition) 2011. LED Desk Lamp Model No: DL-70iSH Model No: DC242-HT-PX Smart Phone Touch Pen • iPhone iPod docking station (Charging Audio Play) • 2.4GHz Digital wireless Voice Recorder • Various color temperature transmitter and receiver e-Dictionary • 5 step brightness option - 2Channel/Handheld TX Multimedia Player • Built-in speaker / Line in + 2CH Portable RX • Multi channel system up to 99 channels Patent obtained ; • PCT patent granted for digital wireless mike system and its manufacturing method(PCT/KR02/00577) • US patent granted for Rapidly optimized wireless microphone system and method for controlling thereof (US7,542,813B2)20 21
  11. 11. BOOTH # 45013 BOOTH # 45014 LAONEX CO.,LTD. TANZENCY Changing your life style !! Dream in your digital life! Wireless Mouse Keyboard Blue-FinCEO Model No: Airkit R01B CEO Model No: TZC-BT011Keunho Shin This product was designed for input device for Sungmo CHUNG The Blue-fin is A bluetooth pen-typed handset. Featuring Bluetooth 2.1, Smart TV, IPTV, Android box and Home network system. even if your phone is not a iPhone, iPad or other smart phones all bluetooth-Overseas Sales Dept. Info It is very convenient to input and control digital device because we can Overseas Sales Dept. Info enabled phones., you will be able to perform hands free phone calls like theName : Ingu Kang use this device for mouse and keyboard function together without changing Name : Andy KIM Skype with ease.Title : Director mode switch. This is the only solution in the world based on our own patent. Title : Overseas manager Pen-shaped Blue-Fin fits to your ear without using any of the different sizedTel : +82-10-99768596 Tel : +82-31-297-0506 buds of ear clip.Fax : +82-505-9535164 Fax : +82-2-6910-0334Email : ingukang@laonex.com Email : andy@tanzency.comURL : www.laonex.com URL : www.tanzency.comMain Customer Main ProductSmart TV manufacture Alumi-Hub (USB HUB)IP TV manufacture Blue-Fin (Bluetooth Pen-typeAndroid Box manufacture Handset)Electronic Board company Pointing Keypad Smart-Stand (Bluetooth Phone-typeHome network company Handset)Remote controller company Model No: Solution-001 Wide-Viewer (iPad adaptor) Model No: TZC-BT021 We call our patent solution pointing keypad. The Smart-stand is an accessory of all smart phone in the world. It is easy This pointing keypad solution can be used into a lot of various device. and quick installation. just place your phone at an easy-to-read angle.Main ProductWireless mouse keyboard So we are providing our solution for our customers with various way. Faring Bluetooth 2.1, the handset is compatible with all bluetooth-enabledPointing Keypad For example we are providing our S/W solution to smart phone makers, smart devices. you will be able to perform phone calls with ease likeRemote controller chip to Smart TV manufactures and module to accessory companies. telephone.Smart phone accessoryNew input device22 23
  12. 12. BOOTH # 45015 BOOTH # 45016 Valueburger Systems,Inc. Solarluce Co.,Ltd. Smart solution in your hands Future of LED Lighting Mobile TV LED Lighting Model No : MM1VM13 Specialized LED Light SourcesCEO CEOFrank S. Lee Production description : Mobile TV module Device Kim Yong-il Certified UL High Efficiency Certifications Long Life time(approx. 50,000 running hours) Maintenance High CRI(Color Rendering Index)Overseas Sales Dept. Info Overseas Sales Dept. InfoName : Jin Kim Name : Sooyoung Kim Various color temperatuer(2700K,3000K,3500K,5000K)Title : Chief Sales Manager Title : Assistant Manager Low Power Consumption, High Efficiency Circuit DesignTel : +82-2-2102-3300 Tel : +82-31-287-8301 3-Way Thermal SystemFax : +82-505-340-3400 Fax : +82-31-287-8302 Eco-Friendly(no mercury/less CO2/ no UV)Email : jinkim@valuebigs.com Email : summermt@solarluce.comURL : www.valuebigs.com Mobile TV Module Mobile TV application Device URL : www.solarluce.comMain Customer Main Customer Model No : MR161. Poly Crystal Car Black box Government, LED Lighting2. DSTelecom distributor Model No : Recoman others Production description : Car Black box module DeviceMain Product Main Product1. Mobile TV (1seg for Latin America LED Lighting Japan)2. Car Black box Model No :3. Wireless Modules (WiFi Module, Car Black box Wirelss module PAR30, FloodlightGPRS Module) Car Black box application Device Model No : Industrial Light24 25
  13. 13. BOOTH # 45017 BOOTH # 45020 GCT International Co., Ltd. Honest Technology Co., Ltd. Have everything in sight Wirelessly project from your PC and Smartphone to TV Back up Camera honestech nScreen™ DeluxeCEO Model No: GC-80LC CEO Model No: NSD1MChanKu Byun -Sony 1/3 Super HAD CCD : 270K Pixels 420TV Lines Soo Woo Lee honestech nScreen™ Deluxe enables you to project your PC screen and -Waterproof (IP 68) audio to a display device such as TV, projector or monitor using a wirelessOverseas Sales Dept. Info -Aluminum Die-casting Housing Overseas Sales Dept. Info network. You can also stream multimedia contents including movie, photoName : ChangKwon Kim -145° Wide Viewing Angle Name : Jay Choi or audio files from mobiles devices such as smarpthones and tablets.Title : General Manager Title : Managing Director Supports mobile device platforms including iOS and Android.Tel : (02)838-6900 Tel : 512-346-3700Fax : (02)838-3663 Fax : 512-346-3701Email : gct2004@hanafos.com Email : support@honestech.comURL : www.gctintl.com URL : www.honestech.comMain Customer Main CustomerWAECO International GmbH Costco, SAMS, Amazon, BestBuy, Frys Electronics, Big LotsMain Product Office Max, QVC Target, JC Penny,Back up Camera, Monitor Walmart, Maplin, Serif, Tchibo,Car Video Recorder OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Futureshop, honestech Home Monitor Wireless™ Car Video Recorder Staples, LondonDrugs, Funai, Model No: HMW1M Samsung, LG, Philips, Model No: WatchDog 101 honestech Home Monitor Wireless™ provides an innovative video monitoring -1 or 2 channel Car Video surveillance solution for the home or office. The easy-setup, high quality Main Product Recorder honestech nScreen™ Deluxe camera delivers crystal clear surveillance video to your smartphone or PC. -1.3M Pixel C-Mos sensor honestech Home Monitor Wireless™ Remotely control and access up to 9 cameras at a time. Supports mobile -Camera Angle : 140° honestech Film ScanSave device platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. -Back up Battery for saving last honestech VHS to DVD file honestech Audio Recorder -Exclusive PC viewer Eco honestech Claymation Studio viwer26 27
  14. 14. BOOTH # 45021 BOOTH # 45022 BOKUK ELECTRONICS POINTCHIPS Co.,Ltd. Secure your Competitiveness with a Creative and Proven Partner. Distinctive HID Inspiration PointChips is your Key point Unique Home appliances FreePadCEO Authorized Disney Licensee. CEO Model NO : PTR1000LEE, WAN SOO Unique Design and Design oriented manufacture Willy Song The Freepad of Pointchips is the latest infrared control with Touchpad, Wide range of products : Humidifiers, Fans, small Kitchen appliances, air QWERTY input. Freepad is the perfect solution to meet the demand of all theOverseas Sales Dept. Info washers, electric blankets, air purifiers, USB products. Bluetooth speakers, Overseas Sales Dept. Info Remote controls of likes of digital TV, SMART TV, games, etc..Name : Daniel Kim baby products etc. Name : Millie Chang While keeping all the great characteristics of standard Infrared remoteTitle : Manager Market proven quality Title : Director controls, add the pointing functionality of moving pointer with touch inputTel : 82-70-8671-3315 OEM ODM specialist Tel : 82-2-508-0591 movement of Touchpad, You can control all the products with GUI easily andFax : 82-31-765-0764 Fax : 82-2-508-1422 freely.Email : danielkim@bke.co.kr Email : millie@pointchips.comURL : www.bke.co.kr Main CustomerMain Customer LGE, Sky worth, TCLSamsung. TESCO(KOREA), E-mart,DongYang Magic, Woongjin Coway. Main Productetc. Key Encoder IC for Qwerty phone, Capacitive Touch IC for TouchMain Product Screen, IR Pointing Remote , Button Mouse-like Remote with Infrared I/FHumidifier, Electric Fan, Airwasher, Touch, N-Key rollover K/B You can control your digital TV, SMART TV from the comfort of your couch toKitchen appliances, USB Speaker, the 10-meter ( 33 feet ) wireless range.USB Hubs, etc. Allows you to switch channels, contral the volume or mute key. Compact QWERTY Keyboard Allows you to easily enter text for quick searches of contents. Large 3.7-Inch, Built-in Touchpad This Remote control comes with its own intergrated touchpad. With vertical scrolling for controlling the cursor on screen to navigate Web sites and other online content. Directional Key allows you to jump between input fields and onscreen menu items. Ergonomic slim-contour design More easy and more comfortable to control Rechargeable Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Battery level indicator is supported28 29
  15. 15. BOOTH # 45023 BOOTH # 46001 Electronics and Telecommunications BIOCERA Co.,Ltd. Research Institute We hope people around the world live a happy and healthy life everyday Smart Green Technology Innovator by drinking Biocera AA Water, by washing with Biocera Happy Showerhead, Do not study, just experience it ! by doing laundry with Biocera Ball. Interactive Experiential Learning System Biocera Ball for laundryCEO Model No: IELS-1 CEO Model No: BCWB1015Heung-Nam Kim - An e-Learning system providing Dr. Hyoung Tag Jeon Biocera Ball is a detergent-saving product to protect ecological environment virtual experience resulting high and prevents damages of clothes skin irritations by remaining detergentOverseas Sales Dept. Info quality education Overseas Sales Dept. Info in clothes.Name : Young Beom Choi - Compositing image of users and Name : G .B. SongTitle : Executive Director 3D virtual environment using Title : Marketing DirectorTel : 1-408-889-8460 Mixed reality technology, and Tel : +82 704 2396Email : ybchoi@etri.re.kr displaying it to 3D TV Fax : +82 704 2390 - Precise image segmentation Email : biocera@biocera.co.krMain Customer - Long-range touch gesture URL : www.biocera.co.krSchool, library, Home interface supporting click, swipe, and so on Main CustomerMain Product - Sophisticated content authoring tool supporting 3D virtual world U.S.ATelecommunication devices, Digital construction, programming reaction by user interaction GERMANY Antioxidant Alkaline FilterContents Vending Machine, DMB, S.E. asia Model No: BCAA2012Wibro, Interactive Experiential Antioxidant Alkaline Filter makes alkaline water to improve metabolism andLearning System Main Product Antioxidant Alkaline Filter balances your bodys pH. It also detoxifies and super-hydrates your body. Biocera Ball for laundry The water supplies the body with minerals.30 31
  16. 16. BOOTH # 46003 BOOTH # 46004 ChoisTechnology Co.,Ltd. GREENPOWER JUICER Co.,Ltd. Believe in Chois We contribute to the human health care and peace of mankind. X-pointer GREENPOWER JUICE EXTRACTOR RF Wireless PresenterCEO CEO Model No: KP-E1304SoonPil Choi Model No : XPM140Plus Eun Kyung Lee Worldwide recognition as a reliable juice extractor. -XPM145 provides 2 times more Juices vegetables and fruits finely. Easy to clean and use.Overseas Sales Dept. Info brighter than normal red laser. Overseas Sales Dept. Info Various applications Economical. Safety Lower noiseName : YoungJo Kim -Magic Key Application : Customize Name : Jin Won Kim Clean Gear II guarantees high hygiene.Title : Assistant Manager frequently-used key values for Title : Assistant Manager 5 year warranty. Able to store juice for 3 days.Tel : +82-32-246-3409 presentations. Tel : 82-31-243-1885Fax : +82-32-246-3406 -Optimized for presentation : page Fax : 82-31-255-8086Email : inquiry@choistec.com up/down, slide show start/end, Email : master@greenpower.co.kr laser pointing, black screen, XPM145 XPM140PlusURL : www.x-pointer.com URL : www.greenpower.co.kr battery check, automatic laser off.Main Customer Main CustomerJapan X-pointer SAMSON,Europe RF Wireless Presenter Exporting into more than 30S.E. Asia countries. Model No : XPM200TR XPM350 GREENPOWER KEMPO JUICE EXTRACTOR -Magic Key Application : Customize frequently-used key values forMain Product Main Product presentations. Model No: GPT-E1303RF Wireless Presenter GreenPower Juice Extractor,XPM140Plus XPM350 GreenPower Kempo Juice Worldwide recognition as a reliable juice extractor.XPM145 -Optical finger mouse : It provides delicate mouse Extractor. Juices vegetables and fruits finely. Easy to use.XP140S control. Various applications Economical. Safety Lower noise.XPM350 -Optimized for presentation : page up/down, slide Clean Gear II guarantees high hygiene.XPG200 show start/end 5 year warranty. Able to store juice for 3 days.XPM200TR laser pointing, multi tasking-function, battery checkXPM200TRG -Receiver Storage space is inside the battery cover. XPM350XPR-MS XPM200TR(Silver color) XPM200TRG(Gold color)XPG110 -Revolution of distance : World best operatingXP110 distance 100m(200TRG)XP120 - Wireless mouse : 8 directional wireless mouse Optimized for presentation : page up/down, laser pointer, slide show start/end, black screen. XPM200TR32 33