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BATM & ACTE in Brussels


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Presentation for the Belgian Association of Travel Management and the Assoc. of Corporate Travel Executives in Brussels.

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BATM & ACTE in Brussels

  1. 1. Social Media in Business Travel. Why give a Tweet?.... Presenters/Facilitators: Henk-Jan van Alphen, Consultant at Futureconsult Rana Walker, Social Media Evangelist
  2. 2. Socially
  3. 3.  Trust is the #1 influencer of buying decisions inthe future! It’s time to build your online network & sphereof influence!
  4. 4.  Share your personality, NOT your personal information! Share your company’s philosophy, NOT proprietary information! The key is to invoke an emotional response
  5. 5.  No PUSH of content – it’s “shared” Most important is to LISTEN Users generate the:  News  Feedback  Ideas  Photos, videos and more… building product placement
  6. 6. Social Media ForCorporate TravelManagers
  7. 7. Source: The Wire..from AirPlus, June 2011Source: The Wire..from AirPlus June 2011
  8. 8. Source: The Wire..from AirPlus, June 2011 Los Angeles BTA / September 2011
  9. 9. Source: The Wire..from AirPlus, June 2011
  10. 10.  It’s happening, whether you are listening or not! Supplement face-to-face networking Gain empowerment and raise internal profile Steer policy, solicit feedback and conduct real-time analysis to find efficiencies Effective crisis communications and traveler safety/security solutions Strengthen your travel policy compliance Build stronger partnerships with suppliers
  11. 11. SOCIAL@SAPIENTBy Michelle DeCostaGlobal Travel Manager 14
  12. 12. Michelle De CostaGlobal Travel Manager | ¬ SapientEmployees: Learn more aboutTravel at SapientWant to find out what’s new withTravel? Follow me
  13. 13. Conversations are happening: Be an active participant Change perception And most important: LISTEN!By doing so you will gain:  Increased empowerment for you/your travel policy  Increased visibility for your preferred suppliers (involve them!)
  14. 14. I’m eating a Belgian Waffle!I “Like” Belgian WafflesWatch me make a perfect Belgianwaffle (Liège style)My skills include waffle eating
  15. 15. I’ve booked my train tomorrow to eata Belgian waffle!I’ve checked in and am Mayor ofWaffle-villeGorgeous waffles, should serve theseat my next eventI’ve bought a Groupon for a half-pricewaffle!
  16. 16. If Facebookwere a country,it would be the3rd mostpopulatedin theworld!Only China &India are morepopulated!Twice the size of Kansas City BTA / November 2011the USA Source: Facebook P. 23
  17. 17. P. 25
  18. 18. 290 MILLION.The number of tweets per day on Twitter. Source: Twitter P. 26
  19. 19. P. 27
  20. 20. P. 28
  21. 21. 48HOURS.The amount of video uploaded toYouTube every minute! P. 29
  22. 22. SUCCESS!
  23. 23.  Establish social media guidelines & teach staff how to share your company’s already published public information! Allow staff to be your online brand ambassadors to build your sphere of influence! Encourage them to share their tips, thoughts, ideas and improvements – provide positive reinforcement!
  24. 24. P. 34
  25. 25.  Calendar  SMS/ texting Email  Alarm Clock News  GPS Internet  Restaurants Camera  Games Video  Payment Social media  Reminders, Notes  Calling (last)
  26. 26. Kansas City BTA / November 2011 P. 36
  27. 27. Corp. Travel Managers:Research, Source & Share = Empowerment!
  28. 28.  Define goal, target and gain internal buy-in Interact FIRST Sell LAST… remember:Social Media campaigns do not createrelationships – but Relationships can buoymarketing campaigns and bolster sales!
  29. 29. 1. Glean and share knowledge through Groups2. Network with partners, customers and prospects via online events3. Build reputation & influence through recommendations, likes and activity4. Social gaming / promotions to build engagement, loyalty5. Solicit ideas, innovations and use for CSR initiatives6. Steer (travel) policy & strengthen compliance