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Social Media and MICE. Presentation to the BBT Online invitees in Brussels Belgium on 22 October 2012

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  • How many of you have spoken to your family/friends about work, your company, your job?Why not show your staff how to effectively raise the profile, reputation and credibility of your company by doing so online.They are already doing it, after all…..
  • The new wave is User-Generated content. This means being open to your connections posting their own thoughts, ideas and content. This can do more for you, your company’s brand. This is a chance for users to also bring their criticism directly to you – so you can remedy it. They just want their voice “heard” and bring it directly FOR a resolution, not to totally discredit you. If you aren’t open to it – often, the haters will be fueled by this and will create hater groups.Hyperlinks to IKEA 1:22 video
  • How many of you have spoken to your family/friends about work, your company, your job?Why not show your staff how to effectively raise the profile, reputation and credibility of your company by doing so online.They are already doing it, after all…..
  • A great example of why YouTube works. Corporate videos don’t need to be all flash – polished and perfect. Virgin’s Richard Branson… well, who doesn’t want to hear what will come out of his mouth next… but they utilize his adventurous spirit and showcase the product. This type of usage provides corporate travel managers a glimpse into the products and services their travelers are enjoying – hotels are showing their rooms and ammentities, etc… Virgin was smarter though – and while the Richard Branson video received almost 25,000 views… they gave flip cams to customers and allowed them to video tape their own REAL experience – this felt genuine (as a fraud is easy to spot online) and thus, resonated with viewers and received almost TWICE the views as the corporate video
  • Social Media and MICE - BBT Online Brussels

    1. 1. Social MEdia & MICE
    2. 2. Rana WalkerSocial Media Evangelist andPrincipal at GR&AT
    3. 3. The VOICE of your Brand & Event!
    4. 4. % Internet Users on Social Media Source: We Are Social, January 201
    5. 5. Sources: and www.facebook.com1 Billion users
    6. 6. Source:
    7. 7. Source: www.Go-Gulf.comFastest Growing
    8. 8. Belgium Social Media Statistics 4,8 million (46,5% of population) 1,1 million 0,9 million Source: / Gerrit Heijkoop
    9. 9. Fortune Global 100 Companies are using these Social Media platforms at meetings & events
    10. 10. Search… now ruled by Social Media Source: Social Media Revolution
    11. 11. Clicking on Links – By Sharing Channel
    12. 12. Social Media’s InfluenceTrust#1 influencer of buying decisions in thefuture!Build your online network and your online“Sphere of Influence”
    13. 13. Integrate all of yourSocial Media Channels
    14. 14. Social Media Explained I’m drinking a Belgian #Beer at the BBT Online event! I “Like” Belgian Beer & BBT Online Watch us sample Belgian Beer at the BBT Online’s event in the historic Brewer’s House! My skills include Belgian Beer Drinking
    15. 15. Social Media Explained +1: This is an interesting article in BBT Online about Belgian Beer Pictures of Belgian Beer, will pin it to remember to serve it at my next event! I’ve checked in, earned a badge for beer drinking, Mayor of Beerville I’ve booked my train tomorrow for the BBT Online event & plan to drink a Belgian Beer!
    16. 16. Social Media Explained Check out my pictures from the BBT Online event in Brussels! (before & after the Belgian Beer!) Look at this gorgeous Belgian beer! (captured the BBT Online sign in the background) Blogging about my Belgian Beer experience in Brussels at the BBT Online event, met many nice beer drinkers
    17. 17. Social Review Sites Train ride to Brussels on time, friendly staff and the Brewer’s House location was the best BBT Online event yet, they served delicious Belgian Beer! I agree with the reviews: it’s the best place to drink Belgian beer and eat Belgian waffles in Brussels!
    18. 18. User-Generated Content (UGC) is Key!
    19. 19. User-Generated Content:NO PUSH of content • (this is web 1.0 vs. web 2.0)Instead, allow users to also generate the: • News • Feedback • Ideas • Photos • Videos and more…
    20. 20. Find Bloggers & Leverage Klout
    21. 21. Social Media Power Haren, NL Birthday PartySocial Event Planning gone WRONG!
    22. 22. Social Media PowerBBT Online Event Today - Social Media RIGHT!
    23. 23. Social MediaShare your personality, NOT yourpersonal information! Share your company’sphilosophy, NOT proprietaryinformation!
    24. 24. LinkedIn Profile Page – More than an online CV
    25. 25. Engage Staff and/orFind Incentive/Event Champions Utilize your social media guidelines to teach staff /event champions how to share your company’s already published public information! Allow staff / event champions to be your online brand ambassadors to build your online sphere of influence! Encourage them to share their tips, thoughts, ideas and improvements – provide positive reinforcement! Links on all email signatures to social media
    26. 26. Staff as Brand/Event Ambassadors P. 28
    27. 27. More Genuine, More Power to the People –Put video in the hands of your customers!
    28. 28. Pre-Event Social Media Publish # (hashtag) in advance, engage with agenda reminders, ask & answer questions, contests Create event page or special tab on company page with teasers, pictures, agenda, spe aker bios. Create custom facebook “check in” locations Update status, create event, promote in user groups and on company page check-in locations & Create badges, scavenger hunts
    29. 29. Pre-Event Social Media Share links to event news, update with quotes from speakers, start a video chat Prepare a welcome video, use past event footage, teaser of venue & interviews with meeting leaders Create a Flickr group and encourage attendees’ use, begin with event prep photos Introduce speakers & topics, blog about expectations
    30. 30. During Event Social Media Engage via agenda reminders, ask & answer questions, contests, use a “twitter wall” Update page with agenda, pictures, speaker quotes and solicit user- generated content Update status and promote in groups and provide daily summary on company page Encourage check in at event, at booths, at venues throughout trip
    31. 31. During Event Social Media Share links to event news, update with quotes from speakers, start a video chat Take video of speakers, venue with participants, meetings, parties & interviews with the attendees (testimonials) Take photos to connect with the other social networks & peak interest, encourage others also Blog, share news, launches & ideas in one voice
    32. 32. Post-Event Social Media Thank attendees, solicit overall event feedback, share contest winners, solicit where next event could take place Repurpose content using questions from attendees to validate they’ve been heard, build loyalty, post more photos and videos Update status & company page with links to news articles on the event, or with a successful
    33. 33. Post-Event Social Media Share links to articles from event, host a post event video chat to summarize conference Share the highlights in one summary video, post interviews from staff, utilize for next year’s event promotion as well Publish closing event pics and ask attendees to share pics with their promo items Blog recap & highlights, use attendee quotes post-event
    34. 34. Other Creative ExamplesQR Codes RFID (click image to hyperlink)
    35. 35. Millions of Mobile Apps! Go GREEN with an app!
    36. 36. No watch? No worries! Smartphones do it all! Calendar  SMS/ texting Email  Alarm Clock News  GPS Internet  Restaurants Camera  Games Video  Payment Social Media  Take notes Calling (last on list)
    37. 37. Kansas City BTA / November2011P. 39
    38. 38. Rana WalkerSocial Media Evangelist andPrincipal Consultant at GR&AT