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Amadeus CTN Social Media Presentation


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Social Media Presentation for the Amadeus CTN event in Nice, France

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Amadeus CTN Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA 1 Social Media Why Give a Tweet? by Rana Walker - Wastyn 15 November 2012
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  6. 6. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Social Media Explained I “Like” Belgian Waffles & Amadeus Arrived in #Nice & now eating a Belgian Waffle! Thx @Amadeus My skills include Belgian Waffle- eating Watch the highlights from the Amadeus CTN event, including the Belgian waffle making!
  7. 7. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Social Media Explained +1: What is the link between Amadeus & Belgian Waffles? Read this article to find out! Pictures of Belgian Waffles, we shall serve at Amadeus CTN 2013! I just ousted Florian Tinnus as Mayor of Waffle-ville at Amadeus Bar! Flight & Hotel reservations loaded for the Amadeus CTN 2013 Waffle event!
  8. 8. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Social Review Sites Great hotel venue for the Amadeus CTN event opening – ambiance, paintings, courteous staff & great Belgian waffles! I highly recommend Hotel Negresco! I agree with the reviews: The Amadeus cafeteria is the best place in Nice to mingle with Amadeus staff and eat Belgian waffles!
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  31. 31. ©2008AmadeusITGroupSA Use your VOICE as a Corp. Travel Manager  Supplement face-to-face networking  Gain empowerment and raise internal profile  Listen: learn why policies aren’t being adhered to  Steer policy, solicit feedback and conduct real-time analysis to find efficiencies  Effective crisis communications and staff solutions  Build loyalty to preferred suppliers, get them involved!  Strengthen your travel policy and program with better understanding and adherence
  32. 32. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Internal Social Media Tips: Engage Staff & Recruit Champions  Social media guidelines teach staff to share your company’s published public information!  Use staff as your online brand ambassadors to build your online sphere of influence!  Encourage staff to share their tips, thoughts, ideas and provide positive reinforcement!  Social Media links on all email signatures  Engage other departments (HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Travel, Customer Service, etc.)
  33. 33. ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA External Social Media Tips  Update your LinkedIn page, participate in Groups and share knowledge via links to content/articles of interest  Give Endorsements & Recommendations, Like & Follow  Supplement face-to-face meetings with continued knowledge sharing via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook  Listen! Take polls, real-time analysis to enhance knowledge  Remain open to user-generated content, reward/positively reinforce it  Utilize for customer service and support  Leverage in a crisis communications plan P. 33
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