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Eibfs banking and finance -annual training plan 2013


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Eibfs banking and finance -annual training plan 2013

  1. 1. Annual Training Plan 2013 Join The to Become a LeaderLi fe t i m e Le ar n in g • Bu il d i n g S u c c e s s • Towa rds Globaliza tion
  2. 2. Delivering Excellencein Banking and Finance Continuous Education Since 1983
  3. 3. www.eibfs.aeEnrich Your Skills…
  4. 4. www.eibfs.aeChairman’s Message We are pleased to introduce the new Annual Training Plan 2013. The plan focuses on supporting the Banking and Finance institutions in UAE to maximize their zcontinuous efforts to upgrade the skills and competencies of their human resources, and enable them to provide excellent services and innovative products. The new 2013 Training Plan has several distinguished features, at the forefront is the application of a scientific approach to meet the existing and future needs of the Banking and Finance sector, and helping it flourish in a turbulent environment characterized by various challenges, hence sustaining its growth and enhancing its contribution to our national economy.The opening of the new Dubai branch during the year 2012 widens the geographical coverage of the plan,and it represents an additional location to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the other locations, where training isgoing to be offered.The introduction of e-training programs for the first time in the Training Plan 2013 is an exemplary featureof the plan and its success. In addition, other programs that will be offered include, a first annual meetingon (Corporate Governance) in collaboration with a reputable international organization.This is coupled with the expansion in Leadership Development programs, workshops, round tables andprofessional certificate programs. According to the plan, a new specialized certificate will be offered inRetail Banking.Cooperation with regional and international distinguished Banking and Financial institutions is maintainedto reinforce our plans to follow best practices in training and development in the region. It is worthmentioning here that we are developing our training and educational programs by introducing newprofessional programs in vital areas of the Banking and Finance sector such as Credit Management,Banking Operations, Compliance Awareness and Anti – Money Laundering Awareness.We will also introduce new graduate and post- graduate programs in the Banking and Finance field. I wouldlike to take this opportunity and encourage all Banking and Finance institutions to benefit from the (480)programs included in the Plan.At the end, I hope that the 2013 Training Plan will ease the way to achieving our objective of enhancing thecapabilities of professionals in the Banking and Finance sector in UAE.Mohammed Al NuaimiChairman1
  5. 5. www.eibfs.aeGM’s Message The 2013 Annual Training Plan has taken a quantum leap compared to the 2012 training plan; with the inclusion of (11) new programs in several training areas to meet the requirements of the Banking & Finance Sector. This brings the total number of new programs to (480) training programs, presenting an (18.5%) increase compared to the 2012 training plan. (155) programs will be organized and offered in our new branch in Dubai representing (32.2%) of the total no. of programs in 2013 plan. In addition to the existing branches of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other locations such as Al-Ain and Al-Fujairah, we will be augmenting our geographical representation by offering the programs for the first time in Ras Al Khaimah. Extended English Language programs running twice a week for 1 month will be introduced for the first time in our Dubai Campus as evening sessions. This has beenintroduced in response to meet the requirements of the Banking & Financial institutions.This year we are also introducing e-learning opportunities for about (3600) bank professionalsrepresenting (10%) of the total number of bank employees through the provision of (65) e-trainingprograms.A new specialized international certificate in Retail Banking will be offered for the first time in 2013, incollaboration with Lafferty International.Leadership Development programs aiming at developing Leaders are also included in our 2013 plan; theseprograms will be offered in collaboration with prestigious schools/organizations such as Darden BusinessSchool, Virginia University, Harvard University, and the Banking & Financial Institutes in Bahrain, SaudiArabia & Kuwait. The Leadership development programs (LDP) will also be organized and offered once a yearin 2013 at Darden Business education institutions, USA in collaboration with the Banking and FinanceInstitutes in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.We are also changing the interface of our training portal to make it more user-friendly and flexible. All bankswill be able to create their own customized reports on their staff nominations, nominees’ attendance andexport that information to their Training Systems.In addition to the Training Programs, EIBFS also offers short term Diploma programs and a Bachelorsdegree in Banking & Finance.Throughout the development of this plan, our staff has been involved closely with HR & Training Managersin the Banking & Finance sector - and I take this opportunity to thank to all the employees in the Banking& Finance sector who participated in bringing this plan together.Lastly, I would like to encourage all employees in the Banking & Finance sector to take advantage of thisopportunity by enrolling in these programs and development activities which are included in the 2013Annual Training Plan.With the amazing growth in the Banking & Finance sector, the expansion of businesses, large scale andsmall scale industries, the demand for qualified professionals have been increasing manifolds over theyears. EIBFS is committed to keeping itself abreast with the increasing requirements of this sector andproviding training programs that caters to the needs of the Banking & Finance professionals.Jamal Al JassmiGeneral Manager 2
  6. 6. www.eibfs.aeAbout UsThe Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies (EIBFS) stands out amongst its contemporaries, beingthe sole provider of specialized knowledge and enhanced learning experiences to the banking and financialsector in UAE, since its establishment in 1983.EIBFS offers a wide range of training and academic programs that cater for the needs of banking,insurance, exchange and finance sectors. Thereby upgrading the knowledge and skills of currentprofessionals, as well as creating a pool of UAE nationals capable of pursuing careers in the industry.Our VisionTo be a leading institution in providing world-class education and training in banking and finance at local,regional and international level.Our Mission To constantly provide excellent banking and financial human development programs to the satisfaction of our customers. To contribute effectively towards emiratization in the banking and finance sector. To upgrade and disseminate specialized knowledge in the banking and finance sector. To promote scientific research in banking & finance sector.Our Objectives To raise the standard of performance of the workforce employed in the banking sector. To qualify the UAE Nationals for successful careers in the banking & financial sector. To attract UAE Nationals who are not employed in Banks, train them to apply the concepts and meth­ ods of banking, thereby augmenting the existing pool of skilled national human resource.EIBFS Values Professionalism (including quality) Excellency Integrity Team spirit Accountability Transparency (including openness) Creativity Quality Lifetime learning Building success Towards globalizationTrainingThe EIBFS since inception is engaged in designing and delivering short-term training programs annuallythat focus on imparting knowledge and promoting skills to banking and financial sector employees. Theannual training plan is considered one of the major methods used by EIBFS to achieve its objectives, visionand strategic plan in qualifying the competent banking staff and clients, to meet the growing needs of thebanking and financial industry at the national and international levels.3
  7. 7. www.eibfs.aeConferences/Symposiums/Round Table MeetingThe EIBFS organizes important symposiums, roundtable meetings, workshops and conferences annually ontopical issues featuring eminent international speakers. It also organizes international conferences everytwo years which are attended by important delegates from UAE and different parts of the world.EIBFS is offering services and facilities to banks members/non-members on leasing basis.EIBFS Sharjah:  Training Halls: 18 training halls with different learning styles (workshop style, U-shape, etc.) which can accommodate around 15–30 participants Meeting Halls: 2 meeting halls which can accommodate up to 12 people Auditorium: 2 auditoriums which can accommodate out 175–370 people Computer Lab: 4 computer labs which can accommodate up to 20 people 4
  8. 8. www.eibfs.aeEIBFS Abu Dhabi:Training Halls: 16 training halls with different learning styles (workshop style, U-shape, etc..) which can accommodate around 15–30 participants Auditorium: 1 auditorium which can accommodate up to 400 people Computer Lab: 3 computer labs which can accommodate up to 20 – 25 peopleEIBFS Dubai: Training Halls: 40 training halls with different learning styles (workshop style, U-shape, ..etc) which can accommodate around 15–30 participants Meeting Halls: 2 meeting halls which can accommodate upto 12 people Auditorium: 1 auditorium which can accommodate upto 1030 people Computer Lab: 8 computer labs and 5 English language labsAll our facilities are specially designed and equipped with latest audio-visual aids andinternet access5
  9. 9. www.eibfs.aeThe LibraryOur Library provides various training and learning tools such as: books, periodicals, references, video tapes,compact discs and electronic databases.Library Services:Online Catalogue: Online search can be conducted (through the Internet) in the Library’s collectionIslamic Financing Information Service (IFIS): It is a database that offers specialized information on Islamic banking & finance including reports, research and studies etc.Reuters DatabaseZawya Database: offers financial information, and information about the Gulf cooperation council countries and Arab countries.Training Policies and Procedures:Training Hours and AttendanceWe kindly request all our trainees to attend regularly and be punctual. Our Training programs are conductedfrom 8:30–14:00. If you are unable to attend or will be late, please notify the Training Department.Attendance reports will be viewed by your Banks through our online training portal. Certificates will not beissued to those who absent themselves for more than 20% of the total duration of the course.Kindly be informed that names printed on the certificate will be exactly printed the same way as enteredto our online Training portal. Please ensure that your name is being entered correctly (or as desired) to ourportal by your Bank. The Training Department will not be held responsible to re-print any certificate due toname errors.Cafeteria FacilitiesComplimentary Tea and coffee are available in our 3 campuses.Prayer RoomPrayer Rooms are available for males & females in our 3 campuses; Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.Smoking is ForbiddenSmoking is a hazard to health and a cause of discomfort to your non-smoking colleagues and staff. Smok­ing in the institute is totally forbidden.MobilesTo avoid disturbances during training, we request all participants to kindly TURN OFF mobiles while in thetraining roomWe wish you a valuable training experience with us… 6
  10. 10. www.eibfs.aeHow to get to EIBFS?Sharjah BranchWorking Hours: Sunday – Thursday08:00- 15:00 & 16:30-21:00opposite to Sharjah Immigration, P.O Box 4166, Sharjah, UAETel : (06) 5728880, Fax :(06) 5723983/5728080Email: Ajman Sharjah Campus R/A Sharjah Al Estiqlal Rolla Square University Road Road Al Wahda Immigration King Abdul Aziz Street King Abdul Aziz Street Bridge Central Bank Estaqlal street dge Abu Shagra a Park Al Wahd Rolla Bri King Faisal Street Sharjah Direction From Sharjah (Fish Market Bus Stand) Dubai Direction From Dubai Abu Dhabi BranchWorking Hours: Sunday – Thursday08:00- 15p00 & 16:30-21:00Mouroor Street, EIBFS Building,P.O Box 7108, Abu Dhabi, UAETel : (02) 4464666, Fax : (02) 4457700/4435222Email: Eastern Ring Road Exit 8 Estern R ing Roa d Estern R Abu Dhabi Campus ing Roa d Al Nahyan Street Zayed Bridge Delma eet ra Ministry of The Emirates Centre oo Sada Str Youth Centre and for strategic studies Street M am Community Development & Research Al HCT 21st Street Abu Dhabi Men’s College 23rd Al IPIC eet 19 Str New Airport Road 4th Street Muroor Road Al Itihad Abu Dhabi News Papper reet Fire Bridge 15th Street 13th St 17 th Street Al Jazeera Sports & Cultural Club Al Itihad Old Airport Road Shaikh Rashid Bin Sae ed Al Maktoum st. Airport Road Mohd. Bin Khalifa St7
  11. 11. www.eibfs.aeDubai BranchWorking Hours: Sunday – Thursday08:00- 15:00 & 16:30-21:00Dubai Academic City, Al Ruwayyah Road,Opposite Zayed University,P.O Box 341400, Dubai, UAETel :(04) 6070444, Fax: (04) 3206644Email: ad Ro tes ira Em AL Ai Dubai Campus nB rid ge Dubai d Silicon Roa ates Oasis Emir Dhabi ALAbu Ai nR oa d Du ir Cobai M ra y ad lleg en hu it Ro e ’s G vers Ci ty Al Uni ic em e-U Ham ad Ac niv da Ac ers n Int ade ity er m Un Za ch ic From Dubai Outer Bypass Road an Ci ive yed ge ty rsi ty From Emirates Road d AL oa Ai sR nR oa pas d By er ut O bai Du Du ba iO utle tM all 8
  12. 12. www.eibfs.aeIndex 11Annual TrainingPlan 2013 17 Banking Science 31 45 & Operations Programs Credit Management Corporate & Project Finance 55 Programs Banking English Programs Treasury & 71 83 Investment Programs Marketing Sales 99 & Customer Service Programs Human Resources Management & Leadership Programs Islamic Banking 111 Programs E-banking 121 Applications Programs 139 145 Risk Management & Compliance Programs Leadership Development Programs Academic & Professional Certif icate Programs
  13. 13. Annual Training Plan 2013Annual Training Plan 2013
  14. 14. www.eibfs.aeAnnual Training Plan 2013Banking Science & Operations ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1101 Bank Guarantees Jan 13-14 | Jun 30- Jul 1 Jan 27-28 | Sep 15-16 Jan 22-23 | Sep 10-111102 Banking Practice and Law in UAE Jan 20-22 | Jun 23-25 Feb 17-19 | Nov 10-12 Jan 29-31 | Oct 8-101104 Economics for Bankers Feb 10-12 | Sep 22-24 Jan 6-8 | Jun 30- Jul 1 Apr 2-4 | Dec 10-121105 IFRS Apr 21-22 | Oct 6-7 May 19-20 Apr 9-11 | Oct 29-301106 Introduction to Banking Products and Operation Jun 16-18 Mar 31 -Apr 2 | Oct 6-8 Jan 8-10 | Jun 25-27 Mar 17-191108 Principles of Internal Audit in Banks May 19-21 Oct 20-22 Mar 12-141109 Retail Banking Apr 28-29 | Jun 2-3 Mar 3-4 | May 26-27 May 14-15 | Dec 24-25 Dec 8-9 Mar 31 -Apr 11110 Statistics for Bankers Mar 31 -Apr 2 Feb 24-26 May 28-301111 Trade Finance- Basic Feb 3-5 | Sep 8-10 | Mar 17-19 (A) Jan 20-22 | Sep 29-Oct 1 Jan 15-17 | May 7-9 | Sep 17-19 May 12-14 Feb 10-121112 Trade Finance-Advanced Mar 3-4 | Sep 29-Oct 1 | Nov 10-12 Mar 17-19 | Nov 24-26 Apr 16-18 | Oct 22-241113 Documents Examination (ISBP) Apr 7-9 | Nov 24-26 Dec 8-10 Jun 18-20 | Dec 17-191114 SWIFT Messaging Apr 14-15 Jun 9-10 Apr 23-24 Credit Managemet Corporate & Project Finance ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1201 Basic Financial Calculations Jan 27-29 | Sep 22-24 (A) Mar 3-5 Nov 26-281202 Credit Appraisal Techniques Feb 3-5 | Jun 9-11 Jan 27-29 | Jun 30- Jul 2 Apr 16-18 | Nov 12-141203 Credit Management Mar 10-12 | Sep 15-17 Apr 28-30 | Oct 27-29 Feb 26-28 | Dec 17-191204 Financial Statement Analysis Basic May 26-28 | Nov 10-12 Jan 13-15 | May 5-7 Mar 12-14 | Oct 1-3 Mar 3-5 Jan 20-221205 Problem Loan Management Jan 6-8 | Apr 28-30 Feb 24-26 | Oct 6-8 Jan 29-31 | Nov 19-211206 Project Financing May 5-7 | Oct 20-22 May 12-14 Apr 23-25 | Dec 24-261207 Real Estate Finance Jan 20-22 Feb 3-5 May 14-161209 Syndicated Loans Mar 17-18 Feb 17-18 Apr 9-101210 Working Capital Finance Jun 23-24 Sep 22-23 Sep 10-111211 Financial Statement Analysis - Advanced NEW Mar 24-26 | Nov 24-26 May 19-21 | Dec 15-17 Jun 11-13 | Oct 8-101212 SME Finance NEW Dec 15-16 Jun 16-17 Dec 10-11 Banking English ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1301 General Business Communication Jan 27-29 | Nov 17-19 Mar 17-19 | Dec 8-10 Apr 16-18 | Dec 17-19 Feb 17-19 Oct 27-291302 English for Bankers I Jan 13-17 | Apr 7-11 | Jun 9-13 Jan 27-31 | May 5-9 | Oct 6-10 Feb 10-14 | May 19-23 | Nov 10-141303 English for Bankers II Feb 3-7 | May 5-9 | Sep 29-Oct 3 | Dec 8-12 Feb 10-14 | Jun 16-20 | Nov 17-21 Mar 3-7 | Jun 23-27 | Nov 24-281305 English Speaking Skills Feb 24-28 | Oct 6-10 Mar 10-14 | Sep 22-26 Mar 17-21 | Oct 20-241306 Business Writing Mar 10-11 | Dec 22-23 Mar 24-25 | Oct 27-28 Apr 21-22 | Nov 5-6 Sep15-16 Jun 2-31307 Report Writing Skills Mar 24-25 | May 26-27 Apr 28-29 | Sep 8-9 Jan 8-9 | Sep 24-25 12
  15. 15. www.eibfs.aeAnnual Training Plan 2013Banking English Extended Programs (Evening Classes)Code Course Name Dubai1308 English Course- Entry Level NEW(PRE/POST ASSESSMENT REQUIRED) Feb (4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 ) {Extended programs running twice a week for a duration May (6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29) of 4 weeks} Sept ( 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, Oct 2)1309 English Course- Intermediate Level NEW (PRE/POST ASSESSMENT) Mar (4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27) {Extended programs running twice a week for a duration Jun (3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26) of 4 weeks} Nov (4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27) Treasury and Investment ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1401 Assets and Liabilities Management Mar 3-5 Feb 17-19 Jan 15-171403 Business Valuation Feb 10-12 Mar 31 -Apr 2 Jun 18-201404 Capital Markets and Money Markets Mar 17-18 | Sep 8-9 Jan 27-28 Feb 24-26 | Jul 2-3 Apr 14-151405 Foreign Exchange Basic Feb 24-26 | Apr 21-23 Jan 13-15 | Sep 8-9 Mar 12-14 | May 28-30 Nov 17-191406 FX and Money Markets-Advanced Mar 24-26 | Jun 9-11 Nov 17-19 Oct 8-10 | Nov 5-71407 Derivatives Jun 16-17 May 12-13 Jun 5-61408 Investment Banking Mar 31 -Apr 2 Jun 30- Jul 2 | Mar 17-19 Mar 26-28 | Nov 26-281409 Portfolio Management & Mutual Funds Sep 29-Oct 1 Jun 9-11 Feb 19-211410 Private Banking Oct 6-7 Nov 24-25 Apr 30 - May 11411 Stock Market Analysis & Valuation Jun 23-25 Oct 6-8 Nov 12-14 Sep 8-101412 Treasury Management Jan 6-8 Apr 21-23 Oct 29-311413 Fixed Income Analysis Mar 10-11 Dec 17-181414 Structured Products Jun 2-3 Oct 20-211415 Corporate Banking May 26-28 | Sep 22-24 Dec 22-24 May 21-23 | Jun 25-27 Marketing Sales & Customer Service ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1501 Achieving Teller Excellence Jan 6 | Sep 15 Apr 7-8 | Sep 15 Jun 5 | Nov 121502 Breakthrough Customer Service Nov 10-11 Jan 20-21 | Nov 10 -11 Jan 8-9 | Sep 17-18 Feb 3-5 Dec 15-161504 Customer Relationship Management Corporate Feb 3-4 May 12-13 | Sept 29-30 Feb 12-13 | Oct 22-231505 Customer Relationship Management Retail Jan 20-21 Feb 10-11 | Oct 27-28 Jan 15-16 | May 21-22 May 26-27 May 12-131506 Ground Rules and Code of Ethics Sep 22 Jun 2 May 71507 Marketing of Financial Services Apr 7-8 Jun 23-24 Apr 16-171508 Tele Sales Skills May-19 Feb 24 | May 26 Mar 5 | Dec 17 Oct 20 Sep 81509 Business Etiquette Dec 22-23 Jan 6-7 | May 5-6 Feb 5-6 | Oct 1-21511 New Banking Product Development Jun 2-3 Apr 14-15 Jun 11-121512 Effective Selling Techniques NEW Jun 16-17 Mar 3-4 | Dec 8-9 Jun 25-26 | Nov 26-27 Jun 9-10 Nov 17-1813
  16. 16. www.eibfs.aeAnnual Training Plan 2013Human Resources Management & Leadership ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1601 Bank Branch Management Skills Apr 14-16 May 26-28 Nov 19-211602 Coaching and Mentoring Feb 10-11 | Sep 29-30 Apr 7-8 Feb 19-20 | Sep 24-251603 Effective Communication Techniques Feb 3-4 | Nov 24-25 Apr 21-22 Jan 29-30 | Oct 29-301604 Effective Leadership Skills Mar 3-5 | Oct 20-22 May 12-14 Mar 26-28 | Dec 10-121606 Negotiation Skills Feb 17-18 | Dec 15-16 Jan 13-14 | Dec 22-23 Feb 12-131609 Stress Management Jan 13 Apr 14 | Oct 20 Jan 22 | Sep 101610 Team Building Jan 20-21 |Oct 6-7 Jun 2-3 Jan 15-16 | Oct 22-23 Sep 29-30 Mar 3-41611 Time Management Feb 24-25 Jan 6-7 Mar 19-20 | Dec 24-25 Apr 7-8 May 5-61612 Emotional Intelligence Jan 8-9 May 19-20 Feb 26-27 | Jul 2-31613 Performance Management Apr 28-29 Sep 22-23 Apr 23-241614 Six Sigma May 12-14 Nov 17-19 Apr 7-91615 Total Quality Management May 19-21 Mar 10-12 Apr 2-41616 Training Needs Analysis NEW Jun 23-24 Nov 5-61617 Project Management - Basic NEW Mar 10-12 Dec 15-17 May 28-30Islamic Banking ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1701 Development of New Islamic Banking Products Feb 3-4 |Nov 17-18 Mar 24-25 Jan 8-91702 Introduction to Islamic Banking Jan 27-28 | May 19-20 | Sep 15-16 Apr 28-29 | Sep 29-30 Jan 15-16 | May 14-15 | Sep 17-18 Jan 6-7 Mar 24-251703 Islamic Accounting Standards Apr 14-16 | Dec 15-17 Jun 30- Jul 2 Sep 24-261705 Islamic Financial Markets Feb 24-25 Nov 10-11 Feb 19-201706 Islamic Credit Products Mar 3-4 Dec 22-23 Apr 2-31707 Islamic Investment Products Apr 21-22 Jun 16-17 Apr 16-171708 Islamic Jurisprudence of Financial Transactions Oct 27-28 Oct 20-21 Apr 30 - May 11709 Islamic Project Finance May 5-6 Feb 10-11 Dec 22-231710 Risk Management in Islamic Banks Dec 22-24 Mar 10-12 Jul 2-4 E-banking Applications ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1801 Application of MS Excel - Basic Jan 20-21 | Nov 10-11 Feb 17-18 | Oct 27-28 Jan 29-30 | Jun 18-191804 Computer Crimes and Security System Mar 17-18 Sep 15-16 May 28-291806 Application Ms. Access Feb 17-19 Apr 7-9 Oct 22-241807 E-Banking Dec 15-16 May 5-6 Jan 22-231808 Financial Modeling Feb 10-12 | Jun 30- Jul 2 May 21-23 Mar 19-21 | Nov 5-71810 Application of MS Word Advanced May 19-20 | Jun 9-10 Mar 31 -Apr 1 | Dec 15-16 Feb 5-6 | Oct 29-301811 Application of MS PowerPoint Jun 23-24 May 26-27 Sep 24-251812 Application of MS Excel - Advanced NEW Dec 22-23 Nov 24-25 Apr 9-10 14
  17. 17. www.eibfs.aeAnnual Training Plan 2013Risk Management & Compliance ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Fujairah1901 Anti Money Laundering: Laws and Regulations Jan 6-7 | Apr 28-29 | Oct 27-28 (A) Feb 10-11 | Oct 6-7 Jan 15-16 (A) | May 7-8 | Nov 26-27 Jan 20-21 Nov 10-111903 Compliance Insights in Banks Apr 14-15 Jun 16-17 Oct 8-91904 Corporate Governance in Banks Mar 17-18 Sep 15-16 Mar 26-281906 Detection for Forgery and Counterfeiting Mar 31 -Apr 2 Jan 20-21 | Dec 8-9 Feb 5-6 | Sep 17-181907 Financial Crimes Under AML Apr 21-22 Nov 10-11 Jun 11-121909 Liquidity Risk Management Jan 27-28 May 5-6 Feb 19-201910 Operational Risk Management May 12-13 Sep 8-9 May 21-221911 Risk Management in Banks Jan 20-22 Feb 3-5 | Jun 9-11 Jan 29-31 | Jun 25-27 Jun 16-18 Sep 22-241913 Market Risk Management Sep 15-16 Mar 17-18 Oct 29-301914 Credit Risk Management May 5-6 | Nov 17-18 Feb 24-25 Dec 10-11 | May 15-161915 Basel Accords Compliance Insights- Basic Feb 24-25 | Jun 2-3 Mar 24-25 | Nov 24-25 Mar 5-6 | Jul 2-31916 Basel Accords Compliance Insights- Advanced Sep 8-9 Dec 22-23 Nov 5-61917 Risk Based Audit Apr 7-8 Apr 21-22 Oct 22-231918 Interest Rate Risk Management NEW Dec 8-9 Mar 31 -Apr 1 Nov 19-201919 Signature Forgery and Documents Screening NEW Apr 28-29 Dec 10-111920 FATCA NEW Jan 30 Jul 1 Sep 29 - 30 RAK ProgramsCode Course Name Sharjah1502 Breakthrough Customer Service Jan 2 -31106 Introduction to Banking Products and Operation Feb 17-191302 Corporate Governance in Banks Sep 15-19 Conferences & Workshops:No Topic Event1 Trends in Retail Banking Workshop2 Best Practices in Banking Sector Forum3 Emiratization & Development of UAE Nationals Workshop4 Key Risk indicators in Banks Workshop5 Business Continuity Standards Round Table6 Securitization in UAE Workshop7 Islamic Treasury Products Workshop8 Basel III Implementation Round Table9 Mobile Financial Services Workshop10 Corporate Governance Forum Index15
  18. 18. www.eibfs.aeContents Banking Science & Operations Programs Code Course Name 1101 Bank Guarantees 1102 Banking Practice and Law in UAE 1104 Economics for Bankers 1105 IFRS 1106 Introduction to Banking Products and Operation 1108 Principles of Internal Audit in Banks 1109 Retail Banking 1110 Statistics for Bankers 1111 Trade Finance- Basic 1112 Trade Finance- Advanced 1113 Documents Examination (ISBP) 1114 SWIFT Messaging Index17
  19. 19. Banking Science & Operations ProgramsBanking Science & Operations Programs
  20. 20. www.eibfs.aeBank Guarantee Course No:1101OverviewPractical course to understand bank guarantees and standby letters of credit – the relevant ICC rules inparticular.ContentsBank guarantees overview (accessory/ non-accessory, direct/ indirect)Main types of GuaranteesTender Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Guarantee, Retention Money GuaranteeWarranty Guarantee, Payment Guarantee, Shipping Guarantee, Facility GuaranteeMain issues from practical point of view: Wording, Claims, Extend or Pay claimsExamination of presentationsTypes of agreements under bank guarantee transactionClauses and format of bank guaranteeThe main features of the revision URDG 758Advising of guarantees, AmendmentsLiability of the GuarantorUniform rules for demand guarantee (URDG 458)Standby Letters of Credit under ISP98Targeted AudienceTrade finance, credit, corporate, relationship manager, branch manager and audit department.Prerequisites1111: Trade Finance Basic1112: Trade Finance AdvancedDuration2 DaysMethodologyLectures, Discussion and Case studies Sharjah Jan 13-14 Jun 30-Jul 1 Abu Dhabi Jan 27-28 Sep 15-16 Dubai Jan 22-23 Content Sep 10-1119
  21. 21. www.eibfs.aeBanking Practice and Law in UAE Course No:1102OverviewTo help the participants to learn the Banking Practice followed in UAE. Identify the developing regulatorychanges.ContentsStructure and functions of commercial Banks in UAEBanking BusinessRegulatory Framework and Role of Central BankLaws relating to Banking regulations in UAERegulation of Credit and Contracts LawNegotiable Instruments lawsWhat is the basis of Banker-Customer Relationships? Focus on Fiduciary DutiesDiscussion of some of the land mark legal cases in UAEInternational Practices and Code of Banking PracticeDispute ResolutionCyber LawTargeted AudienceAll junior and fresh trainee officers in the Bank can attend the program, provided they have proficiency inEnglish language or have attended our English course.PrerequisitesNoneDuration3 daysMethodologyLectures, Discussion and Case studies Sharjah Jan 20-22 Jun 23-25 Abu Dhabi Feb 17-19 Nov 10-12 Dubai Jan 29-31 Oct 8-10 Content 20
  22. 22. www.eibfs.aeEconomics for Bankers Course No:1104OverviewThis program introduces you to the fundamentals of economics useful for bankers with focus on Macroeco­nomics.ContentsThe Economic Problem: Scarce Resources, Unlimited Wants, and Opportunity CostsThe Concepts of Demand, Supply, and EquilibriumBusiness Organization and the Business CycleUnemployment and InflationAggregate Demand and Aggregate SupplyExpenditures Analysis and Fiscal PolicyMoney and Financial MarketsThe UAE Central Bank Structure and Monetary PolicyCurrent Economic EnvironmentBasic graphing and graph interpretation skills to examine economic questionsEconomic policy problems faced by government: economic growth, budget deficits and debtTargeted AudienceBank personnel who have not had a formal course in Economics and wish to increase their understandingof economics as it relates to banking.PrerequisitesNoneDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, Exercises, Analyzing Current Events Sharjah Feb 10-12 Sep 22-24 Abu Dhabi Jan 6-8 Jun 30- Jul 1 Dubai Apr 2-4 Content Dec 10-1221
  23. 23. www.eibfs.aeInternational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Course No:1105OverviewTo familiarize participants with the IFRS standards and its implications for bank reporting and disclosureinformation.ContentsFinancial InstrumentsOverview Of Historical DevelopmentsIAS 32: PresentationIAS 39 And IFRS 9: Recognition And MeasurementIAS 39 And Exposure Draft: Amortisation And ImpairmentIAS 39 And Exposure Draft: HedgingIFRS 7: DisclosuresNon-Financial ElementsFinancial Statement PresentationNon-Financial AssetsLeasingNon-Financial LiabilitiesIFRS 13 Fair Value MeasurementRevenueTargeted AudienceSenior Managers from finance and accounting, credit, treasury, internal control department of banks andregulatory bodies like central bank and the ministry of economy and commerce.PrerequisitesNoneDuration2 DaysMethodologyLecture, discussion and case studies Sharjah Apr 21-22 Oct 6-7 Abu Dhabi May 19-20 Dubai Apr 9-11 Oct 29-30 Content 22
  24. 24. www.eibfs.aeIntroduction to Banking Products & Operations Course No:1106OverviewBanking Products and Operations places emphasis on the practical and real life scenarios’ a banker face.We will be dealing in a number of real life case studies which will provide a greater insights related to theoperational role.ContentsIntroduction to BankingThe active and passive products in banking The corresponding business process, in particular Check Accounts, Deposits and Payment Transactions, Credit and Debit CardsBills (Collection, Purchase, Discount & Negotiation), Negotiable InstrumentsRemittance Products and Trade Products IntroductionConsumer and Mortgage LoansCorporate Finance Basics of LoansLaws applicable in Banking - International, Regional and Local LawsFinancial Crimes and Identity TheftTrust Services and Safe CustodyRisks InvolvedEthical issues in financial servicesTargeted AudienceBank personnel who have are relatively new to the profession. This program will really help them to buildtheir banking career.PrerequisitesNoneDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, Exercises, & Case Studies Sharjah Jun 16-18 Abu Dhabi Mar 31 - Apr 2 Oct 6-8 Dubai Jan 8-10 Jun 25-27 Al Ain Mar 17-19 Rak Content Feb 17-1923
  25. 25. www.eibfs.aePrinciples of Internal Audit in Banks Course No:1108OverviewTo enhance the skills of the participants relating to the audit and control in banks and to highlight thecrucial role of auditing as an important element in the management information system.ContentsIntroduction to modern risk-based internal audit functionReorganization of the audit function through audit teams (credit audit, branch audit, IT audit etc.)Reconfiguration of the audit universe (i.e. identifying areas to be audited) by grouping, end-to-end transaction and product processing cyclesImplementation of a risk assessment methodology (inherent risk of each auditable unit)The prioritization of auditable units (categorization into high, medium and low risk auditable units)Developing and implementation of risk-based auditing tools and techniquesDevelopment of an Audit Charter and Manual (Institute of Internal Auditors and the requirements of the Bank for International Settlements)Implications of computerization and data management (System Control)Targeted AudienceInternal auditor or inspection department staffPrerequisitesNoneDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, group discussions, and case analysis Sharjah May 19-21 Abu Dhabi Oct 20-22 Dubai Mar 12-14 Content 24
  26. 26. www.eibfs.aeRetail Banking Course No:1109OverviewUnderstand and learn various products and services under the retail banking segment. Help to improvethe operational efficiency in handling the product and services by the retail banking staff. Enhance themarketing efforts and read the trends in competitive marketing.ContentsFundamentals of personal and retail banking segmentsKYC and account opening proceduresImportance of Due DiligenceOperational and management aspects of the segmentsConsumer lending and small business bankingMortgage lendingChannel marketingMarket practices and best practices and customer focusMystery Shopping and service standardsTargeted AudienceCustomer Service officers and officers connected with functional operationsPrerequisitesNoneDuration2 DaysMethodologyDiscussion, interactive and presentations Sharjah Apr 28-29 Jun 2-3 Abu Dhabi Mar 3-4 May 26-27 Dubai May 14-15 Dec 24-25 Al Ain Dec 8-9 Fujairah Content Mar 31 -Apr 125
  27. 27. www.eibfs.aeStatistics for Bankers Course No:1110OverviewProvide basic knowledge of the subject and familiarity with techniques to use them effectively in thebanking and financial work situations. To give statistical and graphical tools that will help and improvethe processes in an organization for better decision making and better judgment.ContentsIntroductionGraphic Representation of Data (Bar Diagram, Histogram, Polygon)Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Quartiles, Mode)Measures of Correlation & RegressionTime SeriesTheory of ProbabilityMS Excel (Spreadsheet)Targeted AudienceAll bank staff can attend this coursePrerequisitesNoneDuration3 daysMethodologyLectures, Class Work and Lab exercises Sharjah Mar 31 -Apr 2 Abu Dhabi Feb 24-26 Dubai May 28-30 Content 26
  28. 28. Trade Finance- Basic Course No:1111 Overview This program introduces you to the fundamental principles of Trade. Special emphasis is placed on topics of importance to you as a banker. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the key elements of customer trade cycle analysis. Contents Why Trade Finance Commercial Contracts and the Use of Inco terms Commercial Documents The value of Document Title Methodology’s of Payment Understanding Payment Risk – The Risk Ladder Documentary Collections Documentary Credits Understanding Documentary Credit Process Responsibilities of Correspondent Banks in Trade Targeted Audience Banking professionals who have not attended a formal course in Trade Finance and who wish to move and build a strong career in Trade Finance. Prerequisites None Duration 3 Days Methodology Lectures, Exercises and Case Studies Sharjah Feb 3-5 Sept 8-10 Mar 17-19 (A) Abu Dhabi Jan 20-22 Sept 29-Oct 1 Dubai Jan 15-17 May 7-9 Sept 17-19 Al Ain May 12-14 Fujairah Content Feb 10-1227
  29. 29. www.eibfs.aeTrade Finance-Advanced Course No:1112OverviewThis advanced course will provide delegates who are already familiar with or are working in a trade financeenvironment, with an insight into the more complex trade finance techniques that are becoming morecommon.ContentsTrade Finance versus ‘balance sheet lending’Understanding, identifying and managing risk (Importer and Exporter’s risk)Risk mitigation, management and transferThe mechanics and use of: Back to Back L/C structures, Transferable L/Cs, Revolving L/CsThe effective use of red and green clause letters of creditStandards of checking DocumentsStructuring Finance for the TraderInternational Demand and Contract Guarantees / Bonds Scope and ApplicationDifferent types – Bid, Performance, Advance payment and Retention bondsRules governing guarantees and bonds (Legal jurisdiction and expiry date issues)Opportunity spottingStandby L/C’s (SBLCs)Receivables FinancingMechanics of Factoring and Invoice DiscountingForfeiting – an important adjunct to the TF mechanismRole of Credit Insurance and Nightmare scenariosTargeted AudienceAll officers who have attended Trade finance Basic course or Officers with at least 2 years of experience inTrade or Credit departments in Banks.Prerequisites1111: Trade Finance BasicDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, Discussion and Case studies Sharjah March 3-4 Sept 29-Oct 1 Nov 10-12 Abu Dhabi Mar 17-19 Nov 24-26 Dubai Apr 16-18 Oct 22-24 Content 28
  30. 30. www.eibfs.aeDocuments Examination (ISBP) Course No:1113OverviewUnderstand how the practices articulated in UCP 600 are applied by documentary practitioners.Determine compliance of documents with the terms of letters of credit and the impact of modificationsor exclusions of provisions of UCP 600 on International Standard Banking Practice.ContentsPreliminary ConsiderationsThe application and issuance of the creditGeneral PrinciplesInvoicesOcean / Marine Bills of Lading (Covering Port-to Port Shipments)Charter Party Bill of LadingMultimodal Transport DocumentsAir Transport DocumentsRoad, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport DocumentsInsurance DocumentsCertificate of OriginTargeted AudienceTrade finance, Documentary Credit, Audit senior staff who should be familiar with UCP 600Prerequisites1111: Trade Finance BasicDuration3 DaysMethodologyPresentation, discussion, and group cases Sharjah April 7-9 Nov 24-26 Abu Dhabi Dec 8-10 Dubai Jun 18-20 Content Dec 17-1929
  31. 31. www.eibfs.aeSWIFT Messaging Course No:1114OverviewThis course will give you an overview of SWIFT, its basics, its message standards and its main productsand services. It also provides you with the necessary foundations to enable you to attend moreadvanced courses.ContentsWhat is SWIFT?Explain SWIFT message work flow between banks through SWIFT societyHow to identify your counterpartiesHow to distinguish the SWIFT message standards and typesAbout the SWIFT acknowledgementSWIFT Collection MessagesAbout the documentary Credit MessagesTargeted AudienceCurrent and New users who need a general overview of SWIFT Message Standards and typesPrerequisitesNoneDuration2 DaysMethodologyLectures, Discussions, and Exercises Sharjah Apr 14-15 Abu Dhabi Jun 9-10 Dubai Apr 23-24 Content 30
  32. 32. www.eibfs.aeContents Credit Managemet Corporate & Project Finance Programs Code Course Name 1201 Basic Financial Calculations 1202 Credit Appraisal Techniques 1203 Credit Management 1204 Financial Statement Analysis Basic 1205 Problem Loan Management 1206 Project Financing 1207 Real Estate Finance 1209 Syndicated Loans 1210 Working Capital Finance 1211 Financial Statement Analysis - Advanced NEW 1212 SME Finance NEW Index31
  33. 33. Project Finance Corporate & Credit Mgt. ProgramsCredit Managemet Corporate & Project Finance Programs
  34. 34. Basic Financial Calculations Course No:1201 Overview This course provides a hands-on introduction to basic financial mathematics and the use of financial calculators. Participants will learn about time value of money and discounted cash-flow principles. Financial market participants who are unsure of their financial math skills will find this course useful. Contents The time value of money Financial calculators and using them Interest/ Return calculations Mortgage, asset valuation Bond valuation Cash flow analysis and calculations Targeted Audience Retail and corporate staff with basic knowledge of accounting and mathematics. Prerequisite None Duration 3 Days Methodology Presentation, lecture, illustration, exercise and case studies. Sharjah Jan 27-29 Sep 22-24 (A) Abu Dhabi Mar 3-5 Dubai Content Nov 26-2833
  35. 35. www.eibfs.aeCredit Appraisal Techniques Course No:1202OverviewCredit Appraisal remains one of most critical functions of any bank. This course will give the participants agood grounding in the basics of credit analysis and business evaluation. Participants can hone their skillsof going behind the financial statements and detecting inconsistencies, if any. Participants will developthe necessary skill to match credit facilities to the needs of borrowers and mitigate risks throughdocumentation, covenants and collateral security.ContentsBasic principles of bank creditCredit risk analysis through ratios and cash flow analysisUnivariate and Multivariate analysisForecasting financials and sensitivity analysisImportance of Site InspectionsCredit scoringCredit ratingCash flow lendingEvaluation of working capital and term loansEnsuring proper use of bank facilitiesStructuring of facilitiesTargeted AudienceCommercial loan officers with at least 6 Months experience in the commercial credit department whowish to enhance their knowledge about credit appraisal techniquesPrerequisites1204: Financial Statements AnalysisDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, exercises, and case studies Sharjah Feb 3-5 Jun 9-11 Abu Dhabi Jan 27-29 Jun 30- Jul 2 Dubai Apr 16-18 Content Nov 12-14 34
  36. 36. www.eibfs.aeCredit Management Course No:1203 Overview The objective of this course is to provide participants with adequate knowledge about the management of Credit in banks. Participants will learn about the importance of Credit culture and its impact on the credit process. Participants will learn about administration of loans, post-sanction follow-up of loans and the process of securing collateral. Participants will be able to appreciate the portfolio approach to credit management. Contents Overview of Credit Management Regulatory Framework and Prudential Norms Credit Policy in Banks Documentation and types of security Credit Evaluation: Term Loans & Working Capital Credit Monitoring Follow up and Recovery Management Targeted Audience Executives from corporate banking Prerequisites 1202: Credit analysis Techniques Duration 3 Days Methodology Lectures, discussion and case studies Sharjah Mar 10-12 Sep 15-17 Abu Dhabi Apr 28-30 Oct 27-29 Dubai Feb 26-28 Content Dec 17-19 35
  37. 37. www.eibfs.aeFinancial Statement Analysis Basic Course No:1204OverviewThe course on financial statement analysis provides participants with a fundamental understanding ofaccounting principles, concepts, conventions, and key characteristics of accounting information.Participants will be able to learn about the various types of financial statements and their importance.They will learn the use of various analytical tools like ratio analysis and common-size statements anddistinguish between cash flows and profits and identify the different types of cash flows. They will beable to identify the key line items on the financials and their inter-relationships.ContentsOverview of the purpose and structure of financial statementsImportant accounting principles, concepts, conventions and characteristics of accounting informationReading and understanding the balance sheet and income statementTrend analysis / common size statementsRatio analysisCash flowsTargeted AudienceLending personnel or management trainees with a basic knowledge of accounting. - Junior commercialloan officersPrerequisitesNoneDuration3 daysMethodologyLectures, illustrations, exercises, and case Studies Sharjah May 26-28 Nov 10-12 Abu Dhabi Jan 13-15 May 5-7 Dubai Mar 12-14 Oct 1-3 Alain Mar 3-5 Fujairah Jan 20-22 Content 36
  38. 38. www.eibfs.aeProblem Loan Management Course No:1205OverviewThis course will enable participants to identify the early warning signals of problem loans. Participants willbe able to recognize the causes of business failure and operating losses. They will be able to develop aconcrete set of procedures once a problem loan has been identified. Participants will explore options forresolving problem loans including workout, outplacement and liquidation.ContentsCauses of Problem Loans and CostsIdentification of Problem Loans and Measuring Delinquency-Regulatory guidelinesControlling Problem LoansAnalysis of the Remedial ActionsStrategy for Loan RecoveryMandate for Loan Recovery and Legal mechanismsExecution of Loan Recovery and System for MonitoringTargeted AudienceCommercial lending officers with a good understanding of credit analysis.Prerequisite1202: Credit Appraisal TechniquesDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, discussions, and case studies Sharjah Jan 6-8 Apr 28-30 Abu Dhabi Feb 24-26 Oct 6-8 Dubai Jan 29-31 Content Nov 19-21 37
  39. 39. www.eibfs.aeProject Financing Course No:1206OverviewThe course will provide participants with an overview of the core principles of project finance. Participantswill gain a greater insight into Project Risks and grasp the crucial factors and techniques used in structuringproject financings. Participants will be able to understand the essential credit issues in appraising projectfinance proposals.ContentsFundamentals and Rationale of Project FinancingAnalysis of Project Viability and Risk ManagementSecurity Arrangements and Legal StructureRole of Credit Ratings and Project EvaluationOwnership and Financial StructuringLegal Documentation and Funding SourcesThe Lenders perspectiveSponsors PerspectiveTargeted AudienceStaff working in commercial loans departments. It is a prerequisite for UAE nationals to have 2 yearsminimum experience, and for others 3 years experience.Prerequisites1202: Credit Appraisal TechniquesDuration3 DaysMethodologyLectures, exercises, discussions Sharjah May 5-7 Oct 20-22 Abu Dhabi May 12-14 Dubai Apr 23-25 Content Dec 24-26 38
  40. 40. www.eibfs.aeReal Estate Finance Course No:1207OverviewThis course is an introduction to the basic concepts and tools used by real estate professionals toanalyze the financial feasibility of real estate developments. Participants will be able to analyze the riskand returns of investing in property. They will understand the relative advantages of debt and equityfinancing structures and the relevance of property cash flows.ContentsMeasuring Real Estate ReturnsProperty Finance Risk Management Financing Instruments & TechniquesFinancial Structures: DevelopmentFinancial feasibility: Developing the Business PlanSecuritization of Real Property Interest & MortgagesTargeted AudienceExecutives in personal & corporate banking who finance real estate, senior executive who wish toadvance their knowledge of real estate finance.Prerequisites1202: Credit Appraisal TechniquesDuration3 DaysMethodologyCase studies, presentation and interactive discussions Sharjah Jan 20-22 Abu Dhabi Feb 3-5 Dubai Content May 14-1639
  41. 41. www.eibfs.aeSyndicated Loans Course No:1209OverviewThis course aims at providing participants with knowledge of organizing and participating in syndicatedloans. This course highlights the legal issues in a syndicated loan and provides an insight into the nature ofdocuments and covenants. Participants will understand the roles of various participants in structuring atransaction and how to price a syndicated loan.ContentsCharacteristics of Loan SyndicationAdvantages and disadvantages to borrowers and banksIdentifying strategies for syndicate participants and their rolesSignificant titles in Syndicate facilitiesTypes of syndicated facilitiesThe syndication sales cycle and principal milestonesAnalyzing principal elements of the pricing structureReviewing pricing strategies and the trade-off between price and structureLoan agreements/documentation in syndicationEvaluating how to negotiate the best dealTransfer mode in Secondary marketTargeted AudienceParticipants possessing knowledge of corporate creditPrerequisites1203: Credit ManagementDuration2 DaysMethodologyLecture and case studiesSharjahMarch 17-18Abu DhabiFeb 17-18Dubai ContentApr 9-10 40
  42. 42. www.eibfs.aeWorking Capital Finance Course No:1210 Overview This course will enable the participants to understand the various components of operating cycle The participants will learn to link the financing structures with the stages of the operating cycle. They will able to identify the merits of appropriate funded and non-funded instruments required for working capital finance. Contents Working capital cycle. Various components affecting working capital cycle Various products for working capital financing Structuring of the required facilities Precautions to be taken in working capital assessment Supervision & follow up for efficient utilization of working capital finance. Targeted Audience Executives in corporate banking department responsible for funding working capital Prerequisite 1202: Credit Appraisal Techniques Duration 2 Days Methodology Lecture, illustrations and case studies. Sharjah Jun 23-24 Abu Dhabi Sept 22-23 Dubai Content Sept 10-1141
  43. 43. Financial Statements Analysis Advanced Course No:1211 Overview This Course will enable participants to identify balance sheet strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies if any. The participants will also be able to gauge the quality of earnings. They will learn the used of advanced analytical tools and glean information from notes to accounts. Participants will perform simple credit analysis and industry analysis. They should be able to identify signals that indicate fraudulent reporting Contents Review of Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash Flow Statement Inconsistencies in financial statements Sources and applications of funds analysis. Horizontal and Vertical analysis Ratio analyses/Du Pont model Cash flow analysis Preparing proforma financial statements and validating them. Liquidity and Solvency Overview of Credit Analysis and Industry analysisalysis Targeted Audience Recent entrants into the credit department with about 6 months to one year experience. Prerequisites 1204: Financial Statements Analysis- Basic Duration 3 days Methodology Case studies, presentation & interactive discussionsSharjahMar 24-26Nov 24-26Abu DhabiMay 19-21Dec 15-17DubaiJun 11-13 ContentOct 8-10 42